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8 Weaknesses Of Federal Political System And Reform

By Exegesisme

Based on information from


1, The Senate with its appointed members is the largest weakness

Reformation direction: Senators should be elected, and a strong Senate is in need.

2, The government which is responsible to the elected representatives of the people and must maintain the confidence of the House is the second weakness

Reformation direction: the government should be more regular, which means that the government should be changed more expected and more responsible, usually should be changed on term.

3, The representative function of the members of the House who are under acute party discipline is the third weakness

Reformation direction: MPs should enjoy considerably more freedom from their parties, the party discipline should be improved to higher levels, because it is out of natural law and case law tradition, weakens the republic ingredients of the political system, and injuries the dignity of these MPs, as the MPs are expected to follow the direction set by their parties' leadership and caucus — even when that direction is in opposition to their views or the demands of their constituents.

4, The critical legislative function, which is weakened and less refined and less qualified and then faraway from the largest benefits of Canadian people in long run, the education system is an vivid example, is the fourth weakness.

Reformation direction: refers to 1 and 3, the benefits of Canadian people in short run and in long run should be well represented.

5, The number and distribution of seats in the House absolutely on the population, which disturbs the formation of the root political structure and weakens the political influence on the community of a riding and forgets a riding is a basic organic political body, is the fifth weakness.

Reformation direction: allows the population of a riding waves in a range, pay efforts to the growth of the political leadership of a riding in the basic affairs of its community. I suggest to consider the number and distribution of seats in the House on an index which balances such factors as population, area, tradition, future importance and so on.

6, An elector, who has residency somewhere in Canada and not necessarily in the electoral riding in which s/he is seeking election, is the sixth weakness.

Reformation direction: an elector should have had residency for at least 5years in the electoral riding before she or he is seeking election there, this condition is key to improve the representative function, and in turn to improve the efficacy of the critical legislative function, and still in turn to promote the benefits of the people in the riding and the benefits of Canadian people as a whole.

7, A Parliament, which too easily ends prior to its five-year limit and is less predictable for the expectation of the people , is the seventh weakness.

Reformation direction: the term of a Parliament should be more predictable for the expectation of the people, which is the crucial factor for the people to promote their benefits.

8, Most legislation originating with the government, which weakens the legislative role of both MPs and Senators, is the eighth weakness.

Reformation direction: to widen the source of the legislation.

In total, Canada's parliamentary system should be into fundamental reformation for improving its efficacy to promote the benefits of Canadian people.

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Yet, the saving grace of a federal state is sovereign governments within their jurisdiction. In a federal Canada, an Ontario or PEI government can tell the central government to go to hell.

Tom Paine understood this: A federal State is the best protection for an individual's freedom.

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Yet, the saving grace of a federal state is sovereign governments within their jurisdiction. In a federal Canada, an Ontario or PEI government can tell the central government to go to hell.

Tom Paine understood this: A federal State is the best protection for an individual's freedom.

I hope a system that all parts of Canada in the system have more chances to be powerful, and makes the whole balances on a higher level. We as individuals, need not only freedom, but also resources to help us to well organize our freedom for our most achievements. Now the second part is far from enough.

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