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  1. So Quebec threatens to separate . . . 

    The northern First Immigrants (FI) will never let that happen . . . everything is locked up in land claims, and they know that the money faucet will slow to a drip because the separated Quebec'ers have been 'no visible means of support'  for them to tap into.

    Quebec was a strip along the St. Lawrence when it became a province, territory, pain in the ass, whatever . . . that should be what they leave with.

    What have they ever contributed to the welfare of this country . . . . it's best if the rest of the country 'helps' them leave . . . just like the rest of the country has paid to have them stay. 

    Quebec is just a bad investment . . . Ontario a little less so. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    Again, in the information age, Ontario is the source of wealth and power, Alberta beef is worth less all the time, as less people are eating beef all the time.

    The Canadian industrial economy is transitioning into irrelevance, but as the industrial workers are laid off in Oshawa, information workers are being hired in Mississauga, so it's all good,

    Again, Ontario produces nothing that can't be done elsewhere in Canada . . .

  3. 1 hour ago, Michael Hardner said:

    Completely immaterial point.  There's no exception for enriching yourself based on salary.

    If President Trump were to donate all monies spent at the G7, say to crippled children  . . . hypothetical scenario. Would that be ok with you, or would you bitch about that too?

  4. 3 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

    1. Wait, are you saying Ontario produces close to nothing?

    2. Which Invaders?  Who do you think owns the oil companies, Albertans ?

    Ontario produces nothing that can't be done elsewhere in Canada . . .

    Other than a pile of politicians (Alberta beef leave piles too) and a real shitty hockey team, what does Ontario really have?  Oh, pardon me . . . Ontario has you and Dougie93 !   :rolleyes:

  5. Trudeau spends my tax dollars to rehabilitate ISIS shit-heads back into the Canadian 'cultural fabric' . . . . the USA next door, ISIS shit-heads here.  Would there be a connection ?

    It's quite enjoyable to watch the obvious contempt (words & actions) that Trump displays toward that pathetic clown in Ottawa.  

    'Go to Jail' . . . go directly to jail. Do not pass 'GO' . . . . 

  6. As mentioned before . . .

    Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and northern territories . . . . viable country with Asian and European access. All the food and fuel to get it done.

    Quebec and Ontario need the west more than the west needs them. Who gives a rat's ass about them anyway ?

  7. 1 hour ago, cougar said:

    So here is why I think Ontario (mostly the GTA) where most Ontarian live is not worth the high score.

    1) overpopulation - If you are in Toronto, Mississauga, Ajax etc., it would take you hours to get out of the city.   The rest is farmland and private property.  When I was there I could not get to the banks of creeks and rivers because the owners thought it was only them who were supposed to enjoy that.

    2) climate - high humidity that is almost unbearable in hot or cold conditions ; extreme cold weather in the winter (occasionally) with high wind chill factors

    3) scenery - there is the Niagara escarpment and the valleys of a few creeks with  a few parks around the place, nothing impressive.  Niagara Falls is congested during the season that the positives of seeing the place are outweighed by the negatives of getting there, finding a parking spot, fighting the crowds and paying high prices.   Fishing the Niagara river even in the coldest winter days can be busy.

    4) jobs - too many people, too much competition.  There are all those Temp labor agencies thriving on new comers; exploiting them to the max, to the benefit of the company owners and the government.

    There are probably more factors, but the above were enough for me to kiss the place good bye for good.

    Can't imagine living in a place like that . . .

    Relatively low elevation sump. Unbearable humidity . . . everything just drips. Not good for the respiratory system or your joints. Can't see any distance, also can't see anywhere that hasn't been 'fixed' by man. No long vistas, no pristine mountains, no wild coastal environment, no dry grasslands, no G-bears, no Mule deer, the list is long. But, the one thing that Ontario does have  . . . Dougie93 and Michael Hardner.  Lucky you ! B)

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  8. 2 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    So what if they are?

    The British are immigrants to Britain, come from North Germany, Norway and France.

    The Franks are immigrants to France, come from where Poland is to set up on the river Seine

    The Russians are immigrants to Russia, the Rus came from where Finland is, by way of Kiev.

    The Romans were immigrants to Rome, they were Greeks who set up a trading post at Ostia.

    No one is calling into question First Immigrants 'right' to a piece of the pie . . .

    "So what if they are?" . . . doesn't bother me, obviously bothers you . . .

    You refer to them as 'Indians' . . . . I refer to them as 'First Immigrants'. . . . they refer to themselves as 'First Nations' . . . . no big deal.

    Ontario may be the best place to live . . . enjoy your life there . . .


  9. 2 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    I worked too many years in the rain.  I hate rain now.

    Perhaps not overpriced by global standards, but too pricey for me.

    BC is also seedy just under the Lotus Land facade of hippie dippie blah, blah, blah.

    BC is a little bit bigger than Greater Vancouver . . . rain on the coast in winter, sage brush/bunch grass, mountains, high plateaus . . . . few trees here and there.

    Maybe best that you stay where you're comfortable . . . 

  10. 1 hour ago, Dougie93 said:

    Why would you believe anything a politician said?   They are narcissistic pathological liars, Justin Trudeau is a known criminal, wouldn't take their word on anything, period full stop. 

    If the politicians say somebody is a 'terrorist', I assume the opposite to be true, because everything that comes out of the mouths of a politician I assume to be a filthy lie, unless otherwise proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

     . . . . .Justin Trudeau committed obstruction of justice and the RCMP is not arresting the criminal at 24 Sussex because he is apparently above the law, that is the only crime I am interested in, Daesh is no threat to me, Justin Trudeau is.

    It's nice to see you've 'come to your senses' concerning the un-checked criminality of Justin Trudeau.  It begs the question . . . again, why would you support the said criminal with your vote?

    As I've mentioned before . . . Trudeau in jail would be worthy of a new national holiday.


  11. 3 hours ago, Army Guy said:

    What does it matter any more, the majority of Canadians think that it is OK to break the law to save Quebec jobs, it's OK to have been in front of the ethics commission on other infractions, it's OK to lie and deceive Canadians , it's OK to do what ever he wants really....what's a few laws here and there, ...........Justin Says it is time for everyone to move forward...He is the man in the polls...and even if they are not 100 % correct all Justins crew has to do is come up with a close tie, for the win....

    Would love to see that smug little prick in irons . . . 

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