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Freedom of speech

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On 10/13/2017 at 4:58 PM, bcsapper said:

Good article on freedom of speech.  Pretty much my view.  That's why it's good, of course.


He's absolutely right. The few pathetic nazis and white supremacists aren't a threat to our liberty, for they have no power and no numbers behind them. The left and it's zealotry in regards to suppressing basic freedoms IS.

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The First Amendment in the U.S. is one of the things that separates it from many other nations, including Canada, which has far more limitations on "freedom of expression".

It is not unique to America, but it will be fiercely defended....like the immediately following 2nd Amendment...GUNS!

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If it wasn't for the crooked millennials who are ruining the society we would not be having this completely unnecessary conversation right now. Just because one thinks that abortion is a work of satan it cannot be used against them being a sexist piece of shit. Or if someone is against the Syrian refugees in a fear of getting bombed as they do everywhere else, they are deemed as a racist that should have their life ruined over some dumbasses twitter post.  Free speech is currently a myth and it is getting to the point where you can say the pettiest thing and get charged with a hate crime.

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Humouring progressives just gives them more of a taste for power over us all, and let's them indulge their intolerance towards free speech.

I casually announced that workshops like that give me the creeps since they had nothing to do with my ability to do good work. Moreover, as an intelligent, decent person I was entitled to see these issues as I saw fit and had better things to do with my time than be hectored about them.

I was surprised at the response from the table: serious disagreement  and a passionate defence of such workshops being mandatory.

I felt the now-familiar chill of looming Orwellian dystopia; the sense that any remaining freedom to do what we want in the privacy of our own heads is fast disappearing. The physical spaces that remain unpoliced by the evermore powerful PC militias are clearly dwindling, but so are the mental ones.

Righteous “progressives” now wield astonishing cultural and moral power, and, as the rise of workplace and university “awareness” workshops makes clear they won’t stop until they lord it over every inch of the very interior of our heads. Those who don’t fall into line will be forced. I changed the subject and settled glumly into a dairy-free chocolate tort. 


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On 10/20/2017 at 12:45 PM, Michael Hardner said:


Studies show that college students are more open to controversial speech than the public, generally. 

This should be the new meme.  The mainstream media makes an industry out of disunity.

Not a chance. Trust me. The moment I give a mark below  100 they file a complaint claiming I say horrible things in class hoping I feel frightened and change their mark. You have no clue. University is a money grab with no entrance requirements anymore. It is full of illiterate closed minded uninterested zombies who play on there cell phones and feel they can not be failed. Please come sit in a lecture.  Profs pass everyone and are afraid to say anything.  Trust me I am offensive  and should be fired and will be I just failed students in an exam.

As for disunity thank Trudeau. He put up a sign on his podium saying he fights for Quebec in k a national election? ...,.and he is supposed to represent all of Canada? His blatant ethical violation was defended by him as  putting his constituents before the rest of Canada...and you blame the media for reporting that? Look no further than Trudeau. He played the urban city new Canadian and ethnc vote to get reelected and it got him back in for now.

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