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  1. #1. I apologize but I am in stark disagreement with your usage of 'fascism' in describing a means to facilitate the prevention of fighting. You are certainly not describing fascism here. Fascism involves the FORCIBLE suppression of differing views and expressions of those views. This characteristic is all channeled through a single dictator archetype (either Muhammad or Hitler are prime examples) and backed by... in the case of both aforementioned people, the primary objective of Islam: eradicate the Jews. Muhammad, like Hitler, and now like Justin Trudeau, are using (drawing) their power backed by a greater power but functioning as a dictator. This gives them the ability to use forcible suppression of differing views and expressions of those views. Muhammad (Islam) is precisely a 'nobody-becomes-rich-becomes-politician-becomes-warlord' which employs FASCISM by default. #2. And in the case of Islam, that 'emotive force' is that Muhammad talked to an angel in his head that told him to commit genocide on Jews and fight all 'unbelievers' and that he was an apostle of 'Allah'. In reality, he was an illiterate man who was hand-picked by a powerful group of Jews, married to a rich Christian woman, turned politician turned warlord that began the bloodshed that continues today. When a single man has that much power/wealth, and falls, there will always consequently result in a bloodbath to take that power. This is PRECISELY what happened when Muhammad died - the power of the caliphate bounced through several severed heads. Do you see the connection between fascism and dictatorship leading to genocide (in the case of Islam against Jews) and bloodshed for power? It's very clear to me - and it has stood the test of time ever since Muhammad performed it 1400 years ago. Adolf Hitler is precisely what Muhammad would have been 1400 years ago - failed and disgruntled nobody turned politician turned leader of the socialist movement turned believing he was doing the work of God. #3. I'm not sure what you mean by "attack". I'm not attacking anyone or anything - in fact I do feel sorry for the Muslims that don't realize the true foundation of their political (religious) doctrine. The only fact that is important here is that the Muslims believe they are fighting for a cause that is based on a false premise: that the Qur'an is the perfect word of God (it is a forged book comprised of Syriac liturgy) and that Muhammad was... something other than what ended up being a literal warlord complete with a human trafficking (slave) system that funded his expansion. #4. The natives become impoverished because they are attacked from within by a fascism regime (such as Islam) which has an entire doctrine related to how to tax non-Muslims such that the legal/social systems and services begin to collapse along with the political stability. This is all programmed into Islam because Muhammad is the archetypal "pattern of conduct" which demonstrate how to do it. This is why Barack H. Obama is a good example of political infiltration: he is a Muslim and his assignment was to weaken/cripple the U.S. from within. Such a thing could at least be avoided if we did not have an entire civilization of people (technically slaves) believing that a forged book is the perfect word of God and that a warlord is the best way to live. That is categorical insanity - indeed even Mark Twain succinctly stated that when he read the Qur'an, he knew that every Muhammadan is insane; but not in all things, only religion. He is 100% correct - technically every Muhammadan is insane to the very extend he/she allows the construct of Islam to mold their being. When you start to factor in the FGM, killing of ceremonial (annual) livestock spilling blood, men were instructed to beat women - and most importantly, women/children 'left over' from any conquest feeds the human trafficking business, and Muhammad and his inner circle had numerous sex slaves. #5. Indeed it does - because fundamentally there is only one hand controlling both sides, because that is how Judaism is designed: it controls both side so as to have complete control over 'lesser' beings. Islam has a Jewish substrate and Muhammad was taught by Jews and put into power by them. The Jews made themselves the enemy because... both sides. Islam is technically the 'slave army' and military arm of Judaism: this is what the Muslim does not realize, that their religion is designed around a central idol on purpose to enslave them, just as Christianity is the same. After Muhammad and by the time of Uthman, many different versions of the Qur'an existed as 'test books' until he burned them all and produced the current, which is more or less what we have today. Again: it was put out-of-order on purpose to conceal their methods. We are talking about an empire based on a dark-ages model of idol imitation/worship. This comes full circle with fascism's tie to religion such as Christianity and Islam: they are inter-related and absolutely inseparable. #6. I'm sorry but I'm not going to accept that fascism has anything to do with land. If anything, fascism leads to the justification to take/conquer another land, which Islam has been doing for 1400 years. And Christianity before it is no better: they are both the same fundamental structure of idol-based state theocracies. #7. Well at least you associated racism with fascism: racism is one of the first out the door as fascism begins to rise. In any event, it divides humanity into 'groups' which is divisive. Islam does precisely this in its own capacity as a global 'state' like in your example of Hitler having power over Germans outside of the country. In the case of Islam, all of humanity is divided between believer and unbeliever and the eventual outcome of the unbeliever is: convert, or be taxed, or be killed. That is the necessary end result of any being living on this planet so long as Islam remains a FASCIST and TOTALITARIAN political ("religious") entity which continues to attack all non-Muslims as instructed by the Qur'an. Islam, by structure and design, is inherently fascist: like a 1400-year-running central dictatorship with several pseudo-dictators rising and falling trying to control the power. All it takes is one powerful to rise within Islam and start directing the global attack, as almost everything has sleeper cells and is deeply compromised by now. Another genocide was/is being planned by the Muhammadans because that's what Islam will always manufacture: powerful dictator individuals that use their power to suppress the voices of those who oppose their ideology. Say hello to the hundreds of millions (mostly Muslims) already dead and potentially many hundreds of millions more if humanity does not SEE the real root of fascism which deeply seated in both the Christian and Islamic empires.
