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  1. Ezra Levant can support, in the privacy of his own home or in the vast halls of his empty head, whatever the hell Ezra Levant wants. Wether I like what he thinks or not. Same with muslims or non-productive immigrants. I think we can agree on that! But should Ezra come out and start calling for beheadings of whoever-the-hell-he-thinks deserve well then! Time to take some action. Until such time. Ezra can think whatever the hell he wants.
  2. Sure. Just figure out which ones they are. Punish the guilty and leave the innocent alone.
  3. So you agree then, that him and all those ' I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it" spouters should be rounded up too. Are they not also fanatical Freedom of Speachers?
  4. AND...alot of muslims 'Don't' kill for thier religion. Right?
  5. "Duh, whataya gonna do? All religions got em!" Actually, Yes. Thats exactly what I say. What are you suggesting? That Ezra Levant a big time freedom of speach advocate, get rounded up?
  6. I have no idea why. I suspect the very same reason a dipshit in Portland decided to cut a couple of throats - in his case it was Freedom of Speach. Or probably the same reason the duffus in Quebec figured some muslims need shooting. No couldn't be the same reason, just a different goddamn reason - protection of Judeo christian values maybe. As I have said I don't give a shit what thier reasons are. The list of reasons to kill someone is a very long one. The courts always ask the accused 'why did you do it?" There's reasons galore for killing. So the fact that some murdering ass says it was for God dont mean nothing to me.
  7. Ok, Finally we get to the heart of the matter. I agree with you by the way. The past is best left in the past. If we keep dragging it up nothing gets accomplished. Some Muslims (and there's many an Imam that says these guys got it all wrong ) commit atrocities. According to many here All (well, not quite all; Most) Muslims are on the same side. Therefore when those muslims committed atrocities it then follows that most Muslims also want to/will commit atrocities. That is the issue I am arguing. I cannot stand this bullshit of 'those guys did that so do something about every one of them Muslim. Because even without any evidence whatsoever (and this is where History is passed off as evidence of an indicivuals muslims intent) of a muslims desire to commit terror, well we have DoP who points to the Siege of Vienna or the last fall of Constantinople and says See? What more proof is required? I'm all for terrorists being incarcerated for the rest of thier days. Im all in favour of the police forces of our land arresting those who are planning on committing terrorism, putting them on trial and incarcertating them for very long periods of time. But I do not support in anyway whatsoever punishing those that we haven't got a shred of evidence against. And I don't give a shit what thier religion is or even if they have any religion at all.
  8. Pretty much, yes. Die or be enslaved - either or. Not just Christianity but practically every King that every existed dressed up thier quests for more land in the righteous garb of "God Wills It" like a bunch of modern-day televangelists. Arabs too.
  9. Well granted the Christian missionaries came along with the armies and the locals were givien the option of convert or die.
  10. Saxons were pagans for a very very long time afore Christians conguered them too. If you wish to point fingers and claim a religion is bad because of conquests then you shouldn't have a list with only one name on it. You seem to have forgotten all the religious wars that us Judeo-Christian cultural types fought with each other about religion in Judeo-Christian lands, and did so for actual centuries. The Islamic torches of conguest burn no brighter than others. Edit: in answer to Argus' post ID:67 above
  11. Iran has been heavily involved with helping Iraq fight ISIS since way back. It's no big shock that ISIS claimed responsibility for this. The real shock is that it hasn't happened well before now. Which says alot about the Iranian security services or the competence of ISIS in actually planning and carrying out terrorist attacks. I think its mostly the latter. Easy to lay claims. All you need do is issue a press release. No proof of the deed is necessary.
  12. Good point. So terrorists are entirely sane. They have rational reasons for doing what they do.
  13. They used to be Pagan lands long before JC came along. That is to say worshipping all sorts of Gods. Zeus, Jupiter, Ra; Zoroastrianism. Lots more .
  14. I'll go to Canada Day ceremonies and by happenstance stand near someone wearing a burkha. It's not a terrifying experience. Hell, it doesn't even require Canada day to happen.
  15. Well, if what she did was entirely rational, what's that say about all the Muslims that didn't do what she did?
  16. There, now you're getting it. That first step is always a doozy.
  17. Damn right its more complicated. Being a Muslim doesn't mean shit.
  18. Lordy. Who is advocating negotiating with terrorist criminals? Not me or anyone else here. Again you pull up the 'All shall be punished! None shall be spared!" blanket horseshit. Punish the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.
  19. Don't be jumping to conclusions just yet. There are 10 held for questioning on 'suspicion of', two previously held have been released. https://twitter.com/gmpolice when they finally finish their investigation, then come back at me with numbers. In any event, do you suppose that perhaps, maybe, some muslims weren't involved? How many thousands do you want watched? Not only Muslims but Muslim sympathizers - like me, for example. The list of people that seem suspicious to you will be endless.
  20. Why not? You claim such for non-Islamic terrorists dontcha? Aberation; Crazy; Loner; Not the norm; Not representative etc etc and on and on. A fine brushoff for non-muslim folks. No eplanations required. But for Muslims? Oh no...that won't do at all, will it?
  21. Islam through the dark glasses of preachers like those al-Baghdadi creeps, or Argus or Dog. Their Islam certainly does aid and abet - big time. Edit to add: And it takes a hellofalot more than being a Muslim and/or reading the Quran to be a terrorist. A hellofalot more. In fact, being a Muslim and/or reading the Quran has got sweet-F-all to do with being a terrorist or a potential terrorist. Nothing to do with it.
  22. Sure its my imagination. Yah he sure sounds like a happy well adjusted youth who decided that a bunch of kids needed killing. And its not an excuse, He don't need no excuses. Lordy, its like you guys think that somewhere out there is a rational reason that makes sense for such actions. There's no sense to it. Some idiot somewhere, somewhen, whispered secrets to him about the joys of the afterlife awaiting him. And those secret promises appealed to him far mare than the here and now. ERGO an alienated unhappy youth. Suckered by those in authority to go do himself in. That aint no excuse, fool. Thats what happened. So your hopes and dreams of creating more such youths isn't going to get you where you think you want to be.
  23. It is about the Caliphate, isn't it? And guess what we can do about that: Nuthin'. It's gonna fall apart of its own accord.
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