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Thanks to Trump.....

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4 minutes ago, hot enough said:

Why should every country contribute when the US steals all the wealth for themselves.


Why ?    Lots of reasons (e.g. Canada)....world wide mining interests...oil services contracts...construction contracts...arms contracts...exports...imports...collective defense.


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14 hours ago, betsy said:

Mind you, Taxme.....it's just the promise of military spending.  We'll see if the Liberals will keep this promise.

I think that Trump will be watching our fearless liberal leader a lot closer these days especially since our dear leader told Trump to pretty much go take a hike with Trumps new immigration policy for America by giving the Trump the old man finger, and told him that he will take all those criminal illegals into Canada and welcome them here. What a fool, this pro-criminal refugee leader of ours is. Whatever it takes to destroy English Canada, our dear leader will be there. JT is a Soros man alright. Sad indeed. 

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Collective defense might not be such a good thing.   Mexico is not part of NATO, and yet I've never seen Kim Jong (or anyone else for that matter) try and invade Mexico.

Realistically, we pay into NATO so that the US will not invade Canada like they tried in 1812, or when the US fought Mexico back in 1845.  Why is the wall going up?  Because Texans know history and Calfornians and New Yorkers are clueless.

2% of GDP to build and maintain 30,000 nukes (on submarines and aircraft carriers with bombers) was arguably the biggest expenditure ever.  Not one was used to constructive purpose, not one was used at all in seventy years.  But at least US personelle all got paid to babysit them for two lifetimes.  Was it a waste of money?  Maybe, realistically a few hundred nukes (like what China has) is a much more sustainable number.  With only a few hundred nukes, you could put that effort towards building things that people want like clean running water (Detroit) and cellphones.

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