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The history and evolution of Canadian nationalism

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10 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

 ....Those distinctions don't easily go away despite the prevailing conditions outside the country, but yes, Canada often has to respond to those influences.  I'd say Americans often have to respond to conditions within the US.


But even at a more fundamental level, the very notion of Canadian nationalism is problematic because of several historical reasons.   Also, embracing nationalism and implicit identity is again cause for alarm because that is too "American".

Nationalism and culture will continue to morph because of internal and external influences that have far easier impact through globalism, immigration, media, and demographics.    Looking back now, this isn't a new process considering Canada's "great flag debate" of the 50's and 60's, as an example.

Some of the traditional customs and values will die with those who hold them dear.

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34 minutes ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


Some of the traditional customs and values will die with those who hold them dear.

No doubt.  I think where we fool ourselves, however, is when we think that we are neutral in such exchanges with other cultures.  We are born into a particular context which is ethnic, national, genetic, economic, geographic, etc.  We can and we should challenge our assumed beliefs and backgrounds.  I agree that post-national state is vaguely ridiculous and has Marxist notes.  The only possible upside to such a notion is the emphasis of our common humanity above other considerations.  The naïveté of it is the idea that all cultures are of equal value, because some cultures are less humane and have more oppressive aspects than others from a humanist perspective.  We see this when some leftists elevate the platforms of Jihadists who deplore progressives and wish them dead.

Shredding your culture is no guarantee of its replacement by a better one.  Culture of some form is inevitable.

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On 11/15/2020 at 12:35 PM, Moonlight Graham said:

Will bush_cheney ever be able to define his existence by not hating on Canada?  This is the pot calling the kettle.

Where has BC ever said that he despises or hates Canada? BC is just telling it like it is. Canada is fast becoming a third world communist like hell hole. Canada has become a country of people who have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing that America is the big bad bogeyman in the world, and in some instances it has. America has started many wars against other countries who do not want to obey and follow the American globalist warmongering elite and their orders and commands. Donald Trump has put a stop to all of those useless wars for the globalist elite warmongers.  

But all in all I am dam glad to say that I am quite happy today to have America as my next door neighbor and not countries like Mexico, Cuba, or one of the worse countries of them all communist China. It is our dear liberal, socialist and communist leaders that are now running this country that have made many non thinking Canadians to become haters of America. Canadians should talk, eh? Lol. 

Here in Canada we have become one of the most corrupt countries in the world. What goes on in Ottawa is a crime against Canadians and a crime against humanity. Our dear leaders have become communist like dictators who have done more harm these days to Canada and Canadians then ever before. Our own crime mistake of Canada has shown us all as to just how corrupt this buffoon is and this country has become. I wish that we had more conservative nationalism and patriotism in this country but sadly we do not. It is hard to find anyone who really gives a chit about Canada anymore. For those who do they get ridiculed and attacked all the time for their patriotism by the left wing Canadian media and the so called journalists who are really nothing more than a bunch of left wing communist like activists. They enjoy attacking Trump every day which has to mean that Trump must be doing something right. When the lying media attacks anyone then I know that they do not want this person to be heard. 

The real and true history of Canada is now being replaced and has now been replaced by a bunch of traitor buffoons who have no love for Canada or America. Canada is pretty much doomed unless we the people say enough already and start to boot these liars and thieves that we call politicians today and start putting in people who do give a dam about Canada and Canadians.

The People's Party of Canada and Maxine Bernier is just one of those people and party's that are fighting to keep the old Canada alive and well and prosperous. The rest are only in it for themselves and they could careless about Canada anymore. They just want power and glory for themselves and to be big suck ups to the real rulers of Canada the corporate elite globalists. I say God bless America and Trump. Trump is the man of the hour for the rest of the world that can save Canada from the communist like dictators that have high jacked this once great British/European nation.

Just my opinion of course. Works for me. ;)

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