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lulz.  Andrew Coyne is a cuck of course, but this is still a accurate summation of the state of affairs;



It has been, I think we can all agree, a disgraceful election. Most elections are, but this one — this farrago of insults, gotchas, lies and giveaways; this all-party panderfest, in the face of looming recession, anemic growth, and an aging population; this collective shrug of indifference at racist provincial laws, rising national divisions, and a collapsing international order; this six-week symphony of cant — this is by common consent the most disgraceful in living memory.

Certainly neither of the two historic governing parties has begun to make the case for why they should be entrusted with power, as their sliding poll numbers reveal: if current trends hold, both will come in with less than a third of the vote, for the first time in our history. That is as much a tribute to their leaders as it is to their platforms: if the worst that can be said of Justin Trudeau is that he could not defeat a morally and intellectually vacuous marshmallow like Andrew Scheer, the worst that can be said of Scheer is that he could not defeat a preening fraud like Trudeau.

Ideally both would resign on election night. Alas, neither will — not if the result is as close as now seems likely. And yet that is the choice to which we are condemned: as incompetent, unethical and ruinous as the governments each would lead may be, the alternatives are worse. The NDP and Green platforms differ only in the scale of their fiscal and economic fantasies. The People’s Party, which might have been a voice for fiscal rigour and economic freedom, has instead become a haven for immigration hysterics, climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, together with the occasional neo-Nazi. The Bloc is, well, the Bloc.




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