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  1. Aren't these things maneuverable? I've heard talking heads say they are.

    Is this common: that Chinese weather balloons go this far off course?

    Why now? Why 2 of them.

    The Chinese say these balloons were "private." Does that seem likely?

    If they could shoot them down over the ocean, why not over bush, desert, mountains or some other unpopulated area?

    Could a bioweapon be a possible future payload on a future "private" Chinese weather balloon? I'm still not convinced these 2 weren't part of a dry run or a warning. With trouble in the Pacific looking like it's coming. Could this be a not so subtle warning for America to stay out of it?

    This is what it looks like.


  2. 49 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    What kind of surface to air capabilities does he have at Mar-a-Lago?

    I take it you never heard of Trump's battles of his youth with Ming the Merciless?

    He's still got the jet bike though:


    This was way back when he went by the name Flash.

    Don't know what I'm talking about, do you?

    That's OK. I'll show you.

    Oh, and that wasn't a jet, Sharkman. ;)

  3. Quote

    The balloon is currently traveling at an altitude well above commercial air traffic and does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground.

    It's just the right altitude for an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon though, I think.

    I wonder where you'd detonate to take out as much of the West Coast communications grid as you could.

    I don't think Vancouver would do well.

    I heard there's another one making it's way over. Canada should let the Americans take it out over our vast forest.

  4. How worried should we be about this?


    The Chinese say "Nothing to worry about. It's a private weather balloon blown off course."

    First of all to believe anything in China is "private" you'd need to be impossibly naïve. 

    Secondly the timing of this unusual and might make one curious. Right about the time China is making angry intrusions into Taiwan air space signaling the possibility of invasion here come the weather balloons all of a sudden blowing in over America.

    What's also curious is apparently the weather watching winds have settled down leaving the balloon hovering over a missile site in Montana. 

    So is it more a warning from China. Stay out of Taiwan?

    Some say don't be such a nervous Nellie. The Chinese have satellites to monitor sensitive sites.

    But balloons can hover and watch. Satellites zip overhead.

    Also balloons have been used to deliver ordinance in the past. Today there's the danger EMP attacks. Apparently high hovering Balloons would be ideal for that.


    And now there's a second balloon moving in over Canada.


  5. Quote


    1 hour ago, Hodad said:

    @Infidel Dog IIRC, Statistia is actually sourcing data from the PHAC site at timed intervals, so you're looking at the same data, though perhaps off by an update cycle from time to time. Here's the chart from PHAC (you just select cases deceased in figure 4

    As of Jan. 30 2023. What does that mean exactly. Since 2020? Last week? Timed intervals? I'll be needing more details on whatever that means.


    And yes, the groups at highest risk are vaccinating at the highest rates.

    The highest risk? You mean like all those healthy young people "Dying suddenly?"

    And for what dates. Did they get boosters during that time period? Stuff like that matters and aren't covered by blanket statements for some unknown time period I don't doubt you could support with selected data from somewhere.

    Currently Covid is just another flu. 

  6. 4 hours ago, reason10 said:

    You know that Colonel Klink from California is going to run, (and he is arguably the WORST governor in the history of that cursed state.) 

    Did you hear about his latest cockup?

    You know all that rainwater that's been falling in California lately? Newsom could have stored it all for the farmers. He didn't. Instead he flushed it all into the ocean like it was his personal toilet. Anybody who managed to hear about it is pissed.

    Newsom Under Fire From Bipartisan Critics Over Trillions of Gallons of Lost Water

  7. 17 minutes ago, Rebound said:

    You certainly approve of it and you said you think it’s funny.  I think it’s funny that you think anybody will change their vote with your Kindergarten level behavior. 

    Well, the Michelle as Mike meme is kind of funny. Good for a smile anyway. Especially when you consider the context of where it comes from. Ever hear the urban legend of gay Barry hanging around in Chicago steam rooms and such. I don't take all that stuff seriously but the sheer brazen invention of it  does make me smile. 

    You know, kind of like those arguments you have with yourself. They make me smile too.

    Your most current one where I'm encouraging people to change their votes over this stuff you imagine I'm saying about the Michelle as Mike meme gave me a chuckle.

    I thought you said she won't run. So why do you now seem to be worried I might influence somebody vote against her? 

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  8. 42 minutes ago, robosmith said:

    Next time you want a discussion, don't start your thread with a very INSULTING "meme." ?

    I didn't "start" one this time but is sounds like a real barn burner of an argument you're having with yourself. Sure you took your meds this morning?? Here to help.

    In any case, I'm not sure I'm willing to accept your accept your expertise on being insulting. I accept you have it I just don't think it matters.

  9. I mentioned Fox? In reference to the Mike Obama meme? No I didn't.

    I noticed that Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens were discussing the possibility of Michelle running for President in 2024.

    It had nothing to do with the funny Michelle as Mike memes from years back. Not even your link has anything to do with Fox or anybody on it. You made that up. Apparently some silly people on Facebook took the Tranny Michelle memes seriously.

    I don't know why you're assuming I was one of those. I don't even own a Facebook account.

    So again, I don't know why you think you're arguing with me about this. It's another case of you creating a false argument, having it with yourself and telling yourself you're having it with me.

    That's kind of nuts. You should stop that.


  10. Stats are fun but they make it too easy to find whatever you're looking for. What I mean is you can find one thing if you're looking for it and I can have similar success looking for the opposite.

    I sometimes prefer to just go by what my eyes and ears tell me.

    When the Kung Flu first hit, the streets were emptied. Any brave enough to venture out were hiding behind masks that later turned out to be useless. At that point I didn't actually know anybody who was actually infected.

    Gradually things settled down. The streets repopulated. The silly masks came off. Currently I know lots of people who have caught the China flu but none who died. Most of the people I know, no longer get jabbed. (Some do for work.)

    So...in this current climate somebody tells me more vaxxed people are dying than unvaxxed. Per capita? I don't know. I do know very few people I know are still getting jabbed. Lots of them have been infected and none of them have died.

    What I know most of all is you won't get that clot shot in me. # Died Suddenly. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Rebound said:

    You are stupid or you are lying. Which is it?

    Your 86% figure is bogus, because nearly all the deaths occur in a group that is 98% vaccinated. That is why probability of dying is several times higher among the unvaxxed.  Every study has concluded this and you’re ignoring important pieces of data AND the conclusions in order to manipulate the data to give you the answer you want.

    Those are the facts. Either you understand them, and you’re just lying, or you don’t understand them, and you’re stupid.  Stupid or lying.  Which?


    And here’s the age data:


    Age 80+ is >99% vaccinated and 70-80 96.7% and even 60-70 is 94%. 
    Now go look at the ages of the people dying from Covid. 

    0-11 45
    12-19 23
    20-29 140
    30-39 325
    40-49 671
    50-59 1,805
    60-69 4,144
    70-79 7,532
    80+ 19,551


    The proper analysts requires the two data combined, by quarter or month, because vaccination status changed over time. And if you do that, you will see mortality that is 3x to 5X higher among the unvaxxed, because nearly all deaths occurred among cohorts that were 94 to 99% vaccinated, not 86% vaccinated. 

    That second one is an interesting site. Apparently it will sell you statistics but offers some for a taste.

    I'm having trouble making it jive with other government sites. Like this one:


    What the government one tells me is there was a drastic peak in late Jan. early Dec. of 2022 then cases and deaths drastically decreased. 

    I notice the vax stats you selected were for at least 1 shot during duration of the pandemic. I'm wondering how many people are still getting the boosters. Not too many people I know are. And I even know some oldies.

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