  2. It is not weird - I have read the history of Muhammad's political/military career. He established human trafficking 'businesses' (Muhammad was a merchant) that funded the expansion and/or jihad. Men of military age were beheaded, women and children were absorbed into the empire and 'given' to front-line jihadists to be used as their personal sex slaves. This is why in Islam it is legislated that a woman may not refuse her husband sex unless she is ill or menstruating. This legislation is pro-slavery (as Islam is absolutely pro-slavery) and encourages over-breeding to produce migrants that perform the hijrah (essentially invasion) and start draining resources from within non-Muslims nations. The wealthy business owners, lawyers, bankers, politicians etc. pay into these human trafficking rings by 'buying' sex slaves that can be used at their own discretion. Unfortunately, because such things are censored, the mainstream public does not even know about these underground network - but they are not only vast, they are multi-billion dollar establishments. Human trafficking is absolutely tied to Islam, because the whole structure of Islam RELIES on taking income from such trafficking.
  3. #1. Indeed the problem does come to the understanding of evil. In fact, the very first story in the first book of Moses (a figure whom is regarded as a true prophet of the biblical God of Abraham and/or Allah) deals with the problem of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and how it surely leads to death. The problem enters with the religious institutions established on committing this very act: labeling the 'other' as evil. When I use the term fascism as it relates to religions such as Christianity and Islam, it is closely related to the problem of evil. These are the people projecting their own 'evil' outward at others based on the doctrines of their respective authorities. I am not here to call people evil - neither Christian nor Muslim nor secularist - but rather identify that their idolatrous institutions are based on a fascism scheme by default. This gives rise to state-sanctioned anti-blasphemy laws such as one can not criticize Muhammad, Qur'an or Islam which is totalitarianism. #2. The understanding of fascism need not go any further than any state-sanctioned and enforced laws relating to the suppression of opposition voices. That is what leads to the collapse of any 'state' into dictatorship that carrier out the totalitarian goal(s) which, with regards to Islam, happens to be the genocide of the Jews, then Christians, then everyone else. Is it really a coincidence that within a generation or so there was a genocide of Jews that took place? Do we see the link between religious ambition and political dictatorship yet? Islam is designed as a political force, not a religious one. Please understand the life of the historical Muhammad to understand how he went from preacher to warlord. It's the path of a dictator - and Muslims imitate his pattern of conduct for a living. Problem? Fascism must be viewed in this light - it is directly related to Muhammad. #3. See two responses above for connection. #4. See two responses above. I did not claim Islam is uniquely fascist, as Roman Catholicism most certainly was: state-sanctioned belief that Jesus is Lord and Savior. Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah and must be emulated for a living. These are both fascist institutions that find their roots in the dark ages of man. I therefor do not claim that Islam is uniquely 'the' source of fascism, but rather Islam is rooted in fascism. #5. You are bringing genetics into this again. This has absolutely nothing to do with genetics. In fact, Muhammad belonged to the Quraysh tribe that ended up wiping all other tribes out and formed the basis of Islam. So if you are arguing that "root of fascism is about favoring ones' family (genetic) heritage with respect to some place that" then Muhammad and Islam has a purely fascist root, by your own definition. Once again, one must understand the history of the Quraysh tribe and Muhammad's rise to power. #6. I don't care how it is "interpreted" by anyone. Truth is not about interpretation; truth is about truth. If people are insecure about the truth, they are the ones who become violent. Systems such as Islam use state-sanctioned (totalitarian) suppression and subjugation of freedom of speech/expression especially as it relates to Islam (the state) itself. Forcible suppression of this nature is inherently fascist. The reason I am speaking about this is because presently Islam has 'subdued' almost all Western nations (first through the UN wherein they tried to make it a global law that Islam/Qur'an/Muhammad may not be criticized) and is actively collecting 'jizyah' taxes - essentially draining Western economies and feeding this money toward jihad, the cause of Islam, which is totalitarian control of the entire planet under a Sharia state. That will lead to the successive rise of powerful dictators that will routinely order genocides against anyone that opposes them and their 'cause of Allah' just as Muhammad did. Let us not forget, Muhammad committed genocide against Jews in exactly the same way Hitler did. The entire framework of Islam is to produce a genocide machine for Jews until they are all gone. This is the same battle humanity fought against Hitler - a powerful dictator that slaughtered Jews - but this time it is on a much bigger scale yet, and the Liberal/Democratic parties are actually in favor of this (even if they don't realize it). That's why Justin Trudeau is absolutely aiding and abetting a hostile foreign entity by opening the borders and his 'connections' to Ali Khan etc. It's all connected but too many people can not see the 40 000ft. view.
