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Florida Police Chief, (to future burglars/home invaders) "Most people are armed."

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Florida police chief issues warning to criminals after homeowner shoots burglars: 'Most people are armed'

A Florida police chief issued a warning to criminals in the state after saving a burglar who was shot by a homeowner.

"One should expect that if you are brazen enough to enter into someone’s residence and it is not yours, with intent to commit an unlawful act, there may be repercussions," Haines City Police Chief Gregory Goreck said in a Friday press conference.

"We live in Florida, and more so, we live in Polk County, and most people are armed," he said.

Haines City Police Chief Gregory Goreck speaks at press conference

Goreck was responding to an incident on Friday where a Florida man with a concealed weapon permit arrived home and found two intruders burglarizing his residence.

The homeowner fired his gun and struck one of the suspects before they both fled the scene.

Officers from the Haines City Police Department were able to catch up with the injured suspect at a nearby park using a canine police officer.


Here's the animal who was shot and caught.

Tyriek Tramaine Washington has been charged with burglary

"Immediately at that point the officers, even though this was a felon who had been illegally inside someone's house, immediately changed focus and changed gears and went from a search and locate and apprehend to saving this individual's life," Goreck explained.

The injured suspect was identified as 27-year-old Tyriek Tramaine Washington and he was hospitalized with multiple gunshots wounds that are not believed to be life-threatening.

It might have been better if the homeowner had KILLED this animal. When he gets out of jail, he's going to commit more violent crimes.

Orlando is kinda in the center of Florida on Interstate 4. About 25 miles west of Orlando (getting past all the Disney traffic) is Rte 27. South on 27 is Haines City. From December to early February, that whole area smells like oranges because trucks are running night and day to move the local crop. Haines City is in Polk County, a place with very little violent crime, mostly because the scumbags understand that most of the residents are armed and will not hesitate to shoot.

The Sheriff of Polk County (as well as the police chief above)


has made it clear to future scumbags that committing violent crime in Polk County will not be safe for them, because this place honors the Second Amendment.




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This is an interesting article about gun ownership and the amount of gun crimes per country.  Make of it what you will.

Does Gun Control Reduce Murder? Let’s Run The Numbers Globally (thefederalist.com)

Gun confiscation by governments is not the answer. Criminals don't care about gun laws but this fact is lost on the left.

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5 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:


A couple of points:

1. Nope. Guns save lives in Florida. Tell us again why you think those victims should have DIED instead of being defended with deadly force.

2. The CDC? Seriously? The agency that LIED TO THE WORLD about the Covid crisis?




Besides the fact you cannot trust the CDC, tell us again what authority the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL has to pontificate about guns, either used in crime or in self defense? I would imagine citing the FBI might be a little more accurate, but then again today's FBI has been weaponized by the DemoNazi party.

3. I've been lambasted here for citing Wikipedia as a source. I'm surprised you would do so. But thing is, Florida is not a country. It is a state. And so far you have provided ZERO reliable documentation that Polk County Florida is more dangerous than the city of Chicago, THE MURDER CAPITAL OF AMERICA.


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16 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

Today I have learned that the CDC lies about gun statistics.

No. You have learned that the CDC LIES about a lot of things. And you learned that perhaps  an organization spouting "infectious diseases" as its area of expertise might not necessarily possess the credentials to accurately track gun data, (murders, accidents, killings where a gun owner defends his home, etc)

That's like suggesting the Jewish faith should be put in charge of national Pork purity standards.

Maybe the National Rifle Association should be trusted with traffic fatality stats.

Maybe Planned Parenthood should be put in charge of ALL pre-school activity.

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Bottom line, BOYS AND GIRLS, don't come to Florida thinking you can commit violent crime and get away with it. Our cops and sheriff's departments are pretty sharp. And a LOT of our citizens are armed. 

Try breaking into a house and you could be shot and killed. (Kinda like swimming in shark infested waters with an open cut.)

Get a real job and come enjoy Florida's wonderful weather, superior economy and superior schools. If you want to commit crime, stay in Chicago, NYC or any other blue state metropolitan shooting range. Your politicians will protect you.

Here, you're just a target for a legal gun owner.

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On 1/29/2023 at 6:05 PM, Michael Hardner said:

What about the accidents?

Firearms accidents are tragic. Unfortunately they do happen, just look at Dick Cheney and Alex Baldwin as two well known cases. Offhand I don't know how it breaks down with accidents, homicides and suicides. This article suggests that the majority of mass shootings are tied to gang violence.

Street brawls, gang gunfights dominate causes of the 267 mass shootings this year - Washington Times

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On 1/29/2023 at 6:07 PM, Michael Hardner said:

Today I have learned that the CDC lies about gun statistics.

What you have learned is the fact that the CDC lied to the world about Covid, so it cannot be trusted with America's second most important Constitutional amendment.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, what expertise does a DISEASE CONTROL think tank have to qualify it to comment or even create policy on firearms?

For that matter, when doctors ask you if you own a firearm, WHAT FCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF THEIRS, (unless they are reporting to a Nazi government agency that wants to circumvent the Constitution)?

The CDC is not a reliable source when it comes to firearms. The CDC has kinda damaged its reputation with its lies to the world about Covid.  What sort of imbecile would take the CDC seriously?

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17 hours ago, Aristides said:

Anything that contradicts R10 is a lie. 

So far, I've seen LITTLE in this and other threads that contradict what I say with any reliable citation.

I'm up for debate, but it has to be a level a little higher than Florida third graders.

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