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  1. Blatant Fox News propaganda. The US unemployment rate is at 10%, which is extremely high, and close to the terrible German society whose rate is 12%
  2. Dear CES Why are you feeling so threatened by this report? But more importantly why do feel you should shut down opinions that differ from yours? I'm very sorry that you do not believe in freedom of expression, and it is your right to express that, but that kind of thinking scares me. Knowing history I know what kind of society that will lead to. No one is forcing you to read anyone else's messages. If you don't want to debate the issues please do me a favour and put me on ignore, and stop bothering everyone else with your constant personal attacks. And if what that report states is true, with such poverty in Canada, and differences between the rich and poor, yes we have had right wing governments for a long time in Canada. I have put you back on ignore and we will leave it at that. Cheers
  3. Germany's new Left Party has momentum going into Sunday's vote It seems the trend in a lot of countries including Canada is to have a variety of political parties because a lot of these old time political parties that have had power for a long time, are not really representing the average working or non-working Jane and Joe.
  4. That's good because, not necessarily your kids, but a lot of kids are having sex so they might as well be prepared. Study: Half of All Teens Have Had Oral Sex
  5. Greg's biases are showing but that's OK, as we all have them. Toro I think we (everyone, of course) should have a civilized debate, without extreme viewpoints, perhaps not here, about how we are best going to make our governments work. Cheers
  6. This post reminds me of your previous nonsense about Karl Rove going down in flames. Which reminds me, I have to send a congratulatory email to his office for orchestrating this whole Katrina thing to take the pressure off himself. Act of God, my foot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Karl Rove's date with destiny is coming. Wait until the grand jury reports before you make any of your absurd assumptions.
  7. Whether parents like it or not teenagers are having sex and at younger and younger ages. In order to protect these kids from having unwanted pregancies and STDs, we need a very strong and comprehensive sex eduacation program in our schools. I just don't understand these parents that want to live in denial about these things because they are jeopardizing their children's safety and future by their opposition to sex education classes. No matter what there is absolutely no justification for children not participating in sex education classes.
  8. Very, very few prime ministers can match that record.
  9. Dear August Three consecutive Chretien majority governments isn't a bad track record. What have the Conservatives done recently? Cheers
  10. Dear cybercoma Just a hunch but I would presume most people posting here probably know more about the stock market than you do. Why don't you share some of your stock market brillance with us. Cheers
  11. Canada criticized for failing its poor I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of being lied to by these right wing governments, and these right wing fronts for the corporate community like the Fraser Institute. I actually think all these think tanks should be abolished and they should all be investigated by our governments. Every week they churn out their drivel in the corporate press often with no explanation of who they are and who they represent. All these economists and accountants will tell you things are booming in Canada. Well where, and for whom? These facts speak for themselves. Many, many Canadians are worse off than they have ever been. It is time to put an end to this corporate takeover of our society, with their special tax loopholes and get a government that is going to look after all segments of society, not just the rich and powerful, because Canadians are not being protected and way too many are falling between the cracks. I sit here and listen to a lot of you drone on about tax cuts. Absurd. If we can't protect our citizens with the money the government presently takes in then let's raise taxes, not lower them. Our leaders are failing us big time across this land.
  12. Even your own president has condemned these people. Your logic boggles the mind.
  13. Katrina Ushers in Return of Big Government This is the end of what began in the Reagan era which has been a disater for so many Americans. When in the world is the greed going to stop? And US unemployment is at a 10 year high as well. The US needs to go through some wholesale changes in their leadership before it is too late.
  14. No, when it come to torturing some poor defensive animal I draw the line. There is no need for us to act in this way and we don't need foie dras to survive. Human beings can do better than this I'm sure. We're not living in caves any more or haven't you noticed? Btw, please stop shouting!
  15. Raising animals to feed humans is one thing. But if we cannot do it humanly we need to stop doing it. There is no need for us to torture other living things just because we have some kind of a food fetish. It's not like we have to have foie gras to keep ourselves healthy.
  16. 'Vigilantes' at border, bearing arms What a bunch of flakes. Sounds like the US could use some healthy gun control legislation. I think it's terrible that these guys want to prevent their own citizens from obtaining some of that good ole BC bud.
  17. As I said earlier every time I pick up a paper there seems to articles like this in it these days. The Globe likes to call themselves Canada national newspaper but I think they would be more accurately titled Canada's national Liberal newspaper. Has anybody been into the website of these Tory dissenters? If you have please post it so we could all see for ourselves. This kind of dissention is the last thing a leader needs going into battle, and possibly ana election although I don't think we will see one now until May-June, 2006. Maybe the Tories need to call a policy convention or something to take the focus away from all their internal party troubles. Tories split over Harper
  18. Support for Bush Continues to Drop, Poll Shows Down, down she goes. Where she'll stop nobody knows.
  19. Dear Shakeyhands Why if it were exaggerated would people like the chef above stop serving the product? And it was a vet who described the process, not someone without credentials. The following comment is telling: Cheers
  20. I just can't believe it. Every day I pick up the paper now there is another about problem for the Tories. This time it's about their TV ads. James Travers who is no Liberal hack tears a strip off the latest ads suggesting that they make Harper look dumb. And the beat go on. 152 Television ads show Harper's losing the plot
  21. Ben You seem to have a good handle on our political scene in Canada. I think what has damaged the Tories, and it is showing in the polls is Stronach's defection to the Liberals. She gave them some credibility in central Canada but now she is gone elsewhere. That's why those Quebecers went public with their request for a leadership change this week. They have the time now, no election until May, 2006. They should explore it. Good luck with your objective to get Canada to decriminalize marijuana. Cheers
  22. This is a complaint made by a man in Nova Scotia whose wife is deaf. You have to be so careful whatever you do these days otherwise people will get offended. Good for him to speak up though on behalf of his wife.
  23. This is what New Democrats got for Canadians on top of the regular budget of course. I wonder how negotiations are going to go this Fall.
  24. So making the rich richer is the key to success? The US is a successful society after what we saw about conditions that people live in, and the way they were treated in New Orleans? Really! What percentage of the US lives like that? I think a society is only as successful as how its least fortunate citizens are treated.
  25. Foie gras ban gets vivid hearing This is quite disgusting and very very cruel. I think Canada should ban foie gras product if that is the only process available to get this product.
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