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  2. What is a home equity tax anyway? I hoped for some tax deduction when buying several acres of land for my farm. To my surprise, I was told it was no longer possible because TCJA had become law. Excerpt from how big is an acre of land? I don't know anything more about real estate. It was obviously very frustrating to find out that I would have to pay so much extra in taxes when buying the land for my farm. I mean, why is it so complicated to do something nowadays?
  3. It's too late to do anything about the climate. Just move away from the coast LMAO.
  4. Liberals insist there are some words you can never say, like nigger and faggot. But they also insist that you have to respect how anyone chooses to identify, and use the right words and pronouns to refer to them. So tell a liberal that you identify as a Nigger Faggot, and if they don't refer to you as such, they're being offensive. LMAO.
  5. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/personal-finance/taxes/article-is-federal-carbon-pricing-really-revenue-neutral/ This article covers the Canadian case. The revenue doesn't sit with the Federal Government but the provinces do get 10% so not really 'neutral' if you include the provincial coffers. The feds don't keep the money though.
  6. Israel seems to have the same goal relative to the Pali's. Israel is a nation state, not any "god's people".
  7. You need a paradigm shift.. :)- Canada has had an Employment Equity program for years, this is much more onerous, but just switch it around and think about how you would feel then.
  8. 1.Yes, affirmative action, another failed political practice meant to bribe some culture or race into playing nice with everyone else, it's our way of saying "SORRY" our bad, take this bribe are we good now....but this example of affirmative action is nothing more than pandering to one group who happens to control the angry mobs at this time...Liberals have preached that we as a nation are a diverse culture and it is important that all Canadians should be treated the same, have the same rights and same opportunities , . Justin has said we are more united than ever before, and yet this nation seems bent on ripping itself apart...we preach equality but don't practice it. We preach diversity and yet favor one group over another... And as you said we have been at this affirmative action since 1970's and has anything really changed...not really. In this case we are putting one race over all others......pretty stupid if we are promoting our diversity. Had that statement been released that this grant is available to "whites only" this country would have torn itself apart....this program would have been declared as racist, right out of the starting blocks... 2. Maybe or should be a program for all Canadians, that maybe struggling. ....the Vulgarity, OK maybe i got a little carry away, your not a dick, but it was a dick move to brush her comments off and tell her to calm down, atleast that is how i seen it... Not that i need to fight her battles for her , i just thought it needed to be said... 3. If they had been listening, to the people they would have made this program fit all Canadians, since we are all in the same basket, floating on this crap call a pandemic, and Blacks are not the only ones effected.... 100,000 dollars could go along way to bringing a business around, or spicing up your town, it's tax dollars so it should be available to all Canadians or are we still talking race here . I am bitter Michael, and yes there is very little that the liberals have done to impress me or for that matter most Canadians... Their claim to fame is illegalizing pot... thats impressive...i think we are tired of seeing money being pissed away with very little being accomplished. I have given Justin kudos for his semi handling of the pandemic. but i'm not taking a pill 4. Yes the pragmatic conservative approach, has it worked in the past, it failed in the last election.... as for foaming at the mouth, i would not go that far, maybe had a little tone in the post, but that was addressing your move of brushing aside her comments and telling her to calm down like she was 5 years old...
  9. 1. Not really a concern in Canada so much, though. It's an American thing, which we are copying as usual. 2. Ok, I'm assuming you are black. 3. We are not Syria therefore all is well, got it. So Trudeau should elect himself as Prime Minister for life as long as it's 1 year less than Syria's dictator. You have a low bar for 'good'.
  10. I agree with your opinion, Michael. However, the longer the protests, defacing of statues, burning of public and private buildings, riots and marches go on - accompanied by wall-to-wall coverage that is biased in the extreme - the less those of us who support the underlying issues will continue to do so. I, for one, am fed up to the teeth with the 'poor me attitude' and the 'I'm so hard done by' sentiments. If anyone of these whinging dolts were transported to a country like Syria, they would soon learn what REAL injustice and inhumanity is.
