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  1. 9t64pbd.gif

    President Trump’s Approval Rating Rises After DC Protest

    As Democrats and RINO’s Move to Impeach, Trump Stays Popular with the People


    One of the most accurate polling groups of both the 2016 and 2020 election cycle finds President Trump’s approval numbers rising after Wednesday’s protest in DC.

    In spite of Congressional Democrats moving towards a second impeachment, some establishment Republicans calling for the 25th Amendment to be employed and big tech banning the President and his supporters across social media platforms, the latest polling from Rasmussen find 48% of voters support Trump’s job performance.

    The 3% rise in approval since Christmas shows that the President’s message of corruption in government, fraud in the election and opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and their partners in big tech still rings very well with tens of millions of Americans.


    1. bcsapper


      Why do you think his approval rating would go up after he abandoned all those who tried to support him on January 06, and then issued that craven speech the next day where he disowned them as well?

      Could it be they are actually thicker than we even imagined?

    2. BubberMiley


      He wasn't joking when he said his supporters are crazy enough he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they'd still love him. He even killed a cop and that woman who got shot. I'll give him a pass on the guy who tazed himself in the balls.

    3. sharkman


      Bubber, never tase yourself, anywhere.

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