  4. Now take the root of CLASS word: they are both empires based on a singular model that involves emulating the pattern of conduct and/or example of a man. Regarding Islam and Christianity this is Muhammad and Jesus respectively. This ties it all back into my original position: that these two empires are inherently idolatrous and are the sources of fascism. The fruits of fascism emerge from within the political realm but find their genesis from the religious one: Bolshevism being a product of Judaism is a prime example. To your next comment: I understand the origins of Christianity before it was even Christianity. Christianity is a solar myth which attempts to describe the function of the sun on our solar system. The sun travels through twelve posts that we know as the calendar January-December. The Greeks had their names/deities for them, the Romans had their own names/deities for them, and Jesus is depicted surrounded by his twelve apostles. These are all solar myth stories that describe the function of the sun. Similarly, Islam is a lunar religion: the angel Gabriel is the moon and Islam utilizes the moon (NOT the sun as Westerners) to keep track of time. West and East are correlated to the functions of the sun and moon respectively: the Western world has its Solar Christianity, the East has its Lunar Islam. Both 'religions' are forgeries from prior ones and are inherently fascist because they both employ an idolatrous scheme. To your next comment: I do not understand your use of GENETICS as if genetics are in any way relevant. I do acknowledge this applies to all religions - I am merely using Christianity and Islam as examples because they are the two biggest 'players' when we are talking about committing genocide. Christianity and Islam both spread by the sword. The difference with Islam is treating Islam as a 'religion' is wholly inappropriate and will likely cause confusion: Islam is NOT a religion. This is what the West needs to understand: the widely-distributed Qur'an is arranged out of order on purpose - it is to conceal the "pattern of conduct" of Muhammad such that the non-Muslims can not comprehend what is actually happening while Islam penetrates the social/political/economic layers of a non-Muslim nation which, by default in Islam, is hostile and in a state of war against Islam. There are two halves of the Qur'an: how to infiltrate, then how do commit genocide from within. It is a wholly political system - the religious component is given to everyone in order to bind them to the pattern of conduct (idol) that is Muhammad. To your next comment and challenge: I accept and already provided the explanation above. Understanding Islam as a religion is erroneous - it is a political system through and through. I have no religious affiliations: I have spent much time researching the history of Islam, the history of the Qur'an, the history of Muhammad, the origins of Christianity, the Hebrew language and reading Genesis in the proper Hebrew, and such things as astrology/astronomy, masonry, and listen often to lectures from various gnostic sources. I don't believe anything - what I know I know, what I do not know I do not know. I do not know many things about many topics, but one of the topics I'm prepared to defend is thus: The problem of fascism leading to genocide is not new - it has existed on this planet for thousands of years. It is the same ongoing war being fought: humanity against itself. Christianity stole much of its esoteric teachings from earlier groups, then called them pagans/infidels/cannibals and slaughtered whoever did not confess Jesus as lord and savior. Islam does precisely the same: divides the world between "us" and "them" via the same believer/unbeliever mindset and use a system called 'Islam' to slowly mix in among the "unbelievers" and turn their own political/social/legal constructions against them until they are subdued and ultimately either they accept Islam or they are taxed/killed off (if a man of military age). The women and children are circulated to the human trafficking rings that Muhammad established in Islam. It has been running on this planet for 1400 years, and the Vatican has their own sexual depravity that is about to go mainstream involving little children. And so this is why I emphasize that the problem is on BOTH sides: East and West. There is not a single contention I have against Islam that I couldn't likewise make against Christianity. They are both inherently idolatrous and just as much a problem as the other. I would stand to agree with Muslims when they claim that the Bible is obviously adulterated and the Vatican is essentially the headquarters for Western pedophilia. I agree that they have preserved theirs much better. However, their principle claim is that the Qur'an is the perfect, inimitable, unaltered, inerrant word of the creator of the universe is patently false, and this is what the Muslim believes as the center of his/her faith which is all feeding into the political system that is Islam which leads to... fascism and genocide, beginning with Jews and moving on to Christians/Whites.
  5. I stopped reading at this point. One of the main (and most destructive) characteristics of fascism is the forcible oppression of any/all opposition. Islam as a political entity employs the systematic degradation and subjugation of those who do not follow the faith. Motion M-103 in Canada is an example of Islam attempting to minimize opposition to it by calling for a 'whole of government approach' to tackling "Islamophobia" which is another fascist term used to label people that criticize Islam. Islam is absolutely saturated with fascist ideology - that one cannot question the Qur'an, Muhammad, or Islam is inherently fascist.
