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  1. Oops Licky...Cordelia For Lear is no more...What a shame...

  2. Hey Lictor, send me a message whenever you can. Apparently you & I are so much alike that Jacko down there, along with the rest of this community, seem to think we're one in the same!

    Cheers from a Multicultural shithole! :D

  3. Banned again,Licky???

    Tough break,kid...

    Oh well,you can always go back to Stormfront or your CFL blog and insulate yourself from the pock faced baboon's,Hottentot creatures,and,race traitor miscegenists like myself.

    In fact,please do...Please do us the favour and segregate yourslef from the rest of sane society.

  4. How am I a bigot? Seems to me that the bigot is you for defending the orthodoxy IN SPITE of the evidence and obstinately refusing to consider any other POV. Proof of anti-white bias in the media is WIDESPREAD and evident. Your complacency about it shows that you are the one who is a racist and a bigot. Compare the media attention of the Byrd dragging death (of an ex convict) vs the Media silence about the horrible dragging death of a single mother named Patricia Stansfield... of course I can and did list numerous other examples... but you're a bigot, and an authoritarian to the Egalitarian media, so you're not after argument... just ad hominem attacks
  5. please explain how you gathered that I am left of center... i'm interested.
  6. what!??!?! ahahahahah! how in the world do you figure that&?! Actually by aggressively supporting an immigration system that takes in THOUSANDS of these Somalis, and thus bringing us ever closer to the level of Somalia by so doing, its actually well-to-do egalitarians and left wing liberals who are insuring that the US and Canada become a fetid and feral jungle like Somalia.
  7. based on clear patterns repeated over and over in mass media.... white on black racial abuses always get star billing, whether its the nonsense Duke "rape" case, or micheal richards... The nonstop media circus around the dragging death of James Byrd... vs the complete silencing of the dragging death of white mother of two Patricia Stansfield... we've actually delved often into clear examples of bias in these forums as well... and yet here you are all "confused" and bewildered...
  8. the media would have been apoplectic... I could see a TV movie in the works... perhaps a 5 minute segment for every political show everywhere for 2 months, maybe Obama would have addressed the nation... the NAACP would be staging demonstration protests to boycott the agricultural ministry headed by the wicked white woman... local human rights councils would have investigated hate crime charges... and local hoodlums would probably have a play at aggressing, vandalizing the white offender and her property.
  9. This is a video in which Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development, speaks at the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia. In her meandering speech to what appears to be an all-black audience, this federally appointed executive bureaucrat lays out in stark detail, that her federal duties are managed through the prism of race and class distinctions. "In the first video, Sherrod describes how she racially discriminates against a white farmer. She describes how she is torn over how much she will choose to help him. And, she admits that she doesn’t do everything she can for him, because he is white. Eventually, her basic humanity informs that this white man is poor and needs help. But she decides that he should get help from “one of his own kind”. She refers him to a white lawyer."
  10. latest developments seem to confirm Kimmy's POV: "More evidence of Justice racism Attitude to race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights act described as 'hostile'" http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=180129 "Two former U.S. Department of Justice attorneys have corroborated key elements of the explosive allegations by a third former attorney that the Voting Section of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is refusing to enforce the law against black defendants. On July 6, former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams testified before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission that the Voting Section is dominated by a “culture of hostility” toward bringing cases against blacks and other minorities who violate voting-rights laws. One of Adams’ DOJ colleagues, former Voting Section trial attorney Hans A. von Spakovsky, told WND he saw Adams was being attacked in the media for lack of corroboration. He said he knew Adams was telling the truth, so he decided on his own to step forward. In an affidavit dated yesterday, von Spakovsky stated, “I can confirm from my own experience as a career lawyer that there was a dominant attitude within the Division and the Voting Section of hostility towards the race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights law.” Von Spakovsky also asked another old colleague, former DOJ Special Counsel for Voting Matters Karl S. Bowers Jr., to go on the record. Bowers is now in private practice in South Carolina. In his own affidavit, Bowers stated: “In my experience, there was a pervasive culture in the Civil Rights Division and within the Voting Section of apathy and in some cases outright hostility towards race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights laws among large segments of career attorneys.” In his affidavit, von Spakovsky, now a Senior Legal Fellow in the Center for Legal & Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., backed up Adams’ testimony that Voting Section staff lawyers were harassed by their colleagues for working on a case brought against a black activist. According to von Spakovsky, former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates was harassed “over his work on the Brown case because they did not believe that the Justice Department should file any lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act against black defendants, no matter how egregious their violations of the law.” Von Spakovsky also confirmed Adams’ allegations that the DOJ has brought “hundreds” of cases against white defendants but only two cases against black defendants. He agreed with Adams that DOJ’s dismissal of most charges in one of the cases after the Obama administration took over in 2009, the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case, was “unprecedented.” In his affidavit, von Spakovsky further confirmed Adams’ allegation that the DOJ is deliberately refusing to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, widely known as the “Motor Voter” law. Section 8 requires state and local election officials to remove ineligible voters from voter lists. According to Adams, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes, an Obama appointee, told Voting Section employees the department “has no interest in enforcing” Section 8 because “it has nothing to do with increasing turnout.” Von Spakovsky told WND the administration’s refusal to enforce Section 8 is politically motivated. “The left doesn’t like Section 8, because they want as many people on the rolls as possible, even if they’re ineligible.” Von Spakovsky contended that enough ineligible felons voted in Minnesota to catapult the Democratic candidate, comedian Al Franken, to victory in the razor-thin 2008 U.S. Senate race. Adams, now a PajamasMedia blogger, alleged in a blog post yesterday: “The Department is not allowing Christopher Coates to comply with his subpoena [from the U.S. Civil Rights Commission]. These two affidavits give you an abbreviated understanding about why that is. If he were permitted to appear and tell the truth, the lid blows off.” Von Spakovsky said the DOJ was placing Coates in an “untenable” position by ordering him not to comply with the subpoena, forcing him to choose between exposing himself to legal jeopardy and keeping his job."
  11. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/19/us/politics/19evangelicals.html?_r=1 mutton for mutton heads. "At a time when the prospects for immigration overhaul seem most dim, supporters have unleashed a secret weapon: a group of influential evangelical Christian leaders. Normally on the opposite side of political issues backed by the Obama White House, these leaders are aligning with the president to support an overhaul that would include some path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here. {snip} {snip} Although other religious leaders have long favored immigration overhaul—including Roman Catholics, mainline Protestants, Jews and Muslims—the evangelicals are crucial because they have the relationships and the pull with Republicans."
  12. and in other news: "Somali-born Roosevelt grad pleads guilty to terror acts" http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2009479125_somalia16m.html @A Seattle man has pleaded guilty in Minnesota to terrorism-related charges in connection with the disappearances of dozens of U.S. Somali youths, some of whom turned up fighting with suspected terrorists in Somalia and at least one of whom became a suicide bomber, according to court documents and interviews. Court records show Abdifatah Yusuf Isse, 25, a 2002 Roosevelt High School graduate and a former economics student at Eastern Washington University, traveled to Somalia to train with Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based radical Islamist group that last year was designated by the U.S. State Department as a foreign terrorist organization. His court-appointed attorney said Isse was likely being recruited as a possible suicide bomber. He pleaded guilty to a single count of providing material support to terrorists—which carries a possible 10-year prison sentence—and has been cooperating with federal investigators in what the FBI has said in an ongoing investigation. His mother, in an interview earlier this week, said Isse was a “good boy” who fell in with the wrong crowd while in Minneapolis. {snip} Isse and another man, Salah Ahmed, were named in an indictment unsealed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, part of what the FBI has said is a widespread and ongoing investigation into alleged terrorist recruitment among Somalis living in the U.S., including Seattle. Investigators say as many as 20 young Somali men from the Twin Cities area have disappeared in the past two years, and at least three of them have turned up dead in Somalia. They include Shirwa Ahmed, an American who blew himself up in a suicide bombing against U.N. and Ethiopian forces last October. Federal prosecutors say Isse went to Somalia with another man in December 2007, that he stayed in Al-Shabaab safe houses, was given an AK-47 and helped construct an Al-Shabaab training camp. After a couple of weeks, however, he decided not to stay and he and another Minnesota man left the camp. Isse stayed in Somalia to visit relatives. He was arrested at Sea-Tac Airport in March when he returned.@ people will doubtless remind me that getting Somali restaurants is a fair trade in for this kind of behavior, but at what point is national security trumped by culinary diversity? regardless all the arguments thus far enumerated by egalitarian leftists here for diversity so far amount to just that: culinary diversity... ridiculous no?
  13. I couldn't make this up: http://radio.foxnews.com/2010/07/12/penis-pumps-for-illegals/#axzz0tpVXkShs "A Minnesota town is outraged over reports that an illegal immigrant was implanted with a penis pump—paid for by taxpayers. Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said the expense to taxpayers was more than $50,000. {snip} Ciliberto [scott County Attorney Pat Ciliberto] told county commissioners the cost of taking care of illegal immigrants in their community is skyrocketing. “It should be obvious when Scott County goes from seven bookings in 2006 to 90 bookings in 2009—that Arizona’s problem is Minnesota’s problem, too,” he told the newspaper. According to published numbers, the county spent more than $800,000 housing inmates with immigration holds—and that doesn’t include medical coverage. {snip} Regardless, local officials said they are required by federal and state laws to provide welfare to illegals—from court costs to health care—including a penis pump. {snip} “My hats off to Arizona, to people who’ve said, ‘We’ve had enough,’” Commissioner Barbara Marschall told the newspaper. “We’re thousands (of) miles away from the southern border. It’s here and it’s going to get worse.” lets see our rabid pro-diversity types grapple this one....
  14. that's interesting, what you mean to say though, is that only white people are greedy. although, i'm curious to find out which culture are NOT greedy, i'd love to see what you come up with.
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