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  1. We are not talking about history but about current policy. Your own link doesn't support Taxme's belief that Canada is trying to make white people a minority.
  2. That position makes no sense since anytime the buy goods and services it gets taxed they are already contributing. The choices that governments make affect them as much as the next person.
  3. And? Citizens should get a say in their country. Everything the government does affects them.
  4. None of that is relevant since you know he was born here. It flies in the face of the definition you posted since a.) he doesn't belong to india and b.) he does not pledge allegiance to it. You are grasping at straws at this point.
  5. Not every person goes full time some actually get part time jobs to have an income. And other avenues such as apprenticeships have only 5 months of course work and 7 months of working in a job. People in University can do co-op which can span many months to a year.
  6. There is no agenda to get rid of all white people in Canada by the government through bringing in immigrants from Asian countries. The government can't force people from Europe and Britain to come here.
  7. Doesn't make him a foreigner since you know he was born in Canada. And none of that makes him a foreigner.
  8. Yes since every policy change is going to affect them as much as their parents. In two years these people will be going into the working world.
  9. Like I said he is born and raised in Canada he isn't a foreigner. Pandering to a group of people is what politicians do.
  10. Jagmeet Singh was born in Ontario, Canada so it is very strange to call him a foreigner.
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