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  1. It’s a problem with these lefties: muslem sympathisers that blame the Western governments for everything. Heck we are blamed for taking resources from these Arab rich countries. Those damn imperialist countries.
  2. You are free to surrender to Islam. The word islam means surrender and that will never be the same as a peaceful religion. Muslims can never integrate to the Canadian way of life because their value is not the same. Once a muslim you will always remain a muslim or fear for your life if you do not abide by the religious imams. Your anti jewish canards speaks a volume. You lefties fall short of anti semitism. Your comparison of zionists cozying up to anti semites is pathetic and lost argument.
  3. Agreed. That makes mussies hypocrites...It's like when they come to the West and want to enforce their values on us. It makes me sick to even look at these women with their hijab. They all look like letter boxes. As Harper once said you are our guests. If you don't like our western values you have a choice to go back to where you came from. IMO they should f..K off to whichever s*.thole they came from.
  4. I hate the policies of gutless prime minister Trudeau. His immigration policies sucks inviting all these immigrants to Canada. Their values are not compliant. Image is important and he is perceived as a complete wuss by other world leaders.
  5. As an infidel I wondered why all mussies are keen to kill kaffirs. Getting 72 virgins as a reward is not bad
  6. Islam is a cult just so as the Jehova's Witness is a cult. They just bring misery to this world. Just look at muslim countries. Not a single on of them has had any progress in scientific field. They are all [email protected]
  7. And a paedophile who married a child.
  8. Exactly kill the kaffir or infidels and and as a reward you go to heaven and get 72 virgins. Islam means surrender. Quote of the week: "Islam is the religion of piss" Shame our lefties are too blind to see.
  9. Argus!??? Muslims are the same wherever they are. They follow up a backward religion. Oh really? Damn it must be me fantasising that all the barbaric acts of terrorism and killings is done by muslims. My bad! Good for Canada. Why do you lefties have the habit of blaming everything on the West? Not only you lefties are sympathisers of these savages and goat herders but you also have so much against the western capitalist values and arrogant to say I am duped by hatred. This religion is sick to the core. Did you know that muslims are paedophiles?? You blame the West whereas you should blame Islam.
  10. Actually Robin Hood took the money from the rich and gave it to the poor just like the relative socialist Europe. They don’t seem to understand the merits of true capitalism just like you. Typical leary response referred to lefties calling the sheriff enamouring power. When in doubt blame Trump.
  11. G-d bless the US and Israel. Palestinians are fake and made up. They do not exist. There are so many countries around Israel threatening the security of the only democracy on the region. It beggars belief why these greedy Arab savages want to grab land from this tiny country......
  12. Muslims are like a bunch of herds. They just move around like herds and worship paedophiles like herds. You are free if you want to surrender to Islam. They can even marry a 9 year old girl. The western imperialism is the foundation of democracy. Wars are good for GDP growth and a thriving economy. Let the goat herder muslims fight amongst themselves. As long as they are not a threat to Israel I am fine with that. G-d bless Israel. The only true democracy amongst these savages. Lefties like you can coexist with muslim sympathisers but not in the virtue of western imperialism.
  13. Why the lefties spend so much time and energy defending this self righteous religion that is followed by a bunch of muslims. They are like a bunch of herds. Just like our lefties in our country.
  14. I am not ashamed to show my chauvinistic way and say proud to be a conservative. At current rate we don’t have to do anything but let you progressive tree hugging lefties rot by your own wrongdoings. Only then when the time is right we will hit back. That takes a certain level of maturity and experience.
  15. Europe is already lost in the hands of islamists and progressives. The conservatives there are looking at us to defeat the globalist elites.
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