  6. Generally, fascism can be described as 'forcible suppression of opposition'. Examining the history of the Catholic Church and the present-day Islamic empire, one finds forcible suppression of opposition. Examine the Sharia anti-blasphemy laws of Islam and motion M-103 in Canada. These are examples of silencing opposition.
  7. To the first point - indeed there are different ways to interpret those symbols. But interpretation is not truth - there can only ever be one truth that is not bound to the influence of time whatsoever, hence the expression "truth is always in plain sight" because that's all can ever be present. This part is not conjecture - there is a cyclic process in nature that involves a coming into being, a sustenance, and a dissolution. This is the same cycle that is depicted by the Hindu pantheon Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer respectively. These three elements are universal in all life - it doesn't matter if it is elemental, mineral, plant, animal, human etc. Therefor every mythological work attempts to describe the 'ultimate' that underlies this process of creation/destruction. Technically speaking, this is the same as when the character of Jesus (whom Christianity/Islam say is a legitimate prophet) stated that a man must be "born again" - this after having undergone a first death. This is technically why Moses was shown the promised land but had to die before getting there. This leads us into the last part of what you asked. These patriarchs were originally never intended to be understood as physical people that physically lived on the planet. They all represent the archetypes that progressively descend from ... what people in this day and age refer to as 'God' but is technically called the world of Aziluth by Moses according to his own Hebrew language (which is why I learned Hebrew to understand exactly what Moses was saying). The books of Moses are written in such a way that Adam evolves his way into Christ 'the messiah' or Yoheshua. So each major patriarch such as Abram, Moses etc. represent the archetypes that fill a human being once they have reached those same initiations. Yoheshua (Christ) therefor states "before Abraham, I am" which is the name of 'God' given to Moses on Sinai: in Hebrew "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" or translated in English as "I am that I am" or "I become that I become". So technically speaking, every man/woman born begins as Adam/Eve and the entire "path" involves walking in the shoes of each successive patriarch until one undergoes his/her own Christ which is the "only way" to Kether which is 'Father' on the tree of life. However the Hebraic mythology is only one vehicle/device that one can use to understand his/her own being. The Hindu pantheon served the Hindus in the same way, as many of the characters are the same (ex. Brahma is Abrahm). The only two idols upon which entire empires are built upon are Jesus (Catholicism and Christianities and there numerous denominations) and Muhammad (Islam and/or the Ottoman empire). Both of these empires are based on idolatrous models erected in the darkest ages of man. There is a cycle that lasts 25920 years called the Great Year wherein human consciousness rises into the 'golden' age and descends into the 'dark' age. Our last golden age was near 12 500 BCE and our last dark age was in 500 AD. Christianity/Islam both did rise within a few hundred years of this cycle that has steered the world toward materialism, empirism, degradation of women etc. and they are still standing today because adherents worship their respective idols. Try telling a Muslim or a Christian their empire is built upon a purposefully idolatrous scheme to enslave them to the empire, and they will likely want to kill you - the Muhammadans especially. This is why Islam 'protects' the idol of Muhammad to such an extent as to legislate the death penalty for criticizing or depicting Muhammad - it's not preventing idolatry, it IS idolatry: protecting the idol at all cost. This is why hundreds of millions of people are dead - books and idols. I only wish to see humanity outgrow such destructive beliefs as the Bible and/or Qur'an are perfect, inimitable etc. and that the conduct of Jesus and/or Muhammad are perfect and should be imitated/protected. This is all products of dark ages thinking that leads to human suffering and death.
  8. This is all true - and yet runs deeper than that. We must never ignore the fact that a Bolshevik society has (Talmudic) Jewish origins. These Jews have as their ultimate authority the Torah/Talmud. So back we are again to holy books - in the case of Judaism, we are talking about first the books of Moses (which is Hebraic mythology) and various others including books and even oral traditions. Islam is all a product of this - it contains a Judaic substrate that has elements of a Christian heresy, such as Jesus/Isa will return to redeem humanity. That entire concept is a misunderstanding of the Judaic 'messiah' which is not a person, it is something that descends into man directly if he/she has done the necessary work within themselves. This 'messiah' archetype got imbued into Jesus - which is a Greek name - and Islam under the name Isa Ibn Miriam. Technically speaking, both are idols (as is Muhammad) under the perspective of Judaism and therefor empires erected under such models of the masses imitating a concept man (Jesus/Muhammad) are false and thus subject to rulership of a higher authority. This grants Jews the power/ownership over them because they both break the laws handed to Moses, as Moses technically controlled both sides as well. So Islam can be seen as the 'military arm' of Judaism - this is why it is calculated to label the Jews (themselves) as the enemy, because if they control both sides (ally/enemy) then they are its ruler. This is a Bolshevik system - those operating within it are at the mercy of two or more powers fighting for global dominance. So that same communist element in Bolshevik also involves Islam, because Islam is a product of Judaism that also gave rise to it. In any event, the genocides that have occurred and may yet occur if people do not come together. This divide/conquer system is a rinse/repeat process and can be extended ad infinitum unless humanity 'wakes up' and deals with its source. This must involve an attempt to reconcile the East / West under one system (which it technically always is as far as the source of creation is concerned) to systematically eliminate human suffering. The problem is when someone starts talking about a 'new world order' people will/have freak out and they start forming an 'enemy' in their minds that must be fought, and only chaos will result. This is actually related to the problem of the tree of knowledge of good/evil as eating from it (or dividing creation in two: good vs. evil) will only cause death - indeed this is true. The problem is institutions such as Cathoicism/Christianity and Islam don't know (thus teach) their adherents such mysteries so that they make sense to people. We have people believing Adam and Eve were to physical people that were made by 'God' thousands of years ago. They thus brainwash their adherents with falsities for power/control, and we have two major global empires: Catholicism and Islamic - that are built on the structure of erecting an idol / central figure to emulate/imitate for a living, which causes rivalry and war between other empires utilizing the same (false) teachings. I'm sorry to mix politics with religion but topics involving Islam will always do this because Islam is not a religion, it is a comprehensive political system, identical with any major empire. It essentially is a material/political empire that is based on endless conquest until the entire world is subdued.
