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  1. Because anyone can become a terrorist whenever they feel like it. Anyone. I could; You could; Hal could. There is no permission required, or license to be applied for. Happy youths don't rush off to kill themselves and others. Unhappy alienated ones do.
  2. And you're right. It is infuriating. Why didn't they rat the perp out? Do you believe restricting Muslims somehow will be conducive to them ratting out the killers amongst them? Do you think that shit like banning them wearing hijabs or 'confronting' them for wearing them is going to make them think that Gee its a joy living here despite the harassment in the streets or at work is conducive to them ratting out suspicious behaviour? Will cops stopping them wily nilly make them more trustful and willing to help out? Will they be pleased with second class citizenship? With people trailing them where-ever they go solely due to their muslim religion? Or maybe being recognized as citizens of this country who enjoy the same rights as everyone else will make them a little more leary of the hot-heads at the mosque? When we treat them like fellow citizens and not enemies Then you will see more of the wannabe martyrs ratted out. A lot more. Abandon the thought that more restrictions, blanket surveillance or inhibiting their lives will make us safer.
  3. Jeez, I wonder why they haven't charged them. What are they waiting for?
  4. Of my neighbour who didn't throw the trailer hitch ? Are you insane?
  5. An idiot red-neck conservative threw a trailer hitch at a woman in the street here and near killed her. He thought it was a fun thing to do at the time because the target was a native. What an asshole! What a stupid mind-set! Perhaps I should have my neighbour removed from society because he also is a white red-neck who speaks poorly of natives. That would be Just, right?
  6. Take action? Against the folks who had nothing to do with the death of my loved one? Would I feel better if I did? Would you?
  7. Ha! Aren't you advocating that my muslim neighbours be 'tagged' even though they didn't commit these actions? Dementia has got to set in before I sign onto that bullshit.
  8. I certainly hope you don't follow that particular path and I am pleading with you to stop following the insane path you are advocating.
  9. Sway my mind to what? That all those who had nothing to do with atrocities need to be watched and condemned for the atrocities they did not commit? Thats just plain STUPID.
  10. All of them, Dog, All of them. For some bizarro reason you think you need to shit on Muslims who had sweet fuck all to do with particular acts of barbarity. Sorta like Isis in a way...fuck that - Exactly like ISIS. No diff.
  11. I'm not going to tell you one good thing about Islam. I'm perfectly content that you think Islam sucks. Go ahead. Help yourself to such thoughts. I do reject your vague and thoughtless prescription to what should be done about terrorists - specifically Islamic ones, never mind all the other types of murdering scum - as a mindless call that we need a Stasi State because you don't trust any Muslim to not be a killer. I could, if I was daft, apply the same standard to you. What evidence is there that you are not planning some killings yourself? By your own logic you need serious watching because we don't know whats running through your mind ...
  12. Who condoned that action? Certainly not Rue.
  13. What is meant by that, I wonder? Why so vague? Why so PC to say only that something must be removed but fail to say what 'removed' means? Me too, DoP. Don't forget me. I'll defend non-terrorist muslims three ways from Sunday anytime. Happy to do so.
  14. I know you believe that. You have said so many times. Your claim to be a christian inherently implies that. I do not doubt that that is what you believe. I think a punishing god is all bunk. God would never kid us about eternal damnation so it follows that your belief in eternal damnation is ungodly since eternal damnation is not something God would do, for eternal damnation would be an act contrary to the Goodness of God. But let me be clear: I am not trying to convert or subvert your beliefs. Your beliefs concerning god are yours and yours alone. My original reply was concerning your apparent belief that there would be no Good without God therefore God exists, I said why I did not think the OP video succeeded in showing that.
  15. The living God touched my mothers life very personaly by having her father engage her in sexual congress whenever he came back from his prospecting forays. Being a god-fearing Christian, he would read passages from the bible to her afterwards to cleanse her of sin because he cared dearly for her soul. Testimony don't mean shit. It's what one does each day that matters.
  16. If you believe that a loving and caring God sets the rules of how we should live and punishes those/allows misfortune to befall those, who don't follow the rules and condemns those same to everlasting torment in the after life then, in my view, you are not a follower of God, but of the Devil.
  17. You said: I did not say or claim that this existence is the worst. Thats your description not mine. I, like you can imagine far worse places than Canada. But that is entirely subjective again because it all depends upon who you are or where you are. Its not much fun living in Aleppo right now I am told .
  18. I don't think that Betsy. You do, not I.
  19. I need not imagine such a world. It seems that we already exist in such a world where right and wrong are not consistent and vary from day to day and on the whims of each of us. Yet here I am still existing in a world that is in fact chaotic and definitely not consistent - so no need for my imagination to cook that world up: not even a MadMax scriptwriters imagination.
  20. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the day and the weather and my mood and possibly God.
  21. Precisely. So, now what? Is the next step to then define a standard of Good that we can all agree on? Compromise a bit perhaps? Come to a conclusion entirely independent of the supposed Objective Good that exists no matter what we may agree upon.
  22. When you, Betsy, open your Bible you, Betsy, find truth. When I open it I find mythology .
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