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The Fall of Civilizations. This is from a series of documentaries I hadn't even known existed. In this episode it tells the story of the many bronze age nations and great cities around the Mediterranean which were all destroyed or collapsed at the end of the Bronze Age. Fascinating stuff, and far better than anything you're ever likely to find on television networks like the so-called History Channel. And one thing watching these tells you is how fragile civilization can be, even for great empires which have lasted centuries.


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On 10/27/2021 at 8:27 AM, DogOnPorch said:

Kick Me!


I'm a big fan of Bill Whittle too.

My favourite recent one - I like it even more than that one - is when amateur historian, Bill, compares three military attacks from history to what Progressives are doing today. The idea is such attacks are desperate attempts. They're only real purpose seems to be a hope of destroying hope in their attack targets. Ultimately they fail. Gave me hope:


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There are a number of things the regressive left could learn from this one below.

One of the reasons I say Progs can't meme is because they're all the time replicating a good meme but leaving out the wit and truth - leaving only an empty insult.

This one is the exact opposite. I saw it's original on one of those 'let's laught at idiot TikTok memes' things on, I think it was, Ben Shapiro.

I couldn't figure out what the heck the strange TikTok lady was doing.

Now that I see it performed by somebody with wit, humor, and truth I get it. It's satire. This one goes after the dumb in Climate Change hysteria. Throws a few digs in at Pandemic theatre towards the end too.

Basically if you're going to be ridiculous at least make a point. Learn that one, TikTok Progs.


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