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  1. Anyone here have an electric car,and if so, what does it cost you in hydro to charge it at home ? My residential hydro rates keep going up every year and I here they could go up by 3 to 5 times here in Ontario. Makes know sense,to push electric cars and then make our residential Hyfro rates so high Imho.
  2. https://www.quantamagazine.org/20150206-crispr-dna-editor-bacteria/ “If you’ve eaten yogurt or cheese, chances are you’ve eaten CRISPR-ized cells.” If we would spend more time on science and less time on war maybe we could find a way for us to live to 140. Democracy at work again,giving us hope.
  3. With so much "Free" today It's hard to say where Cable/Media is going. One thing is for sure there will be thousands of Job Losses. Free = Job Losses = sooner or later it will affect you or your family. It's amazing how much free stuff you can get at your local Library. Maybe when all the retail outlets are gone and malls are closed the Liberal youth will understand the impact.
  4. I went from U2 to Coldplay and now it's Classical and Nature sounds lol. Must be getting old or need some calm, from all the political drama going on
  5. I used to be an Atheist,but then I realized what's so wrong in believing in a God. It all comes down to reaching for "HOPE" Many people get comfort from hope in believing in somthing to give them strength to go forward. Who am I to take this hope away. So weather you believe in God or you don't.The real issue is do you believe God gives hope to people in need and is that so bad. Nobody knows for sure,what's after Life ,it's all conjecture. But if it gives people confort on there dying bed to grasp for hope,then what's wrong with that.
  6. Most of ISIS don't seem to have a problem with it. If you lack compassion for the vunerable then I guess Pedophiles are able to justify there actions. What's in the brain that makes you want to destoy the innocence of a child is hard to understand. Society needs to have rules to protect the vunerable.
  7. No Democracy isn't Dying. If you kill Democracy,you kill ambition. Democracy gave us the Internet and those beautiful large screen TVs lol. Democracy gave us the PS3 and those great games Democracy gave us those great cars coming out in 2016 Democracy gave us freedom to watch what we want purchase what we want. Democracy gave us great food choices to have great BBQs in the summer lol. Anyone who's against Democracy should go live in Havana Cuba for a week,been there done that,what a depressing way to live.
  8. They need to earn these incomes in order to afford the high cost of homes etc. The biggest problem here is the inflated housing costs etc. The Real Estate Industry and Banking Industry and Insurance Industry have over Inflated the costs of homes and just about everything else we do to survive, in order to inflate there incomes. Costs go up to live = Unions push for higher salaries = Government needs to raise taxes to offset the costs. It's a revolving cycle of greed. And yet the average citizen want's and expects every service know matter how superficial it is. They want bike lanes that cost 5 million dollars to build and service,yet you can only use 7 months of the year. And the list goes on and on. So the best solution our Liberals have is to keep borrowing,and let the next generation pay for it. They don't care the damage,as long as they keep there pensions. It's become a very two tier society between the rich and middleclass.
  9. After 4 years of Trudeau and most likely another 4 years after that,the Oil Industry and most of the other Industries related to Oil extraction will be gutted. The damage will take a generation to recover if ever. So Trudeau and May, show me where these GREEN ENERGY jobs are. Wind Turbines and Solar Panels will never produce the energy needs we need and wil never replace the massive job losses from the Oil and Gas sectors. What's coming is a copy of the Ontario (McGinty/Wynn financial nightmare)to the federal level. A perfect example of this lunacy is contracting a Korean company(Samsung) to install wind turbines in Ontario. I guess we Canadians are just to dumb to build and Install a tall structure with a propeller on top of it lol. Green Energy = SCAM!!!!
  10. It's sad how Quebec has had to go to the gutter to survive. Montreal was once a great city and now it's a corrupt carnivale of activity.
  11. I have been waiting for this for 20 years now. Give me a car,where I don't need gas,runs well in the winter,is all electric,and I can refill the power without having to go 50 miles to get refill. And if this exists then why are we still using gas ?
  12. Whatever happens,May will end up with a full pension for life. We can't do without Fossil fuels.all machines need oil to run. Unless there's some magical invention under the Justin Liberal regime to replace Oil as a lubercation then it's all a delusional fantasy.
  13. All Trumps sidekicks will be the best at what they do. That's why he's doing so well in the polls. I hope he brings in the top skilled that are available. We need the best to run the USA and CANADA imho.
  14. The best thing about Rob was that he cared. He was not a polished politician,but he never forgot his roots. I will miss you Rob, RIP
  15. Canadians should fear Trump. He's already said he would kill NAFTA. Our population is 35 million,USA population is 350 Million. All the USA would have to do is kill the Lumber trade with Canada,slow down transport of goods and put massive taxes on transports of goods from Mexico to Canada by Air.
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