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  1. Israel is the land promised to the Jews by God. Only the Jews may live on this land. The Jews took it back by force and will keep it by force. If the Arabs stopped attacking Israel then their would he peace. The Arabs don't want peace. If they did they wouldn't attack Israel. Hamas and Hezzbollah need to keep the Arabs angry so they can stay in power.
  2. don't want 5o be treated badly? Don't break the law!
  3. I think this site should hold a contest to see the most offensive photo they can with the Koran. Will we be allowed to post such photos or will we be censored because the owners of the site are afraid of the Muslims?
  4. Canada will soon be a fully socialist country. Soon Zionism will be illegal. Criticizing Islam will be illegal. Removing your wealth will be illegal. The country is finished. I urge you to get out while you can. More and more slum people are coming to Canada making it a third world toilet bowl. Your taxes are paying for them to live here. They're like leeches or parasites living of the host body. Remove your wealth from Canada now. Don't give the government any more of your money.
  5. Do they have penis and testicles? If yes, they are a male. If they have vagina they are female. Quite simple. Thats it. Thats all. How the person views themselves doesn't change what's between their legs. A cross dressing weirdo isn't a women because they say they are. Get real.
  6. So you're saying that NRA has zero black members.
  7. White parents teach their white children to hate their white skin. They teach them to feel guilty about being white.
  8. What are you talking about? Healthcare is up to the provinces. What's wrong with the way we treat the disabled?
  9. I studied a lot in high school to get very high marks so I could get into the school I wanted. The proper extracurriculars etc.I worked very hard in Uni. Studying constantly so I could graduate with very high marks. During summer breaks I worked landscaping which again was hard, long hours outside in the heat. Upon graduation I worked in excess of 80 hour weeks for years. All in an effort to position myself properly. This is a brief overview of what I'm talking about.
  10. Many places welcome foreign born people. I'm a non white person so my skin tone will fit in down there. Even if I was white I'd be fine. I'll be the immigrant. However the average wage in many places is only about $600 per month so it's quite affordable and easy to live very comfortably. Also quite popular among Canadian ex pats. I just don't see the NDP helping people like me who save for their own future. They want to take my money and give it to people who chose not to plan for retirement.
  11. The orange wave is going across Canada. A new NDP PM will be crowned in Oct. Time for us to leave Canada with our money intact before it's too late. Before the NDP make it illegal move your money out of Canada.

    1. Topaz


      NDP or Liberal, either would be better than the conservative Reform Alliance Party.

    2. The_Squid
  12. Ha. I won't. I'll leave this slum to the immigrants and welfare people. See how you guys pay for everything without people like me paying for it. See you think you're somehow offending me with your juvenile reply but you're not. Canada has filled it's purpose for me. With its lax taxes and easy shelters, ive done well here but that is ending with the constant socialist governments who will close our tax loop holes. Im going to retire within 5 years while I'm under 50, move to Central America and retire. I'll still post here. Even just post pictures to prove that I've actually left Canada. Life is better when you have the money to enjoy itm
  13. I prefer everyone do their share. Pay an equal share. Instead, the more sucessful a person is...the more tax they pay. It's crazy. We shouldn't be penalized for choosing to go to Uni and work hard in our chosen career becoming sucessful. It angers me that I am forced to pay for those who are too lazy and sit around all day smoking pot and plain video games. Disgusting. Those people then have the gall to complain and call people like me a dinosaur...they should be saying thank you....showing some gratitude.
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