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Found 1 result

  1. So the two most common gender identities are cisgendered and transgendered. Here are the definitions: cisgendered - state of one's gender identity matching one's assigned sex. transgendered - state of one's gender identity not matching one's assigned sex. An example of a transgendered person would be someone who feels that they are a boy in a girl's body and wants to be identified as male and wear masculine clothing / do masculine things. An (extreme) example of a cisgendered person would be someone who wears a burka because they believe that god gave them a gender role that they must fill in order to get into the afterlife. A less extreme example would be Stephen Harper. So I don't think I fit into either of the two categories, and here is why: Gender and sex are completely different (at least according to social justice warriors). So if one accepts this, then what does it mean to identify with a gender? From what I can tell, identifying with a gender means accepting a gender role. The boy trapped in a girl's body wants to identify with the male gender role. The woman in the burka wants to accept the female gender role. But to me, gender roles are ancient relics of the past that make no sense in modern society. If we were living in a hunter gatherer society then they would make sense (taking advantage of biological comparative advantage), but today it makes no sense. So I reject gender roles. As I do not accept gender roles, I cannot identify with a gender. And if I can't identify as a gender, that makes me agendered. Does that make sense? Edit: Also, question for people in this thread: Do you identify as cisgendered, transgendered, agendered, polygendered or gender fluid? And if so, why?
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