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  1. I think what I hate most about conservatism right now is when it isn't.

    Gotta do something about the infiltrators and the hijackers. 

    Personally I'd point a finger and squeal like Donald Sutherland in revenge of the Body Snatchers at Progressive Conservatives who put the accent on "Progressive," or what the Americans call "Rino."  

    Donald Sutheraln pointing.gif

  2. 6 minutes ago, Goddess said:

    No one denied there was racism in Canada.  No one.

    Let me be the first then.

    Well...not an outright denial but a denial of the implication of the OP question that there is a lot of racism in Canada.

    I think the "racist" slur is thrown around too much in too many spots where it doesn't actually apply.

    There' s the old "Islam"  isn't a religion retort. Are you racist if you call the Coronavirus the "Kung Flu,"  or is that just a satirical term. How about if you call it the ChiCom virus? Are Chinese Communists a race now?

    If you repeat the saying 'it's OK to be white,' are you a racist now? Or is the person who objects to it.

    Then there's the 'racism of low expectations thing.' Who's the racist when the implication is you expect a minority to be judged by equal expectations to everybody and somebody calls you a racist for such a thought?

    Too many times the term 'racist' is thrown at somebody but it doesn't mean what it's supposed to mean. A more accurate definition now in many cases seems to be "You said something I disagree with and you need to shut up."

    It's more like when Antifa calls you a fascist. The term is slowly starting to lose its oomph.

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