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  1. I thought this looked like an interesting topic but 147 pages? Thats too much to catch up on...
  2. Also the Liberal and Democrat Parties will form a coalition when hell freezes over. The Democrats are a spent force as it is. The Liberals form coalition with the National party.
  3. Basically there are three key issues that were killing Kevin Rudd. 1) Climate change. He was a very strong proponent of the necessity of an emissions trading scheme. After failing to push it through parlianent he gave up. It is worth noting the former Liberal leader lost his position in large part over the fact he wanted to work with the government to create an emmisions trading scheme. He saw a failure to do so as resulting in a double dissolution election trigger which his party would lose badly. He was replaced by a leader who was unwilling to deal on ETS. Rudd subsequently backed down on it rather than force the double dissolution. 2) Asylum seekers. Many Australians are getting hysterical over illegal immigrants arriving by boat and think the government should be alot tougher on it. Personally I don't see what the fuss is about but it is a major issue. 3) He tried to push through a mining super profits tax. The resources sector has been making tonnes of money and the government wanted more for its revenue. However his approach was poorly though out, appeared to many to be dictatorial and also appeared to risk jobs and future investment. This may or may not be true but the mining sector can afford alot of ads. Strangely enough on this issue he didn't back down and seek a compromise. He lost everyones confidence by abandoning an issue people wanted him to fight for then fought for an issue people wanted him to compromise on. On a broader note his party regarded him as too dictatorial. He thought he could take on the factions and remove their influence. In the end when he appeared untenable the factions removed him with ease. Julia Gillard is now Australia's first Welsh born, red headed female prime minister. Theres a condensed reply for you August
  4. Enlighten me with the particulars of the Australian invasion of China
  5. I hope not. I would be excluded from any viewing experience.
  6. On top of which why wouldn't you be using multiple tabs instead of multiple windows?
  7. I really doubt it. I can't watch 3d movies because I have a lazy eye. Most people achieve depth perception through retinal disparity (which means your brain takes the two images you are receiving from both eyes and performs calculations based on the differences). When I judge depth its through monocular (not binocular) depth perception. Which means that my brain is performing a bunch of calculations based on lighting differences, changes in size, angles etc etc based on input through one eye. Because the eyes don't line up properly the brain will discard what the non dominant eye is seeing. In my case my right eye is dominant (although I can conciously change my dominant eye) so if I am looking straight ahead my brain automatically deletes whatever my left eye is seeing that has crossover with my dominant eye's field of vision - I do get full peripheral vision however. Which is due to various exercises I had to do as a kid and to being forced to wear an eye patch to prevent me seeing out of my right eye at all for periods of time. All of which meant my brain learned to use my left eye and to edit out only the crossover part (apparently I would have gone blind in my left eye without this). I remember at uni we were once shown some little visual tricks (various stuff which appeared to be doing odd things if you had one eye shut) and I was the only one there who would see exactly the same thing regardless of whether I had both eyes open or one. The whole point of this being, of course, that any 3d movie experience is based on both eyes receiving input. No matter how much they improve their technique its just not going to work for folks with lazy eyes. Its a shame but c'est la vi.
  8. Gateway = Acer = Look for something else~
  9. Sorry you don't feel well. Have you tried neat scotch as a cure?
  10. The PC version of Dragon Age hasn't been patched yet and is buggy as hell in places but is so addictive that it can't be given up regardless. Although I am getting sick of a particular quest I am doing in Orzammar. Too much fighting with too little story/npc interaction with this one. Plenty of death and mayhem mind you.
  11. I'd love to see a MMORPG that is what I would consider to be a true RPG. I've heard some chatter about the upcoming Star Wars release but not enough yet. I will definitely have to try it when it comes out.
  12. If you think those games provide an immsersive story telling experience you should definitely try Biowares lates offering - 'Dragon Age: Origins'. It may be a little slow at the start but is a rich story telling experience. In fact, based on the choices you make, you can experience a different story each time you play it.
  13. I should start posting here again. If for no other reason than to be able to set my own 'title'. An important life goal.
  14. Certain internt security package can be set to remember your passwords for you - such as Norton 360 ver 3.0 (which despite the fact I was pretty anti Norton I have switched back to due to the fact they finally picked up their game). It is my understanding that it is a pretty secure way to remember log in details for your non serious things (it doesn't even attempt to remember my bank log in) and would bypass any other issue which is affecting you. Although I name Norton as one example there are many other packages out there which will do the same thing.
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