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  1. I don't know. What's up with this "Contrarian" guy? Claiming to belong in the center but only seems interested in attacking anybody who challenges left wing dogma. And by my count he can go post for post with Reason.

    Or the 2, possibly 1, who don't bother claiming to be anything but hard left. I call them R&R (Rebound and Robosmith). They post like twins on anything differing from a left wing talking point in any American politics category.

    Or for that matter what do we think of a guy calling himself NYLefty who joins a forum to complain about the existence of a current right wing member who he claims posts too much?

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Contrarian said:


    I don't want to start digging even though I checked one of the Eternals and have: 

    • The Eternals (2021): budget of $200 million, worldwide box office gross of $393.6 million, resulting in a profit


    You're obviously out of your depth on entertainment issues so I'll forgive you for not knowing a movie's gross has to at least double its budget to make a profit.

    Tell you what, I'll take you back to your bivouac. Imagine you've heard about this banking crisis. Did you hear how Globalist issue pushing woke is behind a big part of that one too.

    Basically "Get woke. Go broke" is everywhere.


    Markets aren't jumping onto a marketing wave they're being pushed into a commie pool.


  3. 9 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

    So, what are the issues of Disney, why don't you present your work and try with logic? 

    How do you approach one "brainwashed" like me, that only knows about the "Gina Carano" controversy?

    Present your information as to what else Disney has on their own record, maybe others want to read. 

    Because it's complex and you should already know about it. All I should have to do is point.

    Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, The Eternals and multiple other woke Disney catastrophes bombed. Other Disney productions had some successes but not big money successes. The Star wars and Marvel acquisitions are no longer paying off for them the way they were expected to. 

    Disney's venture into politics with what they called the "Don't say gay" bill turned into a financial disaster for them.

    Disney Plus is not succeeding. 

    Do want more or are you going to require me to write a book for you so I can baby-sit you through the details?

  4. 8 minutes ago, Contrarian said:


    I know you all too well. The days that I was an ideologue and talking to people suspecting everyone was either with me or against me are behind me, but that does not mean I don't understand or I forgot how one thinks. 

    One more time. You're better than nobody.  You're as much an ideologue as anybody here. Telling us over and over again that you're not convinces nobody and is of as much interest to the same crowd.

    As to this fantasy belief of yours that you've somehow become a superior being by accepting the center...bored now.

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  5. Yeah we covered that. "Wah!" Right? 

    But back on topic. You wanted to know if anybody boycotted anything for political reasons. I do and told you why. This upset you. You didn't like the answer.

    I should simply say, "tough" but you said something else that intrigued me. You claim the push to woke in culture is purely market driven and my refusal to participate makes me some sort of communist.

    This idea woke is a broadly accepted idea whose time has come and the market simply fell in with the coming wave is false.

    There's tons of evidence of that. Start here if you like.

    Here's the Oscars big jump into the woke pool:


    Here's some more stuff for you but there's lots more:




    Nobody is jumping on a wave. Globalists and others are trying to start one and they're not having much luck.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

    About Ads, yes, I see them in the Movie theatre. 

    Wasn't talking about how diversity has taken over Hollywood.

    Separate issue, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that.

    I'm specifically saying if TV network advertisers want to appear to be saying there's something wrong with white guys, white guy don't have to buy their product.

    You apparently think they do. Tough on you then. Haven't changed my mind.

    Boy, you sure do like the wokey side of these issues for somebody who claims residence in the wish-washy middle. Can't help noticing.

  7. 1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

    Which non-sense, the one that I am asking questions about brands and politics and you contribute with nothing but just garbage? 

    What garbage is that? That no-name Wal-mart Pepto Bismol costs about $2 less than the advertised version. Look it up.

    That diverse relationships are prioritized on TV ads to the point we pretty much are being required to accept there's something wrong with a white woman accepting a white man as a man?

    Get a TV. Turn it to a network station. Turn off your 'ignore the obvious' filter and watch.

    You know what I think? You got caught looking for a "gotcha," couldn't find one and now you're whining like a whiney little whiner.

    Go cry in somebody else's beer. Mine's taken.

  8. Oh, what the Hell...

    I don't care either way.

    Advertised product costing $2 more on a $10 bill: Pepto Bismol versus Wal Mart no name.

    Ads that tell us male whites suck.

    Can't afford network TV, eh?

    Ok, here's a trope that's starting to bug me. The one that says if a good looking white women is in a satisfactory relationship it can't be with a white guy. (Well maybe...rarely...in varying situations.)

    There's tons more but you know where and how to look now. Happy investigating.

  9. I guess...

    Won't buy Halal.

    Won't buy an advertised project if I have an un-advertised one as an alternative.

    Every once in a while I find myself forced to watch network TV and from there I get the impression advertisers don't like me as a white guy and don't want me buying their products. So, given the opportunity, I don't.

    Anyway...I find you're paying about 2 dollars on a 10 dollar bill for the advertisement.

  10. 8 hours ago, robosmith said:

    Yeah, that building had a tunnel leading right into the Capitol which is WHY they call it the Capitol COMPLEX and why 2 reps were seen emerging from it just as their pics were snapped.

    Of course the pic taking guy was very interested in know where PELOSI's OFFICE was as detailed in the intro in that video.

    Oh, so now there are tunnels are there? You have any evidence they don't have locks or security, Evidence Boy?

    I imagine Photograph guy with the imaginary children who attached himself to the tour already knew about these or why in your conspiracy theory would he need the pics. And if he already knew about them why would he need them? The only thing we really know is nobody used these tunnels or any other tunnels Jan. 6 or we would have heard about it. (Sorry AOC. Wasn't she also supposedly being attacked in another building down the street while the riot was going on.) 

    BTW that's the same leftist British rag you got your previous disproven nonsense from isn't it? I say disproven because they still insist it wasn't a family event even though Tucker produced video of the families.

    Also there's this:


    The video evidence additionally challenged a recent letter from the US Capitol police chief, Tom Manger, who informed Loudermilk that “we train our officers on being alert for people conducting surveillance … we do not consider any of the activities we observed as suspicious.”

    Isn't Tom Manger the police chief you were previously quoting from another partisan link as being a superior authority on medical affairs to the medical examiner? Sure he is. So now the police chief is an authority on medical affairs but he doesn't know squat about police affairs. Is that the donkey dung you and your UK rag are pushing?

    See how easy that old conspiracy theory from The Guardian falls apart?

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