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Will Canada ever become the 51st State of America?

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19 hours ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


Of course ...look who attends american universities and who teaches at them


Now check education rankings per country for the citizenry.





19 hours ago, bush_cheney2004 said:

Indeed, but no worries, as American universities dominate world rankings...again:




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Dear Canada, you guys are already 90 percent American and you don't even know it. You would just get your new driver license in the mail and throw a hissing fit then promptly apologize out of habit. To be honest I already considered Canada as part of America though not formally. Not to stroke your ego but you guys represent the best part of america, your openness and acceptance of others, your politeness and hard work, your respect and friendliness with others. Remembers we have more alike than differences so no need to finger point at who is better. America is a vast country with different politics and ideology, there is no one American to represent us all, Donald trump does not represent every american. He represent part of us and that part is something also unique. There are strong conservative and libertarian voices in America who rejects liberal progressivism just like there are in Canada. As a proud american I embrace this duality. You can not have an ideal society without opposing views, they are two sides to the same coin. You need both. No one side is 100 percent correct. 

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If we ever joined the States, we would become the most powerful nation on the planet. The GDP per capita in the provinces would probably go up by 30%, and the cost of consumer goods would go down by 30%. The economy of northern towns would boom with the construction of new military bases, and the opening of new mines.

I would love British Colombia to Ontario join the US, but please for the love of GOD, leave Quebec and Atlantic Canada behind. Montreal can become the new Capital, so Atlantic Canada can enjoy living under French Liberal Paradise.

Edited by Robert Greene
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