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  1. 1 hour ago, Zeitgeist said:

    I don’t know how any sane person, left or right, could want to give government more access to our information and control over our lives.  Government should only exist for the practical use of the citizens and its power must be very limited.  Many people don’t agree with the values of many of our representatives and our constitution is there to protect our individual rights.

    Yeah but then there's that, what I call the stupidest argument ever that suggests, "We have firemen so it's going to be fine to see the secret police." A little control is the the same thing as having too much or nothing but control they seem to want to suggest. They're either on board with too much control or it's the destination they'd have us sleepwalk into.

    They tell us there is no line you'll ever need to say no to because if there was our wonderful government would never take us past it. Except they already have. More and more recently. Examples are flooding into my brain but I won't mention them or I'll be going off topic with them to have that wrestling match some great thinker's have described as being with a metaphorical pig. "You just get dirty and the pig likes it."

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  2. 10 hours ago, Moonlight Graham said:

    I don't really understand what digital government ID would be used for online. 

    Like I said before, it's a slippery slope thing.

    It begins where it is now. They'll tell you it's something for your benefit. The government of Canada says it will fix the nuisance of having to produce multiple IDs to multiple operators to get things done.


    The Canadian Bankers association tells you it will give you better security.

    • Privacy Enhancing - Privacy and security of personal identification is a growing concern. A digital ID system enhances privacy and puts greater control of identity back into the hands of the consumer. Unlike physical documents, digital ID can be standardized and used between entities with the ability to adapt by adding new information. Moreover, only one version of your identity exists, significantly reducing the potential for misinformation, identity theft or the use of outdated data that does not reflect your current identity.


    But did you catch the key little bit there?

    "digital ID can be standardized and used between entities with the ability to adapt by adding new information"

     This is not something as simple as say producing a PIN number. It's an ID that will allow government and services to share info between entities.

    It's not really about the ID. It's about the centralized database of the citizenry shared between entities that will be required to make the system work the way the controllers at the top will want it to.

    The WEF stands hard in favour of it.

    How will they bring it in and slippery slope it to connect with more entities?

    In Saskatchewan they objected at first but after being told they'd miss out on Federal cash give-outs they agreed to a centralized data-base.


    So how can it be used online, you asked? Well it's all online, But take bill C-11, for example. Right now they're just talking about "protecting" select targets like Canadian content producers. How long before they want "protect" you from your ISP and any social media you belong to? And keep remembering they want to "protect" you between entities. Next they connect the database and the attached database to energy to "protect" you from "global warming" abusers.

    And on it goes.

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  3. Sorry you missed the bulletin herb. Those "running dog lackeys of the wall street imperialists?".... 

    They flipped. They're with you and yours now.

    And did you forget so soon how you needed to show ID to be allowed certain societal amenities during Covid. Actually you get a pass on that one because they don't have societal amenities in Fort St. Jimmy. ;) No I'm not talking about indoor toilets. But do you guys have a movie theatre yet? See, down here if you wanted to do anything social you needed to show ID.

    But you do have the internet up there. Surely you've heard of China's Social Credit score. How about ESG? Heard about that one? It's a score that allows the money managers at the top (Wall street, for instance) to deem whether or not their fellows are performing up to snuff with their obeisance to leftist dogma. Environmental, Societal, and willingness to be Governed by excessive regulations. ESG.

    Some says it's a slippery slope to the social credit system China has. But if we land there, they'll need a central data base. Do you know what they'll need to connect it to?

    Digital ID.

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  4. Conflicting stories for either side. This Ukrainian guy says they'll be counter-attacking into Crimea by Summer.

    Meanwhile we still wait to see if anything meaningful will happen from this supposed 500,000 new troop winter surge from Russia. I'll believe it when I see it.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Goddess said:

    @Infidel Dog  Did you know that young lady in the video you posted above has passed away?

    Ahhh...no? Really? That's so awful. She was so sweet.

    You know I wasn't going to post this one because people would just whine that it's a crappy conspiracy site, but after hearing that about the little girl dying who seemed to want so bad to live they should at least know people are starting to talk.

    Government Reports & Pfizer Documents Prove COVID Vaccination is Causing Depopulation

  6. I don't know. I get the impression there's not a lot of research you can access on low altitude explosions. At present it seems more like who knows what's possible with what. But some sort of EMP effect does seem possible at about 25 miles up which would be the limit of balloons.

    This one is fun:

    Chinese Spy Balloons: Potential Purposes for the High Altitude Invasion

    It isn't really about EMPs. It's more on stuff DARPA is working on that might explain why the Chinese would want spy balloons.

  7. You may misunderstand me. I'm not completely ignorant on the subject.

    I know an EMP weapon is a nuke. I know what a Faraday bag is. I know the damage is mostly civilian. It takes out the electric grid and most communications is what I heard. And after that fat generals are monitoring what they can gather of international attacks and counters from their underground bunkers while the apocalypse happens above.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    you posted "Today there's the danger EMP attacks. Apparently high hovering Balloons would be ideal for that."

    that makes no sense to me, knowing what I do about EMP

    Yeah, I know. I was getting bad info from this guy:

    and others. They seem to think EMPs start in the stratosphere. I can't diss em' for it. It's what I always thought with my limited info too.


  9. I didn't say 120 thousand feet though. I didn't even say 60. The figure from the original link of 60,000 was the one in my head though.

    Either way it's a hell of a lot lower than the hundreds of miles up that would be necessary for an EMP. So you got me there. Even though I was more talking about what my fellow tin foilers were saying was possible. They like the hidden bioweapon idea too.

  10. OK, I think I found it.

    It's on a link in the other thread.

    (Oops sorry. I just popped back from searching the other thread. Didn't see your post.)

    The one from Forbes incorrectly claiming it would be difficult to take one these things out:


    Such balloons typically fly at 80,000 feet or more – NASA’s version cruises at 120,000 feet..


  11. 12 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    I don't know, I was going on your 120,000 ft number

    Where? Must have been on the other thread. Hang On. I'll check.


    I do kind of remember another link I posted where they were saying something like 60,000 to something.

    Could that be it?

    60,000 was always the number in my head.

    When I was reading in one of your links that EMPs had to happen hundreds of miles up that kind of blew my mind. I never knew that. When I read it I remember thinking that's a little higher than 60,000 feet. Way, way higher.

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