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  1. No thanks, I am a big girl and don't think I need to go crying to mommy every time someones ideas clash with mine. Have your little Liberal bashing time.bye its been a slice.
  2. Only Liberal bashing and turning every thread into Gomery inquiry allowed eh
  3. Well that and a nice fat bank account wouldn't hurt.
  4. Oh, yeah, sure. This forum is a hotbed of extreme right winged Conservatives. You may be one of the exceptions.
  5. That remains to be seen just who's mess it is. Martin was finance minister and as such bears some responsibility for the lacking accountability of ensuring the money was used for the purposes approved. Howeve, basing any conclusions on the leaked information of testimony of someone charged with fraud is very poor intelligence. The USA based much of their intelligence on the claims of someone charged with embezzlement and look where it landed them
  6. The following as a copy of "guarantee" provided by Grewal's staff: What I would like to know is how many of his "guaranteed visa entries" have failed to return on time and what have been the consequences??? Why is a MP providing these guarantees???? What investigation is done on the visitors prior to providing these "guarantees"? While I would approve of even higher bonds required from visitors; they should be approved and held by an immigration panel of experts in that field that thoroughly checks out these visitors prior to their arrival. If a MP takes bonds for such a guarantee; the next step would be accepting smaller non refundable cash payments. Let's not tempt our MPs
  7. Why is Harper still denying what his Conservative MP admits. DUH
  8. Anb that my dear; is YOU. Worry about your own border security. The USA government has enough problems of it own. There are multi thousands of illegal immigrants in your own country. The Mexican border is still so porous that volunteer citizens are taking up the slack. The persons who attacked the WTC were in the USA legally. The USA and its aggressive acts has brought more danger to North America.
  9. Probably not (successfully); We got lots of good intelligent men of our own.
  10. not really, it is just a nuisance and boring. Too many repeated same subjects. But then I am not the boss.
  11. What's with the rash of posts duplicating previous thread subjects. Trying to eliminate everyone else's threads or what?
  12. Well I think it is hilarious how you Conservative types like to believe the editorialized testimony of a person already charged with fraud. No wonder you have strange ideas. Try more credible sources for your information or wait until the truth is revealed before jumping to conclusions.
  13. Well we got rid of Mulroney; that was good.
  14. Oh, I didn't think Bush was Jewish. He endorsed these scholars. Oh Cameron; get your information up to date. There was no viable threat from Iraq and no excuse for the invasion of Iraq or the torture of political prisoners. Plus a whole long list of other USA government tactics that are unacceptable.
  15. Sorry, my children and grandchildren have IQs higher than you can probably count. I did mention my 12 year old granddaughter who reads at a college level and was in the top 4% across Canada. My son is also considered a genius. ho hum
  16. Guess that upset Bro; so he must retaliate
  17. No, and neither did I. Boy how these conservatives like to switch words around. Anyhow talking of lawyers; this one has guts
  18. Agreed but let's not forget who started this childish nonsense. Hopefully not you Cameron but other conservative supporters have done it constantly
  19. Figures. Have you seen the movie dumb and dumber.
  20. Federalize the National Health Care system. Too many right winged provincial government that like to slash and burn and use the money elsewhere.
  21. Yes, I am. You should show a little humanity and fairness to others and give it a try. We don't like attacking other countries without just cause; just cause they have control of oil.
  22. Yes, I am. You should show a little humanity and fairness to others and give it a try. We don't like attacking other countries without just cause; just cause they have control of oil.
  23. Well at least get a little closer to the center. Joe Clark type Conservatives might have actually gotten a Conservative victory. Harper and cronies are way too far right for reasonable working people.
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