  11. Appeasement for the whingers and victim-hood embracing pukes who have no idea of personal responsibility and no intention of assuming it
  12. 1. She said "Canada is now a country...". Let me ask: have people not heard about Affirmative Action ? I want to establish whether we have heard about it before because we seem to be saying something like this is a new thing... "Canada NOW". We are talking about a program that has been debated since the 1970s. See this clip from 1976 !! 2. Maybe there needs to be a program for those other groups, but that doesn't say anything about this. Also vulgarity - why ? 3. You could also characterize this as listening to the people, I suppose, but your bitterness comes through in your post that you can't stand anything that this government would do. I don't particularly like them, and acknowledge that they chase the headlines but all of you Trudeau haters should take a pill. The way to beat the Liberal approach is pragmatic conservatism, not foaming at the mouth. In my opinion, of course.
  13. You can call it what every you like, but how can this not be racist..... let me reverse it a little here is it racist now....how long would this last if it was targeting whites only......And it offers a leg up for blacks only...Not brown, Asian, native American, purple, or green with warts on your dick.....Last time i checked Canada was suppose to be a diverse nation, WTF is diverse about this, nothing .Lots of people could use a leg up in todays environment, and ya you guess it they come in all skin colors, races, creeds, .......This is a government hand out for not apologizing enough.....And your a dick for suggesting she calm down or for seeing it for what it is....appeasing a group of people that are in the headlines today....
  14. Affirmative action isn't new. The idea that such programs are 'racist' is a stretch. They tend to be new programs that offer a leg up for people and groups who have had trouble. If I were you, I would calm down.
  15. I can understanding them (Feds) raising the GST by 1%, they probably will; they've allready raised the carbon tax this year which go up again next year. I will never, ever support a tax of any kind on the sale of the family home.
  16. Yes, some people might suffer unfairly. It happens with real estate. That said, as MG stated earlier, COVID has to be paid for somehow. Tax increases seem a reasonable response to try and restore some balance to the economy. As an Albertan, (for the moment) I would certainly support the introduction of a sales tax.
  17. Apparently it was suggested that the tax be on a sliding scale, down to 5% after 5 years. Still, if your not a 'flipper' and just had to move why be penalized?
  18. I would like to see something that penalized flippers. A tax on profits that is inversely proportional to the length of time one has owned a property, say. Sell a house in Vancouver or Toronto that you bought less than three years ago, and face a massive tax bill. Sell one you have lived in for thirty years and face no tax bill. That sort of thing.
  19. Chrystia Freeland has announced that registered non-profit organizations that are Black-Canadian focused, can apply for up to $100,000 for capital projects to improve their workplaces and community space. For more information: https://bit.ly/32pc Canada is now a country where you are judged, promoted, hired and funded according to the colour of your skin. The Liberals are openly racist. Those with the wrong skin colour are cancelled.
  20. Doubt it.. the Liberals are denying it, but when something starts floating around it's based on something, it won't happen now, only maybe if they get a majority again.
  21. If it helps to curb flipping in the major population centres I might get behind it. What if someone sells for less than they paid? Will the CMHC give them some money by way of a tax rebate?
  22. https://torontosun.com/news/national/cmhc-spending-a-quarter-million-on-federal-home-equity-tax-research That's how socialism is - grabbing what you worked for to "spread it around equally." So....what happens to those poor folks who rely on their investment in their primary residence to augment their pension? When the time comes, will the government take care of their nursing home expenses..............................or, will they just euthanize them? For all their talking points, governments - especially socialist government - don't really care about the seniors who had already served their purpose. They'll be coming up with all sorts of ways to claw back, we can be sure of that.
  23. The problem with giving gazillions in money away is you have to pay it back. Some people assume they shouldn't have to suffer financially during a recession. It's absurd. The people taking the COVID money should primarily have to pay it back. But they want you and I to pay for it. F--- them.
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