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  1. Finally, something of substance out of Alberta. the China Clipper appointed Lieutenant-Governor. This guy was the greatest fullback ever to play footaball in Canada. Perhaps Alberta lost Wayne Gretsy to Hollywood, lost their cattle industry to BSE, and will probsably be commiserating Stephen Harper's loss in the next federal election, but having Normie Kwong as their Lt-Gov has to count for something!!!
  2. Please substantiate your absurd remarks! If you have some concrete accusations to make do so, otherwise please remember this is Canada and we try not to punish people based on their ethnic background and the colour of their skin.
  3. It is absolutely unacceptable that the cattle industry was able to lobby the federal government into firing those scientists for as it turns out: TELLING THE BLOODY TRUTH ABOUT THE UNSAFENESS OF THE CATTLE INDUSTRY. NF....I agree that full testing is long overdue. It should have been implemented a long time ago, especially after all the problems they have had recently in the UK with BSE. This is one sick industry where there is very little protection for the consumer. The only solution is to stop eating beef in Canada until these greedy folks can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Canadian beef is safe. Until then all countries, and all Canadians, should ban Canadian beef. Actually vegetarians live approximately 7 years longer, so perhaps it is in all our interests to lose the Candian beef from our diets once and for all.
  4. You now eat beef at a serious risk to your health in Canada. The governments both federal and Alberta governments are in cahoots with the cattle industry and people's well being is at stake here. they have screwed around with this situation long enough, it is time for consumers to have their say. We cold start by rehiring the scientists that were fired who stated that beef was no longer safe in Canada because of our lax testing methods. Klein urges farmers to follow rules after new BSE case emerges
  5. Williams reinstates Canadian flag Williams has blinked. His strategy has obviously backfired. Although I believe PM Martin & Finance Minister Minister Goodale misled people during the last election concerning offshore resource revenue, I think Premier Williams made a serious mistake to use these kind of tactics such as lowering the Canadian flag. Having said that I believe that the federal government should live up to its word - it is not like they don't have the bucks!
  6. How Now, Mad Cow? What a joke! This whole scenario is a farce with little serious attention paid to consumer protection. Anything to make a buck it seems. Well we will pay the price for these transgressions just like Canadians are now paying the price for the sellout to the drug industry.
  7. Nfld's flag flap raises ire among some Labradorians Finally some common sense coming from NFLD & Lab!
  8. Record-breaking $100M settlement in California clergy abuse cases unsealed Why should this scum of an organization be allowed to continue to exist? I think it is time to abolish the RC church, seize all their assets, and distribute them amongst the world's poor.
  9. Gladiatorial Geneticist What do think accounts for Suzuki's popularity amongst Canadians, heck amongst the peoples of our planet? 40 nations, eh!
  10. I heard a story about Suzuki, and apparently it's true. He had enrolled in an economics course at university. On the first day of classes the lecturer was going on about a business economic equation and so Suzuki asked how the impact on the environment was factored into the equation. The instructor said it wasn't. Suzuki resigned from the course the same day, stating that the course was absurd. How moronic and what a tragedy for all of us that this is the mentality our future business leaders are learning. That's why business schools are BS and need to be put out to pasture.
  11. The news about the news So Wells is acknowledging what more leading intellectuals in Canada have observed for some time now, that the quality of our private media is very poor. Actually private media has failed Canadians big time! Thank goodness for the CBC!
  12. Of sex, snacks and grapes I hate to burst your bubble folks!
  13. New mad cow case no threat: U.S., Canada What a bunch of clowns - as if anyone is going to believe anything they have to say!
  14. Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million for Tsunami Relief My kind of gal!
  15. Canadians are extremely privileged to man of Suzuki's stature in our midst. Take the nature challenge: The Nature Challenge
  16. U.S. Consumer Groups Against Canadian Cattle Imports Oh, Oh. Trouble in paradise?
  17. 15-year study shows strong link between fast food, obesity and insulin resistance A lot of people treat their bodies the same way a lot of people treat the environment. Disrespect either one at your peril!
  18. Christmas complaints miss the point Too bad more people just don't grasp how they are being manipulated. Kind of sad really.
  19. Fortunately there are still some of us who still believe in the scientific method as opposed to the voodoo theories proposed by most posters here at mapleleafweb. SCIENCE
  20. Canada Confirms Second Mad Cow Case As I have already said - Get used to it: MAD COW IS HERE TO STAY.
  21. Don't you find it more than a little strange that when the US gets initial results that suggest mad cow it comes back negative but when Canada does the same thing it come back positive?
  22. The destruction and havoc that has happened in Asia this past week as a result of the earthquake and tsunamis has left many, many people in dire straits. For once there is no villain that caused this tragedy. Yes the Canadian governemnt and governments around the planet are helping, and perhaps eventually we will need to raise taxes in Canada to help, but in the meantime what are you doing personally to assist these impoverished people? There are many things you could do but the relief agencies' primarily need is financial contributions. Have you personally made a financial contribution, and if not, why not?
  23. slavik44....I see you are starting off the new year with the same approach you leftoff during the last year. Nothing of any significance to contribute. You and the other right wingers might gain some credibility here if you had something of consequence to say. Too bad you don't. Obviosly our younger generations are concerned for their future and we adults ignore the significant issues at their peril. What a legacy we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Pitiful!
  24. How many of you had an opportunity to see the CBC 's documentary with David Suzuki and our students over the holidays? In 1930 when Suzuki was a kid the only people who had heard of the word asthma were doctors. In 2004, 25% of all student absences from school are due to asthma. We obese adults driving around in our SUVs are robbing our future generations of their right to a healthy life. By far the number one issue for our youth, age 18-25, is the environment yet it was not an issue during last year's election campaign. No wonder kids have tuned out of the political process. The CBC recently did a program on the greatest Canadian. If we had just been dealing with currently living Canadians, Suzuki would have easily won. Canadians are privileged to have both Sukiki and the CBC in our midst. Time to sweat 'big stuff'
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