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  1. Canadians, you've been sold out to the WEF Globalists.

    Jan 18 2024 -
    "Freeland’s official itinerary stated, 'the Deputy Prime Minister will hold meetings with business leaders and other participants at the World Economic Forum throughout the day'.

    The entire visit was much more under-the-radar than usual. Although WEF materials freely publicized Freeland’s upcoming appearance, her office issued no press release about her attendance, and it wasn’t mentioned on her social media until after the fact.

    Freeland was once a public critic of the WEF’s supposed role as a place for the “global super-rich” to unilaterally set world policy. In her 2012 book Plutocrats, Freeland characterized an invitation to Davos as marking “an aspiring plutocrat’s arrival on the international scene.”

    - Canada's Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister attending WEF.

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    2. TreeBeard


      Sounds scary.  Where can I hide?

    3. sharkman


      You don’t worry yourself about it, it’s being handled.

    4. OftenWrong


      Fear and hiding being a hallmark of leftists.

      And rabbits...


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