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Unfortunate situation for those living in the south

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Up here in the Northeast people who don't like our progressive policies/politics like strick laws on gun ownership and pro choice stand are free to leave as their home values will easily afford them a home or even two in most southern states, especially with the hot housing market up here.

Unfortunately for southerners who don't want Govorment in their bedrooms and personal lives or want any and every nutjob to have the right to buy weapons of war this is not the same for residents of southern states as the majority simply can not move to the northeast do to home costs. 

The only ones who can make the transition are of course the well educated such a teachers, many of who come up here with their degrees because making 50k a yr with a Masters Degree is just not an option for them.



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Uvalde, Texas was in the news today, because they have built a new school to replace the old one. 

But I find it hard to have sympathy.  Again and again and again, these people elect politicians who roll back gun control, and make it easier and easier for people to obtain and carry extremely lethal guns which have little defensive value.  

The shooter in Uvalde had just turned 18 and legally purchased two AR-15’s, 400 rounds of ammunition and a dozen 30 round magazines. He could legally carry all of that around with him without any license or permit.  Nobody needs that much firepower to defend themself. Instead, he used them to murder eighteen 9 and 10 year-olds.


How do we mourn people who VOTED for this? They chose this.  

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All in all it works out well for northeast blue states. Southern states K-12 s schools are below par academically but they do have some good universities which actually cater to more than just football scholarships. We do have have many in the medical and educational fields who migrate north with their masters and doctorates simple to get paid a real salary here in NY. 50k teacher jobs don't compare to 120k tenured teaching jobs in NY, I don't care how you spin it.

Then the added bonus here in NY is we have the ones who think life revolves around wether or not you can own an AR-15 with high capacity mags, No Joke. We have many ammo sexual types here who retire and bleat "Well now imma going to move to  Free State" 😂 where I can fill my living room with 10 thousand rds of 5.56 and all the assault rifles I want, once again no Joke. But the silver lining is NY actually gets to shake loose these knuckle draggers on the south. And we benefit by getting the souths more liberal minded well educated young folk up here.

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