  9. Consider the general concept 'state censorship'. In this 'state' the central power effectively controls what information is available to its own population. For example, China is considered a communist state as it does not have an open press, but rather all open-broadcast release of information must be state-sanctioned and approved. This is an example of 'state censorship'. Replace China with Islam. Islam, when Sharia is enforced, effectively is the ability to enforce "laws" that are in accordance with Islam. The first of these is anti-blasphemy: controlling what one may and/or may not say. In Islam under a Sharia-enforced 'state', ANY criticism of the Qur'an, Muhammad and/or Islam is the death penalty. Islamic Sharia also enforces apostasy laws likewise calling for execution. Look at Iran: you have BEAUTIFUL women dreaming of a day to actually BE a BEAUTIFUL woman without: 1. Getting raped by sick men 2. Getting covered up by equally sick men 3. Getting forced into arranged marriages - sometimes as young girls Imagine being born as a beautiful woman in such an atmosphere as one controlled by Sharia: very unpleasant. Imagine being indoctrinated at a young age to practically IDOLIZE Muhammad (Muhammad is one of humanities most destructive "idols" which violates the Ten Commandments - Muhammad himself violated them profusely). Also consider that every single Muslim on the planet must perform a ceremony "testimony" of faith. This is important because Moses (Moshe in Hebrew, Musa in Arabic - there was only one Hebrew Moshe) whom, even according to the Muslims from their mouths, was indeed a prophet. Therefor it must necessarily follow that the Ten Commandments (as delivered in their original Hebrew form) are solid in form and hold true the test of all time. That is the nature of truth: it is eternal and is always present/manifest - the "truth in plain sight". So Islam has essentially hijacked a completely Hebrew (Jewish) tradition (Abram and Moses were Hebrews) and Arabicized (if I can coin the term) all of the prophets and added their own at the end. What is left - the Jews, are precisely the target of the Muslims - instigated by Muhammad, who led his entire empire/operation based on human trafficking, only to die and have his power pass through several slit throats and rival groups until we end up with Sunni/Shia which is a 1400 year conflict responsible for the death of 170 000 000+ and counting. And all of this is based on a totalitarian "religion" which is actually a 'state' dressed in religious clothing, designed to systematically wage war on the unbelievers and exterminate the Jews until every last one of them is dead. This is precisely what they have been doing, and will continue to do so long as they believe that the final authority in matters concerning life/death is belief that the Qur'an is the perfect word of God and to give ones own life to the "cause of Allah". Believing something that is not true to be absolutely 100% true is insanity - the transfer of this from Islam into the West is via the "Globalist" Socialist/Democratic parties, because Islam has prepared and wished to unleash another global bid for world dominance after its failed attempt in WW2. This is precisely why Sir Winston Churchill said the following: “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” And in this Churchill is 100% correct - the goal of Islam is to retro-censor statements like this, but Churchill's knowledge of this cold reality is what advised his victory in WW2 - the refusal to adopt a totalitarian state such as Fascist Nazism. Fascist Nazism itself is a product of Islam when traced back through the proxies - genocide of Jews/Disbelievers. Humanity barely overcame it the last time when it arose in Germany - I want to have faith in humanity to overcome it entirely this time, but the 40 000ft view reveals to me that the only solution is East and West must allow criticism of one another without censorship - including claims questioning the veracity of such statements as "the Qur'an is the perfect word of the creator of the universe." Such beliefs represent the very insanity that characterizes the dark ages: like recurring plagues of Egypt. Humanity needs to rid itself of these old idolatrous empires which are based on false claims and forge a path to lasting peace that involves no bloodshed. The entire point is to stop the bloodshed.
