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New York public school teacher supports the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

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Like I've said many times, blue state schools are inferior. Not just to red state schools but probably to third world country schools as well.

NYC public school teacher shares image depicting Hamas paraglider, calls attack 'successful military campaign

A New York City public school teacher expressed support for the Hamas terrorist organization and its assault on Israeli civilians that included the murder of more than 1,300 people and at least 150 kidnappings, then repeatedly doubled down on the position.

Mohammad Jehad Ahmad, who teaches at Gotham Tech High School, according to his LinkedIn profile, changed his Facebook cover photo to an image of a person paragliding with a Palestinian flag attached to the parachute with "I stand with Palestine" written beneath, according to a screenshot flagged on X, formerly Twitter, by user Justin Spiro. 

The same image, also widely shared by a Black Lives Matter chapter after Hamas' surprise attack last weekend, references how terrorists descended onto Israeli communities with parachutes and gliders, killing hundreds of people and taking civilian hostages. 

For the ID!OTS here who still have their fingers up their noses, CUTTING THE HEADS OFF BABIES DOES NOT  COUNT AS A MILITARY CAMPAIGN.

THIS is the ignorant, Jew hating Nazi son of a bich.

Mohammad Jehad Ahmad photo on LinkedIn

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Florida teacher arrested on sex assault charges based on Peel region investigation


Edited by Michael Hardner
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38 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

Ahhh mike ;)  When you don't have an argument, a little whataboutism will see you through, right?

BTW - they were arrested in florida but they're canadian and that's where the crime took place.  Are you saying Canadian teachers are pedophiles?

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On 10/15/2023 at 9:31 PM, Michael Hardner said:

First of all, ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHOLE, your link has NOTHING to do with the topic of the thread, you MOR0N.

Secondly, the day we take some socialist moose fuggging Canuck TV rag's OPINIONS on a state thousands of miles away is the day we agree there is such a thing as a tooth fairy.

Maybe you should adjust your meds, help you focus on the issues, one at a time.

You call some threads CHUD?

It would appear this alleged CHUD thread is way over your melon fugging head.

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