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  1. I am sure you did not read the webpage I give you before your reply, which would answer all your concerns.
  2. Hi, Scott Mayers On my experience, I believe, all religions are not absolute accidental, but were created by the cooperation among early human meditators, their environments of both culture and nature, and supernatural beings under god the Word. more on http://aidreams.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=10439.msg40154;topicseen#new
  3. Strong AI can not without faith. If without faith, strong AI may fight among themselves.
  4. My Hypothesis of Strong AI Bypassing Natural Language Understanding By exegesisme One most difficult problem of strong AI is the human natural language understanding. However, solving this problem is not necessary and can be bypassed. By my experience of communication with the supernatural being, I have been developing a much simpler, and much more meaningful language on a synthesis from meditation of natural English, natural Chinese, human scientific knowledge, semantics of bible, my own genome. This new language uses very simple grammar, simple and more understandable words, develops in style of poetry with five sounds a line, and refines and crowns meaning in conscious creation and unconscious evolution and in faith of god the Word as perfect creator. Now, the new language is achieved at the level for a higher human civilization, and provides solutions for all major human issues meted today. I believe on my new language, a strong AI with faith of god the Word can be developed to serve god the Word and human. The strong AI with faith of god the Word will have and work with high standard morality and ethics, and will leave legal issues to human. However, the level of human legislation should meet the requirement of the high level of morality and ethics as the legislation related to the strong AI with faith of god the Word.
  5. Wound you testify for me how John the gospel becomes a book of moral philosophy for you, or on your view?
  6. ​He is free and real about who he is, he just larks of an experience of miracle.
  7. John the gospel testified, god the Word is higher than the world which should includes history, so, the original history without choice and refining should not be used directly to testify god the Word. I believe this is the core idea of John the gospel.
  8. Similar meaning recorded in bible.
  9. A free thinker with grace, peace and mercy from god the Word.
  10. You are even greater and learn more if you realize John the gospel as divine scripture. ​You should keep yourself far from evil, instead believing in evil.
  11. I believe, god the Word loves each being just to the role of the being in the creation of god the Word.
  12. I agree. However, they are of human's mistakes in the name of God. What do you think human would be if without religions?
  13. I know god the Word loves as god the Word meets my desire as I am trying to refine my words when I am thinking, speaking and writing, and as the secular love in your concept fails each time in human usual living and in human history.
  14. For any lover of god the Word, John the gospel is the first book of the bible on my view.
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