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  1. I would have to give them a less than passing grade on PR. If you remember the flack about Harper's office controlling the message......and his disdain for the tradition of the scrum..... definitely a d+ Ah, but, you haven't reflected on the true level of contemptibility of the Ottawa press corps. Just because Harper hates them doesn't mean they're not detestable. Just becasue they are detestable doesn't mean you can ignore them. I personally want my government to be cornered, ambushed and made to say things off the cuff......it provides insight. And you ignore the press at your peril.
  2. I can't get worked up over reports from Canada Free Press.
  3. I would have to give them a less than passing grade on PR. If you remember the flack about Harper's office controlling the message......and his disdain for the tradition of the scrum..... definitely a d+
  4. 90% of Globe content is online. The remaining 10% are opinion and columns and advertorials. People who sunscribe to the Globe online aren't run of the mill hacks and news junkies....they are subscribing to get access to the Globe's Investor gold site. I personally could'nt function without my paper edition. It archieves nicely and I can take it to the shitter.
  5. It has been said in the past that what Quebec wants is a strong independent Quebec within a strong united Canada...... Why is that so hard to understand?
  6. C+ Could have been higher except they actually came through on some of their election threats. Cutting the GST. A boon to retailers who for the most part, raised the prices to compensate. A pint at my local before the cut....$5.25...guess what the price is now? $100. Harper baby bonus.....Can't say we don't use the money.....it goes to a sitter and expenses for a monthly night out....where else but Canada would the feds pay you to get you and your wife tipsy?
  7. Seymour Hersh, the New Yorker writer had an article this month saying that the war in Lebanon was going to be used as an excuse to hit Iran. The war ended sooner than the plan could unfold. Hersch is way way out there in deep deep far left field......eventually he will catch one but most fall short of him.
  8. They're welcome to it. Has been worth descending to since the Bamboo closed.
  9. Shi..t? Aw shit...I can't figure out words with dots for letters.....
  10. If you live in a shell.....yes. But if you fly, deal with gov't staff.....Lets put it this way, there was an attack on the London transit system..transit systems everywhere felt it and adjusted to some degree their behavior. What they didn't have, was not the means but the place. Before the USSR was engaged, the axis was being fought in north africa. The problem that faced Churchill was where to attack (given that the logistic demands of a sea borne invasion would not be solved quickly) ....and so they attacked where ever they could. But most importantly they fought the Nazis....and defeated them (without the help of the USSR) on the oceans, and won the battle of the atlantic. as to the soviet union, had the commonwealth not won the battle of the atlantic there by making the resupply of the soviet union possible, the USSR may have fallen.
  11. The violence in Afghanistan has plainly escalated. The forces probably have a few months to improve the security or risk the confidence of Afghanis and the Canadian people. If things look like they are going from bad to worse, it could set the stage for a Conservative defeat in the nect election. http://www.icasualties.org/oef/ No question about it the violence has picked up. Personally I would like to see our committment keep up with the challenge. I think we need more troops there now as well as an air presence. Yhe question is, are the taliban picking up the tempo our of desparation or are they flexing their muscles due to new found strength?
  12. There's a world of difference between Iraq and Afghanistan. While neither are cake walks, the challenges in Iraq can make Afghanistan look like a cake walk. One startling difference is memory. People can remember how life was before the west came......in Iraq, they remember peace....in afghansitan, they remember war and they remember the Taliban.
  13. The advent of the ICBM made the Arrow obsolete even before it was made. The relevant item here is that the arrow was an interceptor. It wasn't a bomber or a fighter. It's sole raison d'etre was going verry very fast in a straight line, fire nuclear anti aircraft missiles at soviet bomber formations and hopefully not incinerate itself. Once the ICBM appeared, the Arrow's mission ended. Had it been designed as a multi purpose platform, like the F-111 series.....they may have survived or at least been marketable.
  14. I'm new here....is there a conspiracy forum or a tinfoil hat forum where threads like this should be?
  15. Every army, even Canada's has a department called Lessons Learned. They should look at all aspects, even the baseless myths like Hezbollah won.
  16. Yes, cross-posting is against the rules of this forum. According to the rules: We frown on cross-posting because we feel if you're going to participate in these forums, you should invest some time into what you're going to say. Reading from a script in a live debate would be ineffective and distracting, the same goes for online discussions. It also cuts down on the amount of political activists who spam multiple forums with identical messages. Well, I am a member of a few different forums and the topics are often the same. Are you saying that if I post something in Sensible election and I see it here, I shouldn't contribute to it here? That makes no sense at all.
  17. Layton for some reason thinks that the Taliban would sit down to peace talks. No doubt Jack thinks the Taliban would put on the negotiation table their propensity to kill little girls who learn to read and suicide bombers..... What does Jack think the Taliban would want in return for giving up their tried and true tactics? Given that killing anyone who stands in thior way is how they gained poer in the first place? Poor Jack. Now the only reason to hope the NDP gets a vote is knowing that that particular vote won't be going to the other fringe left party called the Greens....
  18. I think that what Islam in general needs is a few swift kicks in the rump, propelling it towards the 21st century. A woman leading what most believe is a highly patriachial religion is a start. That and the fact she has wonderfully sensual full lips.....gives her my vote
  19. What was wrong with the post? Aside from not being the most gripping prose ever....?
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