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  1. Now the pack mentality is a scary thing, and Canada demonstrating pack mentality doesn't bode well for it's people.....
  2. I wonder why it is Canada, that allegedly stands for democracy and free speech can't tolerate in an international forum the free speech of others? I mean shouldn't Canada set an example to the world of how much free speech is valued? How we may disagree with what is said, but, we say your entitled to your opinion. Isn't that what Canada is supposedly doing in it's export of "democracy" Free speech is a fundamental right, so what message is Canada sending to the world, regarding it's real stand on freedom of speech?
  3. bandelot, it is only a tangled rats nest when the side you oppose is in power. Not you specifically, But, as an example for Pliny. It's a tangled rats nest because Obama is in, when Bush was in, it was all hunkydory. What a laugh! Now for the Obama followers, it is all good.... Yet, it is all the same, it is always the same, I was listening to an interview and the man, James Petrus, was calling Obama, the third term of the Bush administration. Why? Because despite the sale pitch of change, there has been none! But according to those that ally themselves with the "right" OMG! It is some huge change. Hence the saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same!
  4. You couldn't be more wrong, but hey, at least you can read. I will give you a gold star for that.(sincerely) Apparently,or sadly, your reading skills are better then most others on this forum Explain this to me?? How could I demonstrate this little gals wisdom in her actions without pointing out that her and I have different skin colours? How else could I have communicated to you all, the non-judgement in her actions without pointing out our superficial differences? How else, could I have shown you the wisdom in her youthfullness?
  5. How you or other individuals percieve what I have said? I have no control over. Good god, you people just pile in with assumptions, it is incredible! Kimmy has me condenscendingly patting her head, and you have me being "surprised" You ALL make your own assumptions for all your own reasons, and as I have said, they have nothing to do with me. One reason is you clearly didn't read what I wrote based on what you wrote above. So stop attributing imaginary head pats and expressions of surprise, when nothing like that happened. Goodness Argus even cited "liberalism" for gods sakes. I think some self-examination on your part, and the part of some others is in line. For the way you all read a simple story of the wisdom of the little gal. Ya know that safe about assuming.....
  6. The story was about the little girl's action. The "tone" you perceived is all of your own making. Your reaction speaks of you, not of me.
  7. "cringe inducing" wow, what a weird reaction to a little girl who didn't see colour, only a person. Were you scared, maybe she was muslim on top of it all? really.
  8. Yes, I am inclusive, but it has nothing to do with being liberal, and everything to do with being a member of the human race, a human being. Try being one, it is very enjoyable.
  9. the point of the message, and it was right in the story. See, right in the end The point was, the little gal, didn't see colour, she didn't see "race", she saw a person. In her youth, she is wiser then the fools that populate this forum
  10. I'll tell you something, I am a lot smarter then you think I am, I am quite confident of my intelligence, knowledge and I continue to learn everyday.
  11. yes, meeting behind closed doors and agreements such as the SPP, NAFTA, etc made without the people's knowledge or consent are sooo conspiratorial. I don't recall voting for any of that? Yet, business is always invited, shows where the priority lies. Not in democracy or accountability to the electorate that is for sure. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann Wolfgang van Goethe Enjoy your "democracy" lol
  12. for what? had I followed his advice, I would have "gone shopping" and bought a house I could not really afford.
  13. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index....st&p=443011
  14. You are woefully mistaken. Ultimately, it is the banks that frown on the paying down of debts. No need to, I am fully aware of the fractional reserve system. Or as I call it making money out of thin air. Absolutely, and it will erode our standard of living, but the banks will be rolling in the dough. Won't they pliny? Wouldn't you think that indebtedness would make the banks very happy? I would. Which makes the banks the one that call the shots. .Governments play a role, but, not in "our" well being. They bow down to other masters, not the electorate. simplistic thoughts. Do you think it is all that simple?
  15. I would disagree with the most prevalent being keynesian, The most prevalent is the chicago school. That is my opinion. And if one follows economies globally including our own included , the hand of the Chicago school is all over changes in our economy. You also realize economics is not a science? It is a school of thought. Funny about nobel winning economists and the massive failure of Long Term Capital Management. http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/ltcm.htm which of course was bailed out, buy taxpayers http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/28/business...omy/28view.html more of that "too big to fail" bullshit. or just the beginning of it, I should say....
  16. Of course they do, since they have been conditioned to do so. I wouldn't dismiss the slavery issue. But the ok to use people of different skin colour grew out of the social concept of differentiation of race. The role of race, should be ignored, because it is an artificial creation. It is used when the powerful want to reign over the powerless. These views then become embedded in the psyche of certain persons. They then contribute the the division of humanity. Which is why, in the bigger picture they should be ignored. -k Maybe he is, maybe he isn't?
  17. cute story: at the local mall, two adorable little girls, bopping around the hallways, there Dad doing his best to keep up with the energetic twosome. The older of the two, turned to me, with her megawatt smile, HELLO, friendly wave. And I said "hello cutie" back to her. Cause I always call little people "cutie" And she was as pleased as punch. And her little smiling face and friendly wave made my day And, ya know what? Our skin was not the same colour, did the little cutie care? Nope she saw a friendly face on another PERSON and said hello.
  18. The history of how we get health care is people cooperating. Not this clap trap you have written. oh and inflations is used as a tool of manipulation, you left that out. Hoarders are frowned upon because banks need people indebted so they can continue to create money out of thin air. When people pay off debts, they become "dead beats" because the banks can't continue to create "money" Thereby reducing their profitability and the control mechanism of working for the man, to use a slang term. Or debt servitude. You forgot all that. You also forgot the fact that debt is a drag on all future earnings. Shall I go on.
  19. as you are well aware from our previous discussions, I have a firm handle on economics. So don't bother with the high and mighty routine. Why don't you tell me how many schools of economic thought are out there, and which one you adhere to , and do you know of any others yourself.
  20. really, I started to watch it, and shut it off. why? there is no "white race" there is no "black race" there is only ONE race, that is the human race. Did you know Italians were considered blacks. Irish were not as good as 'whites' read anglo/protestants, then there is the whole North American slave issue, and the slaughter of the natives. But what these really all are is the powerful inflicting their will on the powerless. If you wanna play the "race card" you are simply causing more division. I ain't buying what you are selling.
  21. look, I hate to get into the right/left bull, because it is just bull. George Bush had his fanatical followers, in the US from the religious right. There were two documentaries off the top of my head which pushed Bush as the second coming of christ. One was: Jesus Camp The other was" George Bush Faith in the White house Then I recall some fawning comments made by religious leaders regarding GWB. One by Jerry Falwell On first blush, what a giggling school girl! So those ally that themselves on the right can say whatever they want, but the demagoguery was there. And it was meant to be there. Just as it is with Obama. Face it these guys, these presidents, are Products, Brand Obama, Brand Bush Obama-young, energetic Bush- Christian, good old boy They are then pitched as such to their respective and receptive audiences. All done with the help of a large PR firm. As has been done for a long time now. I highly recommend an older book, you may be able to get a copy, pricey. The Hidden Persuaders written in 1957, here is a link to a relevant chapter Politics and the Image Builders The branding and marketing of Presidents is nothing new and nothing unusual, it is not exclusively left or right. The only thing difference, is the individual that believes it is so.
  22. your not suggesting that GWB did not have fanatical followers? come on, the religious right?? cripes they made documentaries including worship of GWB, recall Jesus camp? fanatic followers, the only difference is in who is following
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