  10. To your first point, take the Sunni/Shia conflict within Islam as an example of internal conflict. This is precisely what is owing to the fundamental problem of Islam as both a religion and/or political entity: The belief that the Qur'an is the perfect, inimitable, unaltered, inerrant word of the creator of the universe is false. This renders Muhammad as not a prophet, but rather precisely what his real sunnah depicts him as: a pillaging warlord that established human trafficking 'businesses' in order to fund his jihad/expansion. This is why Islam begins religiously, and ends politically, because it actually is a political system disguised as a religion. The Qur'an is essentially forged from Syriac texts and is an obvious heresy of Christianity as both Christianity and Islam are 'awaiting' the return of Jesus/Isa. This unifies both Sunni/Shia as one: they are both in error for the same reason: the book they follow is a man-made book. In fact, this is what is causing the bloodshed in the first place - believf that the Qur'an is the perfect word of the creator of the universe is a major catalyst to supremacist attitudes (Believer/Unbeliever) that label people as lesser "infidel" which is precisely what Islam does. This is where fascism enters because its seed is 'literally' in Islam. Now to your second point(s): Yes the Muslims are ordered to obey the law of the land. There is a reason for this: when a Muslim actively in jihad emigrates (invades) a non-Muslim country, they are expected to blend in and obey the laws of that land so as to not garner any attention whatsoever from the host nation on both a small scale and large scale. This is precisely necessary to set the foundation of the larger invasion that comes later in the Qur'an. This is not a teaching of virtue, as you are framing it; it is a simple order to avoid every possible 'barrier' for eventual jihad. It is designed that way militarily. Muslims that claim that 'extremists' do not represent Islam is a product of the programming/dogma that is instilled in the mind of a Muslim at a very young age - we must remember that all Muslim children typically read the Qur'an privately with an instructor(s) who teach them. The book itself is manufactured in order to condition the Muslim to immediately attach to Muhammad, who was purposefully constructed as an idol by being given traits such as: best pattern of conduct, best example, model man etc. The women are taught one view of Muhammad that appeals to the 'dream man' stereotype. The men are taught a different view that is accordance to jihad and expansion of the empire. This is Islam was constructed from day one and continues to operate: this is also the 'real' reason why Muslim men and women are divided in the mosque. Now to the following: "The agenda is either to whip up anti-Western sentiment or to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment." The agenda is not to whip up anything but open dialogue - my wish is for both West/East and/or Christians/Jews/Muslims to stop killing one another and for there to be lasting peace on the planet - the only way towards that lasting peace is for both Christians and Muslims to understand that both of their empires are idolatrous empires based on forged books. In the case of either, whichever side refuses to even address this issue will necessarily be the aggressor, and so far Islam continues to claim that the Qur'an is perfect, inimitable, unaltered, inerrant etc. when in fact it is not. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are programmed to 'defend' the integrity of the Qur'an and Muhammad with their very lives if necessary. "Either way, it is people like you and DoP and like ISIS who cause violence, not Muslims." I beg your pardon? It's people like the Muslims that shot up Charlie Hebdo over protecting the 'honor' of their psychological idol Muhammad that actually spill blood. Meanwhile, I am here trying to point out via dialogue what is the source of suffering and death on this planet. I went so far as to spend several months learning biblical Hebrew to understand what Moses (who is the patriarch of each of Judaism/christianity/Islam) actually taught in his own language, and compared it to Jesus and Muhammad. Muhammad was very obviously illiterate but it is clear to me he was illiterate for a reason - so people can understand what an illiterate person thinking 'Allah' is talking to him on a private channel is capable of doing. And you wish to accuse me of being like them who spill blood? I am trying to put an end to the spilling of blood by pointing out that each empire is based on an idolatrous scheme to subjugate people into idol worship - Christianity and Islam being the prime two. Islam as a seed will always generate the fruit of genocide (of Jews then non-Jews) - if not "hypocrite" Muslims being killed by "real" Muslims, then there are plenty of Jews yet to kill - followed by Christians who are presently experiencing (and have been) genocide at the hands of Muslims. It is of no question that Islam is designed as a perpetually-operating 'system' that leads non-Muslim nations through socialism (taking over the media, which Islam currently controls here in North America) leading into nationalism combined with an atmosphere of divisive identity politics to create civil war. Imagine the entire planet experiencing multiple civil wars. How do allies help each other when that happens? This is all by design - it is constructed in this way for a reason.
  11. Islam does not have "flavours" [sic] - there is only one Qur'an. You might be confusing "flavours" [sic] with degrees to which certain Muslims actually execute the pattern of conduct of Muhammad as they are instructed to by the Qur'an. The more one does this, the one more resembles Muhammad who, as we both know, committed genocide on Jews. This creates a spectrum - but the spectrum as a whole is one Islam - as it always has been owing to there being only one Qur'an and only one testimony in order to join Islam to become a 'Muslim': that there is no God or deity to worship, there is only Allah, and Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah. What Qur'an quotes are you talking about? And what on earth is an "inauthentic" opinion? All opinions are authentic - even if untrue. To all others: behold the substance of this users post: 1. Used a made-up expression "flavours of Islam" (similar to "Islamophobia") which is (are) essentially meaningless 2. Attempting to sever/conceal obvious relationship between Islam and terrorism by using meaningless terms such as "flavours of Islam" 3. Associating criticisms of Islam as "propaganda" 4. Attempts to undermine by using statements such as "not as a genuine personally held belief" and "inauthentic opinion What does this resemble?
  12. What does the term (word) 'fascism' actually refer to? From Wikipedia: Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, Are there any political institutions in existence that contain any of these characteristics? There are certainly institutions in existence that contain these characteristics in a broad sense: organized (institutionalized) religion, including (but not limited to) Christianity and Islam. When we observe the rise of fascism that led to the 'ultranationalist' stance that Adolf Hitler held: in particular his desire to eradicate all Jews from the face of the planet, we take note that within the last eight centuries, such a regime did rise in Germany. Here we have the rise of fascism leading into genocide of ... who? Jews. Are there any institutions (religious/political) that have a history of committing genocide on Jews? The answer is yes: Muhammad's Islam of the 7th century. It is indeed the case that the prophet of Islam systematically beheaded Jews (Khaybar) in both ceremonial and efficient fashion: the Jew was forced to dig a hole for there severed head to be buried in. We see the rise of fascism through-out the West closely related to Islam: -Increasing antisemitism (hatred of Jews) -Increasing pro-socialist propaganda that has penetrated global politics -Divisive politics: labeling "ists" and "isms" whenever a dissenting view is expressed -Motion M-103 now funding propaganda that targets "Islamophobes" here in Canada -Open borders/immigration These are all central components of the early stages of 'fascism'. I therefor submit the following: 1. The entire 'Western' world is presently undergoing a 'grand' jihad perpetrated by Islam, and has been for 1400 years. 2. Corrupt politicians are being 'bought' to (knowingly or unknowingly) support the ultimate goal of Islam. 3. Stupid/depraved politicians (Trudeau/Clintons) use money to purchase fame/sexual services offered in the 'dark market' of Islam (sex slavery / human trafficking) 4. 'Digital jihadists' are paid to silence criticisms (often by fascist means as outlined above) - the most prominent form being the term 'Islamophobe' 5. Adolf Hitler was a 'puppet' acting in accordance with the ultimate goal of Islam which includes extermination of Jews Understanding the connection of Islam to fascism; Hitler to Muhammad leads one to the obvious: Islam is the root of fascism on this planet, and so long as Islam exists in its current form, the human civilization will suffer the recurrence of rising fascism that leads to genocide, because Islam is rising fascism that leads to genocide, correctly in accordance to the (real, historical) life of Muhammad, and not the psychological idol Muslims are sold and told to 'imitate' for a living. Note that both Hitler and Muhammad blamed their personal downfalls on 'the Jews' because they are 'backstabbers'. Muslims believe the Qur'an is the perfect/inimitable/unaltered/inerrant word of the creator of the universe. This is a false statement but a 'truth' likely every single Muslim is willing to fight/die for. This will result in the bloodshed of hundreds of millions unless 'something happens' and because I can not predict the future (only look in the past) I do not know how this will end, but in my opinion it most certainly involves more genocide and bloodshed. Islam has successfully misdirected NA's general view of the most immediate threat: Russia and/or China. This is not true - Islam is the greatest threat to world peace. I'm sorry to the people that 'take offense' to any of this - rest assured personal feelings are most certainly not worth more than the fact that, to date, 170 000 000 people are dead at the hands of Muslims (most of them are other Muslims) and, if things continue the way they are, hundreds of millions more are at risk of the same fate. And all of this is based on a mistaken belief: that the Qur'an is the perfect word of the creator of the universe. This is what makes the Muhammadans (who imitate what Muhammad did 1400 years ago) very technically 'insane' as this one and sole belief leads them to desire to spill the blood of all beings not a Muslim - starting with Jews as conducted by both Muhammad and Hitler.
  13. I'm not talking about M103, I'm referencing the global jihad taking place. -There are Muslim rape gangs raping women after citing Qur'an verses all over Europe -The term "Islamophobia" being thrown at anyone who criticizes Islam in accordance to Sharia anti-blasphemy laws -Muslims are blocking roadways and public spaces (such as parks) performing prayers in violation with municipal laws -Sweden is down/dead, Germany is nearly there, UK is nearly there -Facebook/Google/Twitter are shadow-banning people criticizing Islam in accordance with Sharia -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sending tax-payer dollars to HAMAS schools training children to become suicide bombers: https://www.freespeechtime.net/2017/11/canadian-pm-trudeau-stabs-israel-in.html?m=1 -Muslims are taunting Jews and warning them of an imminent "real holocaust" -False flag / fake "hate crimes" reported by Muslims which were found to be baseless -Christians are undergoing genocide in the M/E -Hatred/Divisiveness is rising in the Liberal/Democrat parties which is the party Islam penetrates -Muslim Brotherhood stole US intelligence data from within under Obama/Clinton/Huma -Underground child sex trafficking rings uncovered tied to Saudi Arabia / Islam -Female genital mutilations reported all over the place -Migrant caravans being sent to Western nations with express intent to over-stress law enforcement and social services -Imams appealing to jihadist fighters by reminding them it is lawful to take non-Muslim women as sex slaves and collection of war booty -Women are being forced into sex slavery for jihadist fighters But of course, given your history of vehemently protecting/shielding Islam like a good little (paid?) Islamic forum shill, there could be ceremonial beheadings across the globe as people shout "Allahu Akbar!" and you would still deny that it has anything to do with Islam but perhaps is just a new form of "pluralism". But to end on a good note: people seem to be rapidly waking up to this, and as they do, people like you not only appear completely out-of-touch, but quickly become irrelevant. My original post was precisely accurate and it describes perfectly well how Western nations have been compromised.
  14. We are now into April 2018 and the tactics discussed in the OP are increasingly becoming more and more apparent.
  15. Here is how I see the Uranium One scandal: The Uranium One scandal was 'known' by the IC (patriots) the entire time. It was a massive bribery scheme which involved several beneficiaries spanning across multiple agencies which essentially facilitated the sale of uranium to Russia. Of course at the time of the scandal, Dems and their donors were "confident" that HRC would win the POTUS elections, which didn't happen. The collusion was so widespread and high-level, those involved thought they would walk unscathed. Even as small details of the scandal leaked into the public eye in 2015, the scandal was protected. The patriots in the IC whose hands were tied basically sat Trump down and told him what had happened. Trump and the IC needed a way to entrap the Dems/HRC. Trump's campaign focused a lot on establishing "friendly" relations with Putin and Russia. This provoked the Dems, HRC, Obama and the rest of these psychopaths to attack Trump on these grounds, with Trump knowing full well they are the ones who colluded. This would mean that the very people who colluded with Russia are the ones accusing Trump of colluding with Russia. What a perfect entrapment. HRC, Obama, Holder, Lynch etc. ate it all up because (at this point) they had no idea Trump (and the patriot IC) knew every single detail about the Uranium One scandal. Now when the truth comes out, all of these people, including the beneficiaries, will have effectively indicted themselves. When Trump won the election, he and Sessions began playing these people like a fiddle. They always knew all of the details: who got how much, from who, how much U was being shipped to Moscow, who transported it etc. They are only pretending to gradually uncover pieces of the puzzle - they knew the big picture all along. The Trump collusion investigation is one giant misdirection. Trump asked Comey to back off, then fires him. Comey then starts leaking all sorts of goodies to the NYT and demands the appointment of a special counsel. Throw in the business with the Russian ambassador phone calls with advisors, Jared Kushner running the campaign behind the scenes, Kelly Anne Conway shifting PR/media, and Manafort being brought in as more reason to investigate Trump. The need to "investigate Russian collusion" was obvious. Jess Sessions recuses himself (he already knows everything, and always did know everything), Rosenstein appoints Mueller, who both know that Trump and Sessions both know the entire scandal in full detail, and we have ourselves one big ticking time bomb for Obama/HRC/Dems and beneficiaries of this scandal. The main players already know the whole story, but the Dems supporting HRC never knew how much (if anything) Trump/Sessions knew about the scandal. This is beautiful strategy: the more the Dems try to deface Trump with deception, the more they out themselves. The general public may assume that Mueller and Rosenstein are dirty and trying to hide something. Trump has been suffering a barrage of attacks from these selfsame sick people, with our latest being that ridiculous 'Fire and Fury' book written by a psychopath. This, again, is playing right into Trump - the more they attack, the more they out themselves (just like how the OP of this thread attacks people when they call him disinfo scum). The main public are on the edge of their seats waiting for an indictment on Trump as Trump *appears* vulnerable, but the opposite is true. In reality, Mueller is digging deeper into Uranium One, FusionGPS and the Trump dossier. He has already found massive collusion. He found this collusion to be between HRC who compromised US national security. He found HRC illegally funding solicitation of info from Russian government sources to smear other candidates and tried to hide it, which is illegal. The indictments are already made/sealed. In total since Trump took office, there are almost 10 000 sealed indictments aimed at very sick people doing very sick things. Many people are going to be jailed. DNC media completely fell for the cover story thus actually allowed the investigation to take place, despite it being against their interest rather than for. How to tell if this narrative is true? Just wait and see.
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