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Trump says Day 1 priority if he wins is releasing Jan. 6 rioters

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On 3/12/2024 at 5:46 PM, robosmith said:

Trump says Day 1 priority if he wins is releasing Jan. 6 rioters


and all the right wingers here are proven wrong that he wanted "peaceful" protest. 

Just listen to Trump's priorities, dummies.

Good to hear that Trump will pardon all those innocent political prisoners. Trump wanted the supporters to go and protest peacefully. Some did not do so. Those that started the riot were people that were there to start trouble. No doubt, a bunch of Marxists demoncrats and government agents. 

Again, maybe it was some left wing liberal Marxists like yourself that were there to cause trouble. The so called right wingers were probably the peaceful ones there. It was your left wing buddies that no doubt started all the problems. 

We conservatives know what your real and true priorities are, dummy?  To try and stop Trump from running for President of the USA. Sadly, for you, Trump will be the next President of the USA in the 2024 election. Read that and cry, dummy. LOL.

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Some of Trump’s allies in Congress already support his 2025 ideas on deportations and Jan. 6 pardons


As Donald Trump campaigns on promises of mass deportations and pardons for those convicted in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, his ideas are being met with little pushback and some enthusiasm by a new era of Republicans in Congress.

Rather than being dismissed as campaign bluster or a way to rouse his most devoted voters, his words are being adopted as party platforms, potentially able to move quickly from rhetoric to reality with a West Wing in waiting and crucial backing from key corners on Capitol Hill.

If Trump wins, we are going to have a plan — and the personnel — ready to roll, said Paul Dans, a former Trump administration official who heads the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, which is collecting thousands of resumes and training staff for a potential second Trump administration. 

Of course that backing will mean little when Republicons lose control of the House cause all the RNC money is being spent on Trump's legal bills.

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Trump’s Most Unhinged Plans for His Second Term




Perhaps, like me, every time you see a poll showing Donald Trump winning the 2024 presidential race you comfort yourself with the thought that you already survived his first administration. How bad could a second Trump term really be?

As it turns out, pretty bad! Trump has been releasing policy papers and videos on what he calls Agenda 47 for months, and he and his advisers are openly bragging about their radical plans for a second term. Some of the worst elements of Trump’s first-term agenda were thwarted by scrupulous government officials, legal challenges, and the Trump team’s general ineptitude. But the former president and his well-funded allies in the conservative movement are already working to make sure they’ll be more successful if he winds up back in the White House.

Many of Trump’s proposals for his second term are surprisingly extreme, draconian, and weird, even for him. Here’s a running list of his most unhinged plans.

Give the president unchecked power over federal agencies
Restore the president’s authority to bypass Congress
● Appoint a special prosecutor to ‘go after’ Biden
Use the Justice Department to get revenge on all of his enemies
Expand presidential immunity
● Purge the civil service
● Install thousands of loyalists throughout the federal government
● Fill his Cabinet with people like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon
Round up, detain, and deport millions of undocumented immigrants
Deploy U.S troops for ‘war’ on southern border
● End birthright citizenship
● Reinterpret anti-racism protections to benefit white people
● Construct ‘Freedom Cities’
● Put flying cars in Americans’ driveways



The shame is that his MAGA CULT actually believes putting the US government at the service to the whims of a dictator would actually be a good thing. 🤮

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