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  1. Former HK governor Chris Patten interview (Carrie Lam's old boss) https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2019/10/07/6857154059324731542/1024x576_MP4_6857154059324731542.mp4 Hong Kong police officers beat an unarmed protester during anti-mask-ban rallies https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2019/10/07/7937381960139847033/1024x576_MP4_7937381960139847033.mp4 https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2019/10/07/6683686417559538466/1024x576_MP4_6683686417559538466.mp4
  2. Do you know the whole story? If not, google "段崇智" "反送中" (try not to read the simplified chinese news). Unlike other university presidents, He did almost nothing in the whole movement. In the meeting, he said CU contacted all CU students who had been in police custody, and few students pointed out it was not turth. Unlike others, I guess the presidents is not pro-china gov't. I believe he is ignorance. Anyway post a better video (that is a hk gov't station video), it showed only few were wearing masks. C'mon,that was beyond stupid. BTW, no 5 cents for you this time.
  3. haha, I just don't know you are 5 cents or being stupid. (1) Do you know there are different gun laws in NA, HK and China? And, western countries have the system to let you fight the gov't, and I don't see that in China. (2) That is a colony law; I remember it was only used at Hong Kong 1967 riots (go to do some reading) (3) gave up what ???? (4) you are so wrong, HKers don't want to fight China, HKers just want China leave them alone. BTW, the red part don't make sense
  4. ya, you better let all your 5 cents buddy know that too. Speaking mandarin in public in HK is as dangerous as practicing religion in China. It is what it is. So, you are better speaking Cantonese or any foreign languages (English, French .....).
  5. First of all, why does he need to speak mandarin? That is an offensive behavior :). He asks for it. Then, we have no idea who is the black T-shirt protester, may be he is a cop becasue cops like to change team all the time
  6. sorry, I mean in the Ukraine, not in the USA, since Ukraine is not in their "scope"
  7. I highly doubt that they are corrupt. As I mentioned, Biden justs BS and wanted to be look tough. Same as his son, he used his last name to make money. In fact, both did nothing, Now, Dems believe Biden can be the sacrificial lamb
  8. Don't know, may be AOC's supporter is right, we need to eat our babies to fight climate change
  9. US has drive-by shooting; HK has drive-by tear gassing
  10. No one cares ??? Now, the rumor has it that Hillary will try to run again after Bernie and Joe are done now
  11. Now, this comment worth one lunch. Do you know the gun laws on HK PC? And, that was not steel bar. It was a PVC tube. cops chnaged it to steel bar; so no 5 cent for you this time
  12. Johnson and EU are playing "who blinks first." At the end, Johnson believes all threats from EU are kind of Y2K threats, and there are not enought mad MP to overthrow him.
  13. sorry for not making myself clear; I mean, at the end, both Biden did nothing but BS which is not a real crime.
  14. sorry, you better go back to draw out the timeline and find out who did what
  15. Now, you just like the people at the TYT; we must keep digging until we find some dirt
  16. c'mon, don't belittle the word "whistleblower"; don't know what was happening here. "second-hand knowledge", lawyer drafted doc .... Now, people were saying the complain was mentioned from dems in a meeting before, but no one cared. So, dems took another route.
  17. sry, don't know Christopher Miller is your friend, feel bad now As I said before, the whole timeline is so weird, Christopher Nolan's movies kind of weird. At the end, may be the only crime that both Biden committed was BS-ing
  18. I will not said it is a fake news, in fact it is not wrong, just another leftiest media manipulates number and words
  19. You know, after I read your provided link, it don't add up. So I do some googling. Some weird shxxt happened. The underlined part poped-up a lot in the last few days. Anyway, some funny finding, no wonder, Biden said he could beat. I think he really has a chance
  20. Do you have link for that??? Don't believe all people in CNN, ABC, YTY, MSNBC, SNL are straight shooters. Here are what the known facts (1) Hunter Biden got 50000 per month from a gas company <- this is NOT a crime (2) Biden Forced Ukraine to fire prosecutor for aid money becasue he believed that official was corrupt and inept. <- it seems that it is may not truth. If this is not truth, we may have a problem. (the prosecutor may be fired because he was playing for the other team) https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/463307-solomon-these-once-secret-memos-cast-doubt-on-joe-bidens-ukraine-story So, the problem here is that can POTUS ask Ukraine to hand over the corruption information or this is against public ethics? I don't know, but it is not like POTUS is asking Ukraine to hand over Biden's golden shower tape or something
  21. Will you visit HK when this are happening? https://streamable.com/60hu3 there was no protester here, the cops just came out and threw the tear gas bomb on the street cops search every MTR, Bus, Train, after the peaceful protest As I said, are you dare to post the whole story start from June? BTW, do you get 10 cents when you are posting on holiday
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