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  1. Trudeau constantly splits the population into Liberal angels and Conservative devils. You either believe in Liberal climate policy or are a climate denier, according to Trudeau. You either mask up and vax up or are putting lives at risk. You either support the radical demands of trans activists or you hate sexual minorities.

    Stephen Moore

  2. How come we have all these Ereitrian refugees here who love their government and are willing to fight for it? I thought they were here because they were afraid of their government?

    1. OftenWrong


      These people are bringing their grudges and political feuding here from their homeland. Heard there was a riot in Calgary the other night.

  3. The federal government expects to spend $43.9-billion on interest payments this fiscal year, up from $24.5-billion two years ago, according to its 2023-24 budget. The actual number could well come in higher, as bond yields have risen further since the budget was published in March.

    1. bcsapper


      Honestly, what kind of miserable wankers are we that we can't drink without a fücking straw!

    2. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      You don't drink milkshakes do you, mister?

    3. bcsapper


      Don't make it so easy for me, eh?  I do like a bit of a challenge...

      I know, you were kidding.

  4. More segregation in Ontario. Teaching black students to only hang around with each other and avoid white people.


  5. Cruel British judges sentence nurse who murdered seven babies to life without parole. Clearly they don't realize, as our own supreme court does, that this would be 'cruel and unusual' punishment! Maybe Trudeau will offer her asylum.

    1. bcsapper


      I guess on the one hand, my old country can get something right with the justice system. 

      On the other hand, police did just arrest a 16 year old girl for suggesting a policewoman looked like her "lesbian Nana".

  6. Food bank usage is soaring. This Scarborough food bank has seen a 112% increase in usage & alarming stats show 72% of ppl using it have been in less than a year, 95% of the users were not born in & 89% are renters.



  7. Crime severity, violent crime, and gun crime all up under Trudeau. Shootings have doubled.


    1. bcsapper


      On the plus side, at least IPSC target shooters won't be able to buy new handguns.

  8. Conference Board of Canada says cost of net zero by 2035 is $1.7 TRILLION. No response from Liberal government.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      I say shut it all down for 2 weeks, no more oil, electricity, no more cars, planes or trucks on the road, think of all the money we would save, 1.7 trillion i bet.... and all the valuable lessons we would learn, like how club environmentalist and activists...

  9. 100,000 Americans were killed by terrorists last year. Just kidding, they overdosed. But imagine how much the government would care if they were murdered.

  10. Tesla is a crappy, dishonest car company that lies about the range of its vehicles.


    1. Boges


      It's almost like these Tech Billionaires aren't upstanding citizens. 

  11. Cop killer sentenced to whole life in the UK, who are not as enlightened as Canada's supreme court.

  12. China started construction on six times more coal power plants last year as the rest of the world combined. China permitted more coal power plants last year than any time in the last seven years, according to a new report released this week. It's the equivalent of about two new coal power plants per week. The report by energy data organizations Global Energy Monitor and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air finds the country quadrupled the amount of new coal power approvals in 2022 compared to 2021.

  13. Why are womens underwear ads now full of fat, dumpy, unattractive women? 

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    2. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      It reflects on women buying not only their own lingerie but often buying underwear for their men. They don't want to feel inferior by seeing those hot, sexy, slender girls when they shop for their underwear. But when they're looking for underwear for the husband they want to see hot, sexy men.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Skinny bitc*es, when it is 40 below outside everyone wants a good women with some meat on her bones....all skinny bitc*es do in the winter is complain...

    4. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      Uh, I don't need women for food, Army Guy, nor as a cushion (got lots of sofas for that). 

  14. Ah, the stewards of the land! First nations and their devotion to nature! It's nothing we white people could ever understand.


  15. According to the 2016 Census, 21.9% of the Canadian population were foreign-born (immigrants)1. This was the largest proportion since Confederation, topping the previous 1921 record of 22.3%, and the highest among the G7. Based on Statistics Canada’s recent population projections, immigrants could represent from 29.1% to 34.0% of the population of Canada by 2041

    1. Boges


      Rhetorical Question: What percentage were brought here as children? 


    2. TreeBeard


      About the same as in the 20s - 30s.  


  16. Abacus research poll: 61% of Canadians think immigration is too high. 37% think it's 'way too high".

    4% think it's too low.

    Broken down 58% of people not born in Canada think immigration is too high vs 62% of those born in Canada.

    No significant differences among age groups, gender or province.


  17. What's front and centre on Canada's national newspaper on this Canada Day? Not one, not two, but three stories about what a shit country this is and how mean we've been to natives. Typical Canadian media attitude. 

  18. Who needs books when you can't read!? And especially ones not written in proper Arabic!


  19. Muslim riots continue in France, as Muslims burn cars, buses, trams and buildings in a glorious  celebration of diversity.

  20. The destruction of reason is more dangerous than the destruction of democracy.


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    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Wouldn't be much of a democracy if there were only one train of thought or idea allowed. It would be the destruction of democracy as we know it... 

    3. bcsapper


      Yeah, that would be awful.  Let me know when we get there and I'll join you on the barricades.

    4. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Won't be me on the barricades, I'll be the guy in the lawn chair with a case of beer and bag of dope watching from the sidelines...I'll save you a seat, but it is bring your own dope...I'll share the beer...

  21. Take away the big red line! It's scary!

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