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The Brigade


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Enter the Social Justice Warrior. Unimpressive physically. Rather nerdy. Teaches English at a local Jr. high school. We'll call him...Todd.

Enter Todd's wife. Rather good looking, in a "Librarian" sort of way. Has one of those neon hearts in her front window. Is the nurse at the school Todd teaches at. We'll call her Laura.

Both have email addresses with their preferred gender identifiers included and are very involved with the teacher's union.

Todd and Laura like to get together over mochacinos at the local coffee shop...that charges $8.95 per cup...with their good friends Joshua and Karen. Both of whom are administrators with any and all charitable groups available for them to work at...as long as its green and benefits people they perceive as "under privileged". There's also Fay and Mona. A gay couple from just down the street, as well as Gerry. The local political activist. Together they like to sip expensive coffees, and compare their escapades on the social media service they all are members of.

Often, our gang of smiling faces like to pick one or two posters on their social media platform, and gang up on them. They call this...The Brigade. Anyone who even dare step out of line with their acceptable and completely correct ideals...gets the force of the great SJW Brigade. Oh they are a marvel to watch. And they are so impressed with their own successes at shutting bad people up and getting them banned if at all possible. They busily send each other private messages to direct their attacks, as to make them simply unbearable to the bad people who step outta line. And the one single thing that will have our fine Brigade in a fury and serious high blood pressure...is anyone who DARE say anything nice about Donald J. Trump.

Please tune in regularly for more in the adventures of...The Brigade.

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Cassandra is the owner/operator of the coffee shop Todd and his Brigade love to frequent. She was orphaned as baby when her mother thought she knew who the father was but...and then her mother disappeared when Cassandra was a only 6 months of age, to search for herself...apparently. So Cassandra's grandmother raised her and left her the house  upon her passing. Gran'ma used the main floor as a bakery for years, so Cassandra simply changed it to a coffee shop while keeping the baking equipment in the back. The top floor was always Gran'ma's home and Cassandra has continued living there. Only Gran'ma called her Cassandra, and she prefers to be called simply...KC. A pretty young girl in her youth, KC now sports green died hair, multiple facial ornaments and a number of tattoos, all appearing shortly after Gran'ma's Passing.

Todd and his Brigade love the cute little hearts KC makes with the foam on their mochacinos, and her muffins and other small baking goods made onsite never last the entire day. During the 2020 election, KC encouraged anything anti-Trump, no matter how objectionable, to be posted on her windows. Legend has it that a Trump supporter once showed up for a coffee by himself one day and KC spit in the cup before serving it to the guy. Indeed...the Brigade reveres KC for this and her unwavering support for the discontinuance of the use of fossil fuels...for anything.

Laura is closest to KC. They spend hours together reading posts online and making up responses to anything that is not "acceptable" to them. Quite often, Laura will call Todd to let him know she is staying late with KC and Gerry to work on more activist activities to be organized. After hours, on these evenings, the lights will all go out in the coffee shop and KC's home upstairs. Laura will come home quite late and completely exhausted.

Todd is so proud of all the hard work Laura, KC and Gerry are doing.

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