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  1. 50 minutes ago, cannuck said:

    Southern Ontario (where I was borne) never came close to making on any list.  Prairies were always there for Canada (WI for USA, several in EU, only one in N Africa was Maroc but Toronto????   Not the "engine" of Canada, more like the anal sphincter.)

    Toronto has always been the 'in house' joke of Canada. They are the blustery second uncle at the family re-union, loud and boring  . . . the one with his gut poking through his shirt, the boor that looks down his bulbous alcoholics nose at the rest of Canada.  

    At any Toronto restaurant frequented by the inflated Toronto elite, you'll find that toilet paper is used instead of napkins . . . . :D

  2. 17 hours ago, cougar said:

    This is not an accident.  An accident is when a tree falls on a bear.

    This is a road constructed by us with the full knowledge it will kill wildlife.   Then we put more and more trucks and pickups on it to "grow the economy" again with the full knowledge this will be killing wildlife.  Finally we started cracking a whip behind those truck drivers asking them to go faster and faster to make us more money, again knowing they will have no time to stop for a bear!      This is all premeditated carnage!     I told you I am against population growth, GDP growth, whatever growth.....so stop teaching me what I already agree with.

    What is your solution to the problem you've outlined in your thread ?

    I'm guessing that your home/neighborhood was once the home of a variety of wildlife.

    Please be specific.

  3. 6 minutes ago, taxme said:

    Alberta could have been one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada. Albertan's have had hundreds of billions of their tax dollars stolen from them in the form of equalization payments to french controlled Ottawa and pro separatist Quebec for several decades now. 

    13 billion of their tax dollars last year went in the form of equalization payments to da Attawa and Quebec to prop up those two communist controlled regimes. Imagine what the people of Alberta could have done with all those hundreds of billions that were stolen from Alberta had of remained in Alberta instead.  

    A 'hardball' Premier of Alberta would refuse to remit transfer payments, carbon tax, etc. . . . . 

    What would that parasite Ottawa do about it ?

    Kick them out of Canada ?

    Ottawa has no power if a province refuses to play their game.

    What if every Albertan refused to remit 'Federal Tax Payable, gave the province 1/2 of that tax, and put the other 1/2 in their pockets ?

    Every Albertan go to jail ?  I doubt it.

    Alberta wouldn't need to vote to leave, they'd show it by their actions . . .

    You're only a victim if you agree to play the victim role.

    Ottawa needs a kick in the crotch . . . . this would do it.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    I'm quite happy to stay here and defend Her Majesty from disloyal Canadians, it is my duty to resist Her Majesty's enemies and defend the Queen's Peace, if disloyal Canadians are want to impose on me, molon labe, I f**king dare them.

    Me thinks that you're the one who's disloyal, disloyal to Canada.  England/Germany is calling you . . . . please go.

  5. 17 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    I only have loyalty to Her Majesty, I truly despise Canada otherwise, so long as Canadians enjoy the protection of the Queen, I am bound to defend them unto death as necessary, but there is nothing else that would make me lift a finger for Canada.

    Very sad indeed . . . . 

    Perhaps you'd be a happier person if you moved to the homeland of your queen . . . . England or Germany ?


  6. 8 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    If you''re asking "why are non-whites coming to Canada ?" it may be that the problem is that you don't like non-whites or at least care about unimportant things, not that there's some conspiracy to supplant whites.

    I can't make you understand things if you don't want to see it.

    Perhaps you should get some sleep. Re-read your own reply in the morning and add some more assumptions . . . 

  7. 1 hour ago, Dougie93 said:

    The Canucks have got a real deal superstar in Elias Petterson, and Brock Boeser is a nice complimentary piece, the problem for the Canucks is that they have loaded up with bad contracts and they keep loading up on them, the Canucks are like the Leafs used to be, while the Leafs have become the smartest guys in the room, which as a Leafs fan, is indeed bizarro world.


    They both wear blue jerseys, both have brain-dead fans, and the two teams have a combined losing streak of 100 years . . . .

    Anything else you care to add ?


  8. 1 hour ago, taxme said:

    The Leafs suck just as much as the Canucks do. I doubt that we will ever see the Stanley Cup come back to Canada.  :unsure:

    Let's celebrate Vancouver Canucks style . . . . go downtown and burn some cars! Smash windows, steal things, watch the cops insert their collective thumbs up their collective lazy asses.

    Celebrate the Sedin sisters retirement . . . burn some Volvos!

    Might need some gas to get the fires started . . . "what!  no gas?"

    Oh yeah . . . .$1.749 per litre  =  $7.95 per Imperial gallon.

    Canucks  . . . . chronic underachievers.

    Canuck fans . . . . stupid. A chicken has a higher IQ.

    Happy B-lated Canada Day. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Zeitgeist said:

    What planet are you on?  Trump has been rude and mean spirited in ways Trudeau doesn’t approach.  Canada is a place of tolerance and hope, like America was and mostly is, if its current politics don’t get worse.  JT is one aspect of Canada as Trump is one aspect of America.  

    What planet are you on ?

    Trudeau might have 'nice hair' and colorful socks, but this country is a business, and as a business man Trudeau is a dismal failure. Wanting Trump to hold his hand in foreign relations just shows the weakness and shallowness of this cuck PM.  Phucking embarrassing !!

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