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  1. Excuse me, but your question was literally something even a High Schooler wouldn't come up with. It's literally at the depth of critical thinking. Hey guys do you think people who happen to be disconnected make bad decisions? Was literally your interrogation. How is it even a legitimate question to begin with?
  2. Hey, new poll just came out of my head. Is the water making people wet? Yes or no answers only. Once again, I hope we will have a very constructive debate around that issue; I'm not sure if water makes people wet.
  3. I'm fairly certain this conversation will lead to some dramatic discovery and will make you both richer intellectually at the end.
  4. La Belle Province vous juge, camarade. Did you think your poll was even slightly thought provoking or even a little bit contrarian?
  5. What might apply to Dougie.... Might apply to someone else. I wonder who. Oh, it's you.
  6. My c0ck is much bigger than yours My c0ck can walk right through the door With a feeling so pure It's got you screaming back for more My shit stinks much better than yours My stinks right down to the floor With a feeling so pure It's got you coming back for more
  7. Is the Sun hot or not? Yes or No answers only. Thank you for answering my poll everyone, we might find out something.
  8. This is the most childish, most misconstrued thread I ever read. From OP who looks like an absolute fanatic using very simple vocabulary to the Communists polluting the space, this thread is a dump from start to finish. And I'm here to shit on it, making it even trashier.
  9. So there was nothing to talk about back in September, when a teacher was literally showing tits and displaying odd behaviours in front of minor students? But now that it is proven that the teacher tried to lure and made child pornography himself, should we be concerned, or would Trudeau Sr (you 😆) disagree?
  10. Indecent acts are permitted if you're a protected class in Canada. At least, child porn is still an offense and not just a sexual orientation.
  11. And there we go; HCDSB teacher arrested on child pornography charges https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/child-predator-teacher-hcdsb-1.6706487 --- Case closed. The teacher should go to jail if it is proven. Many, many people in this thread and in society in general had absolutely no red flags raised after a teacher was showing inappropriate behaviours/bodyparts to minors.
  12. Incredible. Promoting French is suppressing English. I have not heard something that stupid in a while. A continent with more than 300 Million native English speakers, for a province with 6.5 million native French speakers, the French are the threat. What an absolute comedy.
  13. Western Canada's main infrastructures were, for many decades, sustained by Lower and Higher Canada, which included Québec. So are many subsidies to the oil industries to this day, including the construction of pipelines amongst other things. On the other hand, as a Federalist yourself, saying that Québec is only taking handouts and begging for it to stay in Canada is laughable. There's a contradiction there. Why would you keep us if we weren't profitable? You know that Québec isn't broke and is a net contributor to Canada, but just hate it for what it is.
  14. And, it's done. The pledge of allegiance to a Monarch from a foreign nation ends for Québécois MPs.
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