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  1. Does he have a written plan somewhere that explains how he plans to get Canada out of debt? Does anyone have a link to a published plan, and not just a verbal promise? According to the current defict every Canadian citizens owes $60,000. How the hell did we get so far in debt?
  2. LOL! Good point. But by then the damage will be done and then where does that leave us? I hope there is some way to legally reverse that deal - at least to give Canada the 51%?
  3. If you go just by the numbers, there have been the most terrorist attacks on Canadians happened during Harper's watch.
  4. Mr. Scriblett, Why do you keep posting the accusations even after I gave you a copy of the court order from a federal judge that proves that all the charges were DISMISSED? Do you know the meaning of the word "dismissed"? Are deliberately trying to smear this man because he made Harper look bad 9 fricking years ago? Once again, here is a copy of the court order which you can verify online with a PACER search for free. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JQLAcN3aTrQ/VRTiqK3DUSI/AAAAAAAAAIE/Ayp0ucmh8T0/s1600/dismissalbyseniorjudge_1.jpg I will believe a court order from a federal judge that post-dates the links you put up by several years. Why do you want to mislead people anyway? Also I see that someone already had this same argument with you at another thread and they even gave you this excerpt from another forum... "This story is more than interesting. It took me two hours to read all the links. As a divorce lawyer I hear a lot of accusations almost every day for the last four years, and I have learned that evidence speaks a lot louder than any “he said” “she said” BullSh*t. So when I see sworn reports from Private Investigators, scans of court files, sworn declarations, dental records, and photographs, it carries the day over some anonymous person on the internet that claims Party A “ripped off a bunch of people” but there are no real victims that say “I was ripped off”. So when I analyze this story, here I see a couple of people accusing and smearing this guy Bruce of ripping off “other people” but there is not one person who says they were ripped off by Bruce for even one dollar – except for a single lawyer (Gilmour) who was himself arrested for child abuse and the subject of a huge law society complaint. (See http://gilmourlawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com) so I really don’t believe that guy. I do believe Bruce’s dentist who says he was in Ohio have teeth pulled with dated Xrays than some unknown yahoo who claims he was in Florida or China. The American AIDS Alert Association is alleged to be a “scam” but I don’t see where anyone lost any money or what exactly was the “scam”? I do see that the ACLU supported the group and I don’t think the the ACLU would support a “scam” eh? Same thing for the China Trade Commission – what exactly is the scam and who was cheated? Show me the victims and identify the scam please. On the other hand I read a 11 page sworn report of a 25 year veteran private investigator, court transcripts, and written statements of 9 witnesses and a newspaper reporter from the Ottawa Citizen that Bruce, a former federal agent, a former air traffic controller, and former is telling the truth. All of this stuff I read at http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.wordpress.com . So I will go with the documentation and not the “gossip” that is being spread to get some sort of revenge or to smear the guy. You really should read the investigator’s report at the above link. The final give-away was when I found this one moron posting comments that Bruce was “A Wanted Pedophile in Canada” See here. http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/confessions-american-pedophile So as much as I also am a Harper supporter I am not going to spread lies just to get the man reelected. Someone is doing a professional job of trying to smear Bruce. I suggest the other stuff be investigated after the elections because there is so much there – not enough time to get to ALL the facts in just two weeks eh? But as a lawyer who deals with hearsay daily, my gut tells me there is supporting evidence of a government cover-up of something big here." Do you have some new information of a real scam where a real person says "I was cheated for $________by Gorcyca? If yes, then put the link here that explains the scam and who lost money and how much. Otherwise you are just spreading false gossip to distract from the fact that Harper let two kids die rather than have a visa to come to Canada for organ transplants.
  5. My family has been in the oil and gas business for almost 80 years and neither my father nor uncles think the Nexen deal was a good one for Canada. They say if China was so desperate for oil they would have settled for 49% and Canada was dead erong to give controlling interest to the Chinese. Would we have made the same deal with the Russians? So why would take such a risk with China? This basically gave Canada's self-sufficiency a bullet to the head because in 20 years or so Canadian oil will be going to China and we'll be importing American oil! Canada should never be dependent on foreign countries - any foreign country for oil. We saw the bribery taking place with the Chinese on the lumber deal, and I wonder if the same may have influenced such a bad decision on the Nexen deal?
  6. I cannot honestly remember any time in my life (39 years) where both the Star and Globe and Mail were against the incumbent PM. Also, is number three really true? http://www.whynotharper.ca/#1 Did Harper really inherit a surplus or was it just creative accounting? How much is the deficit now?
  7. I think when Harper keeps using the word "foreigners" when referring to Canadian residents he is subliminally saying they are "second class" people and being a bit racist IMO.
  8. I have never seen one politician piss off so many people and Canada's two largest newspapers. Does Harper have a way to mend fences quickly enough before October 19th? What should he do or say? http://www.whynotharper.ca/#1
  9. The guy who says "we are morally obligated to kill people who don't agree with us" is a sicko and it has nothing to with saving the lives of children! There is a bigger discussion of this topic at reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/3nfubc/yet_another_coldhearted_coverup_of_pm_stephen/ Also I found this link at another forum that the charges against that guy was dismissed a long time ago in 2007. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JQLAcN3aTrQ/VRTiqK3DUSI/AAAAAAAAAIE/Ayp0ucmh8T0/s1600/dismissalbyseniorjudge_1.jpg Where are you getting your information that he is a "convicted scam artist"? Please post a link that proves this.
  10. Harper has a twisted view of "democracy" in my opinion. What real democracy allows torture or secret court hearings or allows people to be kidnapped?
  11. I think the article is very well-written but I would not even need half of those reasons not to vote for a candidate - no matter who it is. The longer someone stays in office the bolder they get with their powers. I am not against Harper per se, but I think it is time to give others a chance to shine.
  12. This looks to be quite old - like nine years ago. Why wasn't this an issue nine years ago when it happened and now only comes up before an election?
  13. I think this is a bit extreme. People should have the right to travel to any country, so long as their stated intentions are verified. Imagine all the journalists and researchers who travel to almost every country to find the root causes of terrorism, a disease, or to do theses work.
  14. Whoever wins the election should charge all foreign visitors a $100 entrance tax per every month they remain in Canada unless and until they leave or become a resident. This money could then subsidize our school system which has been getting way too many budget cuts. Our kids need to come first. What say you all?
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