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The purpose of the U.N.'s demand for a "two-state" solution is to destroy Israel

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 The fact is most of the U.N. are anti-Semitic and have been down through history.  All of the Islamic countries are full of people who think Israel should not exist.

The U.N. has a history of passing motions against Israel.  They are no friends of Israel.

Canada is a waffler and supports the idea of a "two-state solution" which is really no solution.  All it would do is carve Israel up and greatly weaken it.  Israel is already a very small country and cutting it in half would only seriously threaten its very existence because the so-called Palestinian people do not believe Israel should even exist.  Creating a Palestinian state within the existing borders of Israel would only be giving the Israel haters a lot of power to act to eliminate Israel.  The various terrorist organizations that exist in the Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, and surrounding countries will not just disappear by carving up Israel.  It will simply embolden them and renew their attempts to destroy Israel.  The so-called Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has been a complete disaster as far as keeping terrorists out of their territories.  The people of Hamas also voted for Hamas.  That just confirms their inability to govern themselves and keep terrorists out.  A two-state solution would not keep these terrorist organizations out.

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Don't forget that Israel started their formal presence as a nation state by pretty much a terrorist attack on the people who lived in the Palestinian region under British control.  Didn't exactly start off on the right footing.   The other thing to consider is that the Jewish population balooned from immigration while he Muslim population reproduced at a stunning rate - so this tiny bit of desert is stuffed to the gunwhales with population.   SOMETHING has to give.

So, you don't like the two state option: what do you propose as a workable solution???

BTW: something I have yet to understand: where did he money come from to build out the infrastructure of Gaza?   To house and service 2 million people who produce essentially nothing except more children takes on crap ton of cash.

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A sort of two state solution worked reasonably well after Jordan annexed the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza. Then Egypt and Israel got into a tiff over the Straits of Tiran which led to the 6 day war breaking out and Israel becoming occupiers. David Cameron of the UK says that before any recognition would take place Hamas has got to go. According to the NYT, the Biden administration could possibly recognize a de-militarized Palestinian State once Palestinians had developed a set of defined, credible institutions, and security capabilities that would not threaten Israel. Other Arab states would have to be actively involved in any agreement. Talk is cheap, still a long way to go yet.

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