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Stolen Valour

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I came across this story on fb and thought it was a good story to share.  It goes on to say that his story does not coincide with the dates the medals he is wearing were given.  


The story has been picked up by cbc as well:



So my first question is what type of punishment do you think is appropriate for false veterans?  Should it be part of the criminal code or civil?  

Stolen Valour Canada, a group dedicated to exposing "posers and embellishers," advocates for the prosecution of offences under Section 419 of the Criminal Code.

Section 419 states that the acts are considered a summary conviction, which can carry a maximum of 6 months in prison and/or a maximum $5,000 fine.  

Given the details from the story it seems he has no money and a jail sentence would just cost taxpayers more money.  

Does anyone else think community service might be more beneficial in cases of stolen valour? 

I'm not saying have him collect money for poppies(veterans day is coming btw, I hope everyone here gets at least one) but I was thinking something along the lines of trash pickup, or something nasty like that.  

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There is not a whole lot that anyone can do, there are a lot of private organizations that hunt down posers, and turn them into to authorities , after they are exposed and embarrassed…. every year there are dozens that get caught, and every year there are dozens that take up the challenge... He is not the first RCR wannabe and I'm sure he is not going to be the last.. anyways what did this guy get a few meals,  couple beers at the legion so be it...no real harm done.... Maybe instead of sending our tax dollars to other countries maybe we could invest it in the homeless, give these guys a sense of pride so they don't have to be wannabes.

As for punishment perhaps he could spend some time volunteering in a vets hospital, tending or caring for some real vets... even if it was just to go in and keep them company , talk to them...I think all Canadians should do this right after the Nov 11 parades...they really enjoy the company, and you can pay your respects to a real vet, most of these hospitals have each vets bio on the outside of their door...it explains who he is , what they did, what conflict they were in, and what medals they earned....most of them are by themselves now, forced into a home, wife's are passed on... they are just waiting their turn....anyways.....find your local VA hospital, go on down ask if you can pay some respect to our nations vets ...bring a smile to someone face this year for remembrance day. 

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On 11/1/2019 at 8:58 PM, Army Guy said:

As for punishment perhaps he could spend some time volunteering in a vets hospital, tending or caring for some real vets...

We should just draft them.  If you front like you are one of us, you should get a taste.

26 weeks.  Depot then Battleschool, have fun.

You like defaulters?  Want to pull duty at the duty center in Y-101 on Christmas Eve? 

Knock yourself out, take my defaulters duty, please do.

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I beat the system tho.  I met my girlfriend  when she was working at the Beckers.

I rode my mountain bike down to the Beckers and asked her out.

Changed my world, she and her family took me in, made Pet my home.

The CSM hit me with duty at Christmas, but I just did the 24 hrs,  then me and my new girlfriend were all alone in G101

The greatest Christmas of my life,  pretty young lady in my bed, nobody around, G101 was our love nest.  Good times.

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I've never encountered anybody doing this, if I did,  and  I felt like I had to say something, I would fall back on my training.

CF doctrine is to take the professional approach and all members can speak from their experience

So I would conduct myself with a military bearing, show my military (ret.) ID, identify myself and speak to them calmly and professionally

I would explain that it is wrong and why its wrong, then I would politely ask them to knock it off

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I don't wear my decorations, I don't have anything to wear them with, I don't have any uniforms, I turned it all in, and I don't wear one of those Legion outfits, I don't like the Legion.

My medals just sit here in my desk, I never take them out

I don't go to Remembrance Day anymore neither,  every day is remembrance day, and  I don't want to hang out with civvies and talk about it.

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It's not about me.   Like people would come up to me on Remembrance Day and start asking about me,  and I'd feel embarrassed. 

I would just start talking about the fallen,  I was lucky, i made it out unscathed,  it's Frank Mellish's kids, or Ainsworth Dyer  when he was a kid,  that's who I'm thinking about.

i just watch it on tv.  They put the local ceremony indoors anyways, in the hockey arena,  I hate that, I don't do Remembrance Day indoors.


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I grew up in the projects  with a neighbor who was a Second World War vet.

He was with the Irish Regiment of Canada in Italy.  I used to go to his apartment and he would chain smoke and tell me stories about the war.

Walter.   He had a lovely ex-Pat English wife, they were lovely people.

He couldn't even go to Remembrance Day, nor any other military ceremony.

It was too traumatic, he couldn't handle it.

So I used to just sit with him and we'd watch it on tv together.

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