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  1. Unclaimed remains of coronavirus victims in New York City being buried in potter's field https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/new-york-city-dwindling-morgue-space-1.5529065 I keep reading about these terrible deaths in the States, the mass graves of unclaimed bodies, and I wonder, how are Americans not outraged by the incompetence of Trump and their government. Even as Americans are buried in mass graves Trump wants the economy open in May. What does it take to convince Trump supporters that their president is not only extremely incompetent, but dangerous.Trump’s failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic didn’t begin with the administration’s inability to send out the millions of test kits and the protective medical gear for health care workers that experts say are needed to tackle the crisis. It didn’t start with Trump’s bungled messaging downplaying the crisis even as it’s worsened, nor with his mid-March insistence that social distancing measures could be lifted by Easter (he later backpedaled). It began in April 2018, where Trump began dismantling the team in charge of pandemic response, firing its leadership and disbanding the team in spring 2018.Voting Republicans is the insane option.
  2. "Conservatives say their environmental plan will focus on using technology" So gas up that truck and SUV. You can have your cake, no charge. Just like Conservative yahoos to promise to fix the problem with nonexistent technology. Just like Trump when he said, "We don't need China's 5G technology. America will go 6G!" Like you can just snap your fingers and new tech will magically appear to solve all your problems. Conservative mismanagement and their utter buffoonery will be the ruin of Canada.
  3. For the ill informed - some reality for you.
  4. Things we know about Trump for a fact: Trump is dishonest to the extreme – nearly everything Trump says are made up facts or an exaggeration. So far the Washington Post tracked 10,796 false or misleading claims made by Trump since becoming president.Trump hides his business dealings - won't show tax returns.Trump is a vain man - his comb over hair and orange dye skin does not hide his age, it just makes him ridiculous.Trump is not a family man and his relationship with women is disgusting and disturbing - multiple affairs and scandals. Cheats on his wives and pay women for sex. Does family values mean nothing to Trump supporters?Trump is a draft dodger, shirking his duty to defend his country to other good men – yet he still has the audacity to insult the service of actual war heroes like John McCain. Does honor mean nothing to Trump supporters?Trump has been over privileged his entire life.Trump is a poor businessman – bankrupting a $3 Billion dollar casinoTrump's wealth is tied to Russia Trump is overbearing How could any American elect this immorality into their highest office? It is a disgrace.Clearly, Trump is dishonest, a cheater, a coward, and an incompetent. And Trump’s base are still supporting him. Why? Because he’s racist?
  5. I hope Americans and Trump supporters realize that tariff is just another word for TAX, paid by Americans collected by their government. Since the Chinese Tariffs Trump is forcing on American importers who will pass the cost to American consumers as higher prices affects 70 percent of all consumer goods then household expenses are going to skyrocket. Now add on Trump's Mexico tariffs and Americans are being taxed to death. With over 40 million Americans already living in poverty (more than the entire population of Canada) I see a disaster in the making. Trump don't care though.
  6. Trump's long list of presidency fails: Trade with China: FAIL Build Wall at Mexico border: FAIL Mexico to pay for that wall: FAIL Repeal Obamacare: FAIL NAFTA 2.0: FAIL Peace with N. Korea: FAIL So what did Trump do then other than decreasing taxes for the rich to the point that now 60 supersize corporations pay ZERO TAXES, including Amazon, IBM, GE, and Netflix by ballooning Federal Debt to bankruptcy levels? Well, Trump did bankrupt a $3 billion dollar casino, so I guess bankrupting America is next?
  7. You have got to be kidding! This guy is dangerous. "Scrutinize" means control. It is important to have the CBC because it is funded by the people for the people. While private media have their purse strings held by the rich or corporations. This is an important reason never to vote for a Conservative party. Just look at how Trump attacks the press in America. There is nothing as uneducated and undemocratic as to call the Free Press an enemy of the people. I still remember when Conservative Harper was touring northern Canada, Harper intimidated and coerced the press to such a degree that no Canadian journalist dared ask him any question of real merit. The Canadian journalists were so cowed that they got together, approached a visiting Chinese reporter, and implored him to ask a real question of Harper for them. Isn't that insane! Naturally Harper got his goon squad to eject the Chinese reporter before he got to ask it, so Canadians only got to read about how great the false Economic Action Plan is going. Not to mention, Harper had CSIS monitor and spy on reporters. Such a disgrace.
  8. If you want to know what Scheer will do if he becomes PM, all you have to do is look at what Trump is doing. Whatever happens with the Republicans in the States, the Conservatives will follow sooner rather than later. It's historical. When the Republicans deregulated banks which caused the financial crisis, Harper was the first cheerleader in the Conservatives to demand Canada follows the same. When Bush sent troops into Iraq under false pretenses, Harper was the first Conservative cheerleader to demand Canadian troops follow (he got his way when he became PM and sent Canadians to Iraq to fight and die for U.S. interests). Even now - Trump moves Israel embassy to Jerusalem. Lapdog Scheer, puts it on the top of his list in his platform. It's like a crystal ball. Now that the abortion debate is being attacked in the U.S. then it is for certain that it will be reopened and attacked in Canada if Scheer wins. If U.S. attacks Iran, Scheer will be first to want to send Canadian troops into war.
  9. Trump continues to say China pays for the tariffs. What? U.S. Importers pays for the tariffs and then pass the costs to U.S. consumers. China does not pay a single cent for U.S. tariffs. China may sell less stuff, but the ones paying more for nearly everything on their store shelves are Americans.
  10. Trump messed up the negotiations with China so he had to do damage control and cave in to Trudeau with Canada trade. The longer US-China negotiations stall the more Canada can benefit. Not only did Canada get everything we wanted on this, but Canada is benefiting on the tariffs Trump and China imposed on each other. Case in point, Canada's Dollarama now has a huge advantage over America's Dollar Tree. This is only the beginning of the opportunities that Canada can realize. "When two states war, a third will take advantage." Sun Tzu - Art of War.
  11. I have to agree with the OP. Every time a NDP government was in charge of BC, we had balanced budgets.
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