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  1. They have had those numbers on this graphic for a while now even though the percentages have been changing for a while. A few weeks back the % vaxxed in hospital were around 45% and slowly it has crept up to 68%. Probably won't be long until its 75-80% which matches the vaccination rates and means the vaccine is doing nothing to prevent hospitalizations. It may still prevent ICU stays but that's to be determined too. I find the numbers show a weak argument for it...at best. And that argument is eroding daily. Look in BC for example, it used to be that you were 50x more likely to go to the hospital if you were unvaxxed versus fully vaxxed only a month ago. Now its down to 5x and that number keeps changing daily. You can argue these smaller numbers as being some sort of victory but you are missing the point then. That point being, why are 4378 fully vaccinated people still ending up in the hospital. Why are 412 fully vaccinated people ending up in ICU? The only clear thing to show is that the vaccines are FAR from perfect. More over, our governments and media have drummed up this dichotomy of vaccinated versus unvaccinated and used numbers to make that binary comparison when that is not the comparison that should be made. We should in stead create a dichotomy of healthy versus unhealthy and run stats on that. I know from Alberta numbers, 96% of deaths, 80% of ICU and 75% of hospitalizations involved people with pre-existing conditions. If those numbers are accurate then the government should be pushing these people to get vaccinated and not healthy 20 year olds who have next to no risk.
  2. I agree and have advocated for this detail of numbers since I started watching the UK numbers six months ago. They have excluded those people for months now and we are still including them...why? So on one end you say the statistics are trash but then go on to use those stats to make a claim? If the numbers are trash then they are trash until they get rectified. By the way, your claim of 50% above is simply not true. Here the actual numbers of unvaccinated people in the hospitals is 26.6%. If you add up the partially vaxxed and the kids under 5 (who can't get vaccinated) then its 31.4%. Right now, out of 6389 people hospitalized, there are 4378 that are fully vaxxed (68.5%). Considering 78% of all people in Quebec have been fully vaccinated, there isn't a huge difference. Keep in mind, the percent of vaxxed in hospitals keep growing. Now...if you want to specifically discuss ICU and not just hospitalization, then you are closer to your 50% number however still a bit off. According to the data, 55.3% of ICU are people that are fully vaxxed.
  3. I saw this article and immediately thought how this is a great example of trash media. This one ICU has 70% unvaxxed...sure, its probably statistically true however the overall numbers in Ontario don't lie and they say roughly 50% are unvaxxed. So if one hospital has 70% in it then either every other hospital has more vaxxed to make make up the difference OR other single hospitals have a large vaxxed percentage. Reporting on one hospital is just poor journalism. Like you said, this hospital may take up some of the worst cases but now that is a subjective spin that isn't answered by numbers. Again...they are playing with numbers by choosing the parameter you want. The truth is written on their website. When you take the province as a whole, the rate of hospitalization for unvaxxed is 53.8 and the rate for fully vaxxed is 10.6 which means the unvaxxed are 5.07 X more likely to be in a hospital (at this time). Their statement says 12X difference in their own age group, so maybe that is true in a certain few age groups but statistically speaking if this is true then there must be a shit ton of vaxxed cases in OTHER AGE GROUPS in order to balance out the whole and give a complete number of 5.07X. Also...as I posted to another member here, this number of 5.07 was around 7 last week and up around 40-50 a month ago. This comparative rate continues to drop and could potentially show little to no difference in hospitalizations among vaxx status. Past two weeks, cases hospitalized per 100,000 population after adjusting for age (Dec. 30 to Jan. 12) Not vaccinated: 53.8 Partially vaccinated: 26.9 Fully vaccinated: 10.6
  4. Table 3. COVID-19 case outcomes in Alberta by vaccine status. Counts are provided for new, active cases, and those currently identified as being hospitalized. Outcome Vaccine status Count (n) Percent (%) New cases Three doses 830 13.12 New cases Two doses 4,015 63.47 New cases One dose 301 4.76 New cases Unvaccinated 1,180 18.65 Active cases Three doses 7,370 11.49 Active cases Two doses 43,135 67.26 Active cases One dose 2,466 3.85 Active cases Unvaccinated 11,158 17.40 Currently hospitalized Three doses 150 18.25 Currently hospitalized Two doses 334 40.63 Currently hospitalized One dose 33 4.01 Currently hospitalized Unvaccinated 305 37.10 Yet in Alberta, 150 people (or 18.25%) of the hospitalized have had three doses. I'd like to see other provinces start reporting like this. In my opinion (and I stress this is opinion only), I think there is more Delta cases in Ontario and Quebec as they never really had a Delta wave. This is why you are seeing higher hospitalizations and ICU rates verses Alberta who had a strong Delta wave in November. I could be wrong though.
  5. Yet a lot of vaxxers talk as if there is zero risk. Glad you acknowledge it but others don’t
  6. LMFAO!!! I responded to his personal anecodote with my own. And you tell me that??? 😂
  7. I am currently 'sick' with it right now too. My wife just got over it. Both of us are unvaxxed and in our 40s. It was the mildest head cold that in pre-Covid times would have been a minor inconvenience and would have resulted in zero missed days from work or any other outing. But hey...I'm sure the vaccine saved your friends from catching cancer this week too. Its that good.
  8. The point that you make this about it being American versus Canadian when it has NOTHING to do with that. I'll hold your hand on this one to help you out. Just because the majority of people believe something is right, does not make it so. BC's example of the internment camps is proof. Want other proof? Check out Canada's history with the indigenous. But please don't let logic get in the way of your deflection
  9. I have laid out numerous graphics and figures to argue this point. Feel free to check my math skills and comment on any of those posts. In general 80% of the cases are fully vaxxed, 60-70% of the hospitalizations are fully vaxxed and 50% of the ICU are fully vaxxed. If you remove the unnvaxxed from those numbers then you still have a large problem with the reality being that the vaccination might not actually keep these unvaxxed from being in the hospital anyway!!
  10. Thank you for the strawman argument. I never said anything to dispute that. I said that the vaccines are not 100% and indisputably safe and you even state the same in your rebuttal. People have died from taking them. People have suffered health effects from them. Once you acknowledge the fact that there is a risk (no matter how small) then we can have the conversation about mandating something that has risk.
  11. When you mandate or coerce someone into an injection where one of the outcomes is death (no matter how small it is) then the very least you can do is concede that risk is there. As you stated, Queenmandy was the one to state it wasn't. As usual, you just went with your crowd. The irony of your sentence above is that I could use the EXACT same words to describe my lack of fear from Covid itself. Being a healthy, young (enough) person, I have a very small chance of being hospitalized and even smaller chance of being killed by this thing. Yet the politicization and ridiculous exaggeration continues.
  12. He said “I it didn’t hurt”. I said tell that to the people that died. And you said “We did”. You said it didn’t hurt It didn’t hurt but it killed them. Both can’t be true. People that say the vaccines are 100% safe are despicable liars. Even if the safety is 99.99%
  13. I have always wanted two tier health care as I have money. Bring it on!! With that said, I am not scared of this going through. I won’t pay it it until they force me to by way of court however in 10 years when Covid is behind us and rational heads are back, I will then sue the government for 10 times that amount as history has proven that you can’t just do what you want in spite of laws.
  14. You said “it doesn’t hurt”?…only to have it kill them. Do you realize how stupid your comment is?
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