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  1. I'm disappointed in cSheer, again. He badmouths the Liberals, something I do often, about their "tax" costing Joe Average X dollars per year. But when he inflicts cost on corporate emitters here, does he really think the extra cost will be swallowed by the corporations? Trickle down works on expenses, but not profits.
  2. My understanding of the situation in Singapore is that they assume that all the electricity is generated from coal and they input large inefficiencies in the movement of the power from the power station to the vehicle. The Road and Track reporter who wrote the story strongly implied that the government there was being prejudiced against Tesla since other electric cars there get subsidies. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/news/a28417/singapore-government-fines-tesla-model-s-owner/
  3. RNG

    The Budget

    At present, we are using 10% of federal revenue to service the debt. What happens when the interest rates finally succumb to all the QE the west has been "enjoying" recently? Low or no debt is still the safe way. Why should my grandkids have to pay for Trudeau's vote buying today?
  4. RNG

    The Budget

    What fictitious inflation rate had to be assumed to come to that conclusion? Several economists I have read disagree with your economists.
  5. RNG

    The Budget

    And many economists have said that Canada's relative mild affect of the toxic asset meltdown was due to Paul Martin's regulations and the Harper government's guidance.
  6. RNG

    The Budget

    Thank you for bringing up a point that the Koolaid drinkers always miss. The performance of the economy during a particular government's rule is greatly affected by the overall world economy. Harper had the misfortune of guiding things through an horrible period. Now, in total, he made some grave mistakes on the social side, but economically he is golden, IMO of course. Trudeau is becoming the opposite.
  7. RNG

    The Budget

    A politicians promise delayed is a politicians promise broken.
  8. Except that the US is still a large net importer of oil. And natural gas. It's just that for some areas, it is cheaper to export here and import there depending on logistics. Last month, the US imported about 8 million barrels per day and exported about 300 thousand barrels per day.
  9. RNG

    The Budget

    THIS is an op-ed from Neil Macdonald of the CBC. The way the CBC dumped on Harper as soon as he cut their budgets made me think this budget would have made the CBC kiss Trudeau's nether regions, but I guess he didn't get the message. Some interesting excerpts.
  10. Thank you for a well thought out and excellently presented post. The misconceptions and misinformation the media spews about the oil industry is a constant source of frustration for me.
  11. Not yet. Try flying on renewables. How much can the railroads spend on extension cords? And you do realize that virtually everything you buy has long haul trucking in it's past. We need to develop renewables intelligently, but oil is far from dead unless some eureka discovery is made.
  12. Although I respect the intent of the gender parity, I equate it to affirmative action in the US. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The unindtended consequences can hurt. Wouldn't it make more sense to choose approximately in ratio to the numbers elected, assuming the number of "stars" are proportional? Or just not worry about it and choose the best people?
  13. The timing of that response is the very questionable thing. First we grieve, then we analyze. My fear is that often "understanding" is used as shorthand for appeasement.
  14. The sad fact is that attack ads are very effective with the low information voters.* *TM by Rush
  15. I still maintain that what Gosnell is on trial for and abortion are not related. And I strongly echo the statement that increasing the number of restrictive laws, or worse yet outlawing abortion would just encourage the establishment of more of these types of charlatan's basement clinics.
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