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Dear Greg and all,

I have previously called Greg's attention to someone using fake names to submit posts, including mine and August1991's (with an asterisk or a period before or after the name), and it appears this person is still at it. I understand that Greg has removed some of these names, and banned others, yet there is evidence that it is still going on. New posters, such as 'Edgars', 'bboyblu','socrates', etc all have one thing in common. Even going back to my accusation of BigDookie6(a poster who has since been banned), they all are from Newfoundland. The 'user's local time' on perhaps 90% of the last 80 or so new posters are all 3.5 hrs ahead of mine in Calgary.

I urge all to ignore all posts by this person, whom I shall call 'avsfan'. If I am wrong, so be it, and may I be booted from the site. I don't think I am wrong, though.

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i don't understand if a poster is reasonable in the debate and comply with the rules thereof, and it is a free forum to engage discussions that a poster's name justifies deletion

correct me, but there is no where in the rules that say what names to use, i believe it would advise whether a name is taken, and i am not sure if it would provide alternative names, how do you restrict the amount of names one person can have if you are all anonymous anyways

i mean its not like we wish to scum the bottom of the earth to come up with unique names, and my argument is i guess since we have a society that promotes devious behavious of capitalising and hijacking "household" names for gains, entertainment, hidden agendas etc. everything goes unless it is challenged and it does not mean deletion without consent, it could mean cooperation

ok look at it this way there are folks out there that want to ensure your names are common enough so that it is unlikely that there will some cause for action in the future, so try diluting of the names from now.

well if you believe you names constitute a famous mark then there might be some cause for action, really try to patent it

otherwise as long as i am not infringing in my posting of issues relevant to the theme of the forum there should not be willful cause for action surrounding my name

in defense of others

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It seems pretty obvious to me that in this thread Socrates is having a conversation with himself (in the form of Polisto) in order to boost his image of 'authenticity'. Look particularly at the last two posts on page one. Polisto and Socrates post within minutes of one another and have the same local time etc.

Does anyone think that Polisto is not really Socrates or am I just especially paranoid lately?

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I urge all to look at the last 100 'recent members', and to check out the 'local user time'. I think you'll find that there are less than 10 legitimate new posters, the rest are one person. Not that anyone from Newfoundland isn't legitimate, but if you look also at the content of the posts, there are remarkable similarities, including the banter between 'socrates' and 'barbarosa'.

One post in particular I would like to draw everyone's attention to, is one from "name removed" in which it states 'socrates is right its all about the prisoners' and the name that was removed was "*theloniusfleabag". This person also had created "*August1991" and ".August1991", which were also removed.

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When I read the thread title, I immediately thought of these two threads:


Mike and Mary


Anybody who has ever opened letters sent to a public mailbox (eg. letters to the editor, letters to MPs, even letters to Mastercard's PO Box) will recognize these posts.

I think a magazine editor described the Internet as largely a forum for whacko schizophrenics who receive messages through their teeth from Martians.

I find Troy, Mike and Mary charmingly coherent in a schizoid way.

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