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  1. First off, go fock yourself with your monkey analogies, you Joe Rogan-watching internet-basement-dwelling-c()nt. Secondly, you're already scrapping it. You made the promise to be a bilingual country to appease us, and it was never applied. Lastly, speaking many languages is an advantage and linked to higher IQ. In a world that globalizes itself, knowing only one language is a limitation, almost a handicap.
  2. The French language, the Civil Code, the secularism, the past grievances have not disappeared. I have experienced both the Canadians world and the Quebec world in my life and I may assure you that there is two countries in one at least. So you're trying to bully Quebec to stay in Canada? OK, message received. One more reason to stand up to Canada.
  3. We frankly don't want unfriendly relations with Canada as a whole. There could be a free trade agreement just like with the States and a kind of a Schengen style border control in between Quebec and other Canadian provinces. It is feasible. Germany and France overcame their historical grievances. Quebec and Canada may do the same. You know, the oil era is far gone. Since 2015, Alberta has stagnated a bit.
  4. We didn't ask permission. By the way, I understand your hatred for the independence movement of Quebec. It would mean Canada would be split in two. That would be bad for Canada's interests.
  5. Thank you for acknowledging that. At least, recognizing the issue would draw a narrower path to a solution.
  6. https://media.giphy.com/media/Zpmu1zdU8kA8n92LBT/giphy.gif?cid=82a1493b2dannvafsze9gespulnwebe9zp8nqm58ougw0orn&ep=v1_gifs_trending&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g
  7. So progressive, such liberal. Iran is 10/10, it's just the gobinment that's totally at fault, unlike all its neighbours who share the same values and stuff (let's put our heads on the sand for the sake of our argument that Iran is great). Who has access to such VPN? And actions speak louder than words. The Iranians beat the sh*t out of their wives who dare not wearing the hijab. The Iranians beat the sh*t out of their family members who are homosexuals. But hey, progressiveness! Look at that poll made by two expats using a foreign VPN saying they're like us! Wow!
  8. 1. I already showed pictures of crowds gathering around hangings in multiple posts. Do you want me to post again? 2. The study said the participants of the polls were using a certain VPN, read the pdf you posted please.
  9. Afghanistan and Pakistan do share islamic values that are the cornerstone of the Iranian population and the regime. Both the population and the regime abide to the islamic values. When it comes to Turkey, it becomes more and more like all Iranian neighbours and Iran. There is a movement across Turkey which is becoming more and more Islamic. 1. The people did applaud the hangings, the beatings. 2. I dismiss the authors totally on this subject, and the fact they used a certain VPN to do their study.
  10. Neighbouring countries of Iran; Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Turkey which becomes more and more Islamic. All these countries believe in many values the Islamic Revolution holds. This revolution knows no boundaries, just like communism did in the XXth century.
  11. Of course, of course. That's why we see the same values being replicated and exercised in all its neighbouring countries...
  12. Ok are you kind of reta rded? What about all the Iranian women who impose the hijab on other Iranian women? What is the number when it comes to that phenomenon you completely decide to ignore to fit your Iranian-loving narrative?
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