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The Root of all Fascism


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51 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

FDR, probably the greatest president.  Don't know where the fascist comparison comes in.  He walked government through the two greatest American crises since the Civil War. 


Nope.....Lincoln is uniformly regarded as the greatest U.S. president.   Europe's 2nd big war was not supported by isolationist America until Dec 1941.

FDR admired Mussolini and tried to implement like policies during the Great Depression.   He was challenged on many fronts and lost some battles in the U.S. Supreme Court.

FDR pushed constitutional boundaries far more than anything Trump could ever dream of.

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Fascism, as all sane people know, is the crisis form of capitalism, when it allows lower-middle-class gangsters to take over and destroy the organisations of the working class.   Its ideology is any old-fashioned bilge that will get the support of the local mugs.    This means that racism, for instance, is not a necessary mark of fascism, even in places like 'Israel', because crooks always use pukish old ideas like 'race'.   Trump is just a pathetic shambles who longs for a capitalist collapse to help him silence opposition.

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8 hours ago, Scott Mayers said:

#1. I'm confused at your point. In the ancient times as they were transitioning from hunting and gathering, they had to meet together and negotiate a means of creating a civilization. Thus the 'tribal' concept of fascism was originally a call to agree that each of the DIFFERENT tribes shared something in common even though they did not necessarily agree on which truth about Nature itself presided. As such, they needed a means to agree not to fight with each other on the bases that "together,...they hold strong; but that divided they fall." That is ALL that the original 'fascist' concept referred to. By putting aside their differences  but focusing on their common link to the LAND, they agreed that at least for those conspiring, they agreed they had a right to lands in times where relative outsiders where taking over. This theme is common to people regardless of having any particular religion or none at all. 

#2. If you look at HOW they used some common theme by creating or recreating some myth about their roots to the land by some 'favor of the gods', this was their means of adding emotive force to their coalition. This is what those like the National Socialists recognized was powerful. The use of declaring some link to Nature ("God" == "Nature" to them), they wanted to establish a justifiable reason to take back their lands when foreign powers were utilizing the ignorance of the tribes to claim land, just as the North American Natives were treated when Europeans came over. That is, the religion and tribalism used to bring people together is an accident due to the traditional peoples losing power in lands they were from. 

#3. You need to first recognize the actual problem before you can attack them. "Fascism" isn't a cause but a reflected result of things like poverty of a larger subset of people in a place their ancestors originally came from. As such you need to focus on solutions to the FACTS, not the emotive religious effects that follow because of it.

#4. This is NOT unique to fascism but to most political groups. When a relative 'native' population becomes isolated and trapped AS OUTSIDERS in their own lands, by virtue of becoming impoverished at the expense of initially welcoming outsiders, the result is for those 'tribes' (as 'floaters' upon the land) rebel with reason. The end result is some movement where some FORCE is used to an unusual extreme to overthrow those in power. Muhammad was a war hero but at the time created a coalition of disparate groups of a similar condition. The 'religion' came AFTER the change and is more often amplified with reverence to the heroes who brought this about long after those heroes die. That is, the 'religion' of Islam was not of Muhammad necessarily but of a latter community reflecting on who brought them 'peace'. 

#5. Sanctioned violence comes from more than one side. The extremes of the desperate only appear relatively more vile by those presently in power who by default have the bigger guns and so don't NEED to appear this way. But it doesn't mean they aren't as 'evil' in their own behavior. 

#6. "Fascism" and MORE relevantly, "National Socialism", is specifically about connecting the tribes to a common myth about who they are with respect to the land. They do this by focusing on their genetic roots because only genetics is the more apparent common link of those tribes. Islam is not even a good example of this in its origin. They use a religious means to do this because it says that Nature (via God) dictates that they are somehow MORE justly the rightful owners of the land. As such, this gets used to both get others to join in and to find emotional power to fight....especially when they are by default 'weak' and divided normally.

#7. ["National Socialism" meant to favor 'socially' those 'Native' to a region and to their common genetic group wherever they expand to with exception. So one who is German by Hitler's concept is also extended to Germans even wherever they can be empowered to conquer. So they were a tad bit more 'racist' than the Italian form of Nationalism. They borrowed this concept from their beliefs of why the Jews themselves were strong and exclusive wherever they existed such as their 'Diaspora'. Our North American Natives are being oddly encouraged to STRENGTHEN this idea of themselves without those encouraging this to recognize what WILL be a problem in some future should they collectively take a stance with sufficient power.]

#1. I apologize but I am in stark disagreement with your usage of 'fascism' in describing a means to facilitate the prevention of fighting. You are certainly not describing fascism here. Fascism involves the FORCIBLE suppression of differing views and expressions of those views. This characteristic is all channeled through a single dictator archetype (either Muhammad or Hitler are prime examples) and backed by... in the case of both aforementioned people, the primary objective of Islam: eradicate the Jews. Muhammad, like Hitler, and now like Justin Trudeau, are using (drawing) their power backed by a greater power but functioning as a dictator. This gives them the ability to use forcible suppression of differing views and expressions of those views. Muhammad (Islam) is precisely a 'nobody-becomes-rich-becomes-politician-becomes-warlord' which employs FASCISM by default.

#2. And in the case of Islam, that 'emotive force' is that Muhammad talked to an angel in his head that told him to commit genocide on Jews and fight all 'unbelievers' and that he was an apostle of 'Allah'. In reality, he was an illiterate man who was hand-picked by a powerful group of Jews, married to a rich Christian woman, turned politician turned warlord that began the bloodshed that continues today. When a single man has that much power/wealth, and falls, there will always consequently result in a bloodbath to take that power. This is PRECISELY what happened when Muhammad died - the power of the caliphate bounced through several severed heads. Do you see the connection between fascism and dictatorship leading to genocide (in the case of Islam against Jews) and bloodshed for power? It's very clear to me - and it has stood the test of time ever since Muhammad performed it 1400 years ago. Adolf Hitler is precisely what Muhammad would have been 1400 years ago - failed and disgruntled nobody turned politician turned leader of the socialist movement turned believing he was doing the work of God.

#3. I'm not sure what you mean by "attack". I'm not attacking anyone or anything - in fact I do feel sorry for the Muslims that don't realize the true foundation of their political (religious) doctrine. The only fact that is important here is that the Muslims believe they are fighting for a cause that is based on a false premise: that the Qur'an is the perfect word of God (it is a forged book comprised of Syriac liturgy) and that Muhammad was... something other than what ended up being a literal warlord complete with a human trafficking (slave) system that funded his expansion.

#4. The natives become impoverished because they are attacked from within by a fascism regime (such as Islam) which has an entire doctrine related to how to tax non-Muslims such that the legal/social systems and services begin to collapse along with the political stability. This is all programmed into Islam because Muhammad is the archetypal "pattern of conduct" which demonstrate how to do it. This is why Barack H. Obama is a good example of political infiltration: he is a Muslim and his assignment was to weaken/cripple the U.S. from within. Such a thing could at least be avoided if we did not have an entire civilization of people (technically slaves) believing that a forged book is the perfect word of God and that a warlord is the best way to live. That is categorical insanity - indeed even Mark Twain succinctly stated that when he read the Qur'an, he knew that every Muhammadan is insane; but not in all things, only religion. He is 100% correct - technically every Muhammadan is insane to the very extend he/she allows the construct of Islam to mold their being. When you start to factor in the FGM, killing of ceremonial (annual) livestock spilling blood, men were instructed to beat women - and most importantly, women/children 'left over' from any conquest feeds the human trafficking business, and Muhammad and his inner circle had numerous sex slaves.

#5. Indeed it does - because fundamentally there is only one hand controlling both sides, because that is how Judaism is designed: it controls both side so as to have complete control over 'lesser' beings. Islam has a Jewish substrate and Muhammad was taught by Jews and put into power by them. The Jews made themselves the enemy because... both sides. Islam is technically the 'slave army' and military arm of Judaism: this is what the Muslim does not realize, that their religion is designed around a central idol on purpose to enslave them, just as Christianity is the same. After Muhammad and by the time of Uthman, many different versions of the Qur'an existed as 'test books' until he burned them all and produced the current, which is more or less what we have today. Again: it was put out-of-order on purpose to conceal their methods. We are talking about an empire based on a dark-ages model of idol imitation/worship. This comes full circle with fascism's tie to religion such as Christianity and Islam: they are inter-related and absolutely inseparable.

#6. I'm sorry but I'm not going to accept that fascism has anything to do with land. If anything, fascism leads to the justification to take/conquer another land, which Islam has been doing for 1400 years. And Christianity before it is no better: they are both the same fundamental structure of idol-based state theocracies.

#7. Well at least you associated racism with fascism: racism is one of the first out the door as fascism begins to rise. In any event, it divides humanity into 'groups' which is divisive. Islam does precisely this in its own capacity as a global 'state' like in your example of Hitler having power over Germans outside of the country. In the case of Islam, all of humanity is divided between believer and unbeliever and the eventual outcome of the unbeliever is: convert, or be taxed, or be killed. That is the necessary end result of any being living on this planet so long as Islam remains a FASCIST and TOTALITARIAN political ("religious") entity which continues to attack all non-Muslims as instructed by the Qur'an. Islam, by structure and design, is inherently fascist: like a 1400-year-running central dictatorship with several pseudo-dictators rising and falling trying to control the power. All it takes is one powerful  to rise within Islam and start directing the global attack, as almost everything has sleeper cells and is deeply compromised by now. Another genocide was/is being planned by the Muhammadans because that's what Islam will always manufacture: powerful dictator individuals that use their power to suppress the voices of those who oppose their ideology. Say hello to the hundreds of millions (mostly Muslims) already dead and potentially many hundreds of millions more if humanity does not SEE the real root of fascism which deeply seated in both the Christian and Islamic empires.


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