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Can I use foul language on this forum? :-)


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Not that I am big on using bad words, but sometimes , if I am really upset I find that it might get the load off my chest better.

For example, if I am upset with our minister of environment  McKenna, I might want to say  "the f*  McKenna" an so on.

Words are there to emphasize things, but most forums ban such language, which makes me feel like the freedom of speech does not really exist.




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On 5/20/2019 at 8:39 AM, Argus said:

Outside of the clubs like this one you shouldn't call McKenna a fucking moron, even though she IS, of course, a fucking moron.

Thanks! , If I get upset with something, I might come to this very topic I created here to vent properly.:rolleyes:

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7 hours ago, Charles Anthony said:

Try your best to be polite in the forums.  



In this here Argus' club section, everybody loves Argus and follows Argus' rules. 

And Argus can be a foul-mouthed bastard at times.

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