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  1. Mischief is a sin? Could be. It's certainly illegal in Secular Canada.
  2. I'm not pretending it didn't happen. Found guilty of well founded mischief laws that have been around for a very very long time. Not found guilty for violation of the non-existent M103. It is you that is pretending. Not I.
  3. I like it. Neutral towards what? Crime? or maybe religion. Perhaps it is that concept that allows freedom of religion and such freedom should not be infringed upon by the state except when the interests of Peace Order and good government override such right. In the case of RCMP officers wearing hijabs - I see no reason for the state to interfere as long as the officer wearing the hijab (or turban) is carrying out the duties they are required to do. What difference would it make if she was wearing the usual RCMP cap? Using your argument and assumptions: Would a muslim man have any more respect for a non-muslim woman wearing a RCMP uniform? I don't think you're argument would allow such since muslim men, according to your assumptions, consider all women to be lesser creations, it wouldn't matter to your (in your mind) typical muslim male what she was wearing. It is the virtue of being a woman (according to you) that would determine her status, not the uniform she is wearing or any variation of that uniform. Actually we were entirely prepared for our laws and principles to work with the Khadr case. It was previous governments refusal to invoke those same laws and principles that resulted in Khadr's settlement. A good thing too.
  4. the fool here wasn't convicted using M103 since M103 is not now nor ever has been part of criminal law. In fact he was charged with Mischief - multiple counts of. Mischief laws have been around far longer than M103 ever has. M103 has nothing to do with the issue you cited - except within the fevered imagination of the paranoid.
  5. Important for the White Nationalists to do so, yes.
  6. No, Zul-Fiqar is right, Canada does not belong to any single race or ethnic group. If X%of the war cemeteries are occupied by white folks does that give me (a white folk) equivalent % of the country now belong to me? Will we pro-rate who this country belongs to based on ethnicity (and lord knows what else; Religion perhaps) of war-cemetery occupancy? Sorry if you are offended, but I personally believe that the folks in war-cemetaries died for elfin everybody without regard for ethnicity or religion of those everybodies. Or maybe they didn't? Maybe some died for White Christian Canada only and the rest of us can do our own dying? And what chance have Zul-Fiqar and others who are non-white christians to fill up our war-cemeteries when white-nationalist bigots bust their ass to makes sure no one but white christians ever get to live her? No chance whatsoever, of course. So White Nationalist Nazi types will be able to point and say 'see? ... well, yah , that particular grave has a non-white Canadian in it, but thats only one! Look at all the crosses, man! Oh, yes, that one too over there..and, yah ok, there's some others scattered about. But they didn't die for White-Christian Canada obviously. " Actually he does. Deserves it just as much as you deserve it. Proven by the fact that you are not six-feet under in a war cemetary.
  7. maybe he was right. Not that it matters. If you think its trash then its trash. I bought a painting from my cousins daughter. 'I like that painting. How much do you want for it?'. '100 dollars'. 'Sold.' says I. Her father went to lecture her on 'family values' and handed me back my hundred dollars. 'That painting is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it and right now its worth 100 bucks.' says I .
  8. Thats a good thing, Argus, not a bad thing.
  9. They are arresting them when they cross the border. That is what the police do with those who break the laws of Canada: arrest.
  10. hey! All your wealth is available for funnelling into anti-western activities too. Wether that wealth is actually being funnelled into said activities is an entirely different thing. I am quite certain Khadr never pledged allegiance to Al-queda so there is no need to renounce said allegiance. And you're elfin right they get medical care - we all do. Terrorist or not.
  11. I think the USofA senate did a study on this and they seem to think the number was zero.
  12. Thats not the argument at all. We stick to our principles no matter if they turn into law abiding citizens or not. I do not include love of Western freedom and tolerance because our principles have no requirement for anyone to do that. We stick to these principles without regard to wether some folks deserve it or not because, maybe someday, we, as individuals, may find ourselves on the receiving end of those principles . We like the rule of law and we like having recourse to it They are indeed constrained by the very principles you seem to have no use for. Proven by the fact that they have been law abiding citizens. Even if you don't like them.
  13. Yes, it is a very very common thing. I too know many folks who met their significant others online and they seem to get on wonderfully. Totally bizarre to me but seems to work very well.
  14. But you asked me. In the OP title "A question for all MLWers" and in the initial post and I further read member Hardners response and agreed with it. So do not now speak as if I am interfereing.
  15. There is no need to mention it. It's a given and will remain a given as long as the disparity in wealth between the dirt poor and the rich exist. That is the cold reality. There aint shit the liberals can do about it either - or any other party for that matter. As long as the disparity exists then illegal immigration will exist.
  16. Correct and never denied by me. To reiterate: Those from dirt poor places enter Canada because we are rich and it is a possible escape from dirt-poorness. They enter this country illegally because they have zero chance of entering it legally. Thats why they come here and that seems to be a shock to your system?
  17. Border jumpers get to make claims without being shot for doing so. I know you wish it were otherwise .
  18. So you keep saying. Too bad you're not on a refugee board and actually have some facts to deal with.
  19. Action? No action required. immigrants have been coming and going all the time. Even when you didn't approve. Phone the cops!
  20. And thats why you don't get to make these kind of decisions.
  21. Unless, of course, the board agree's that they have a legitimate reason to remain.
  22. I don't think you understand how the refugee process works. They make a claim. The refugee board hears the claim. THEN they kick them out - maybe. and Ya it is great for me to have free healthcare and you are very pleased to provide it! See, Everybody